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  1. There are rules on this forum sir. Follow them. In fact, you should be banned. This is my first profile on this community. Also, I have been grabbed many times by people with low ping ms from far away. Over couches, tables, etc. Deny it all you want sir. The fact is, if I join a server with even yellow ping I leave. I stay where my ping is below 100. So, im NOT getting lag grabbed like you say I am. The grab needs a real tune up.
  2. That's just not factual at all. In fact, I always see Jason's grabbing really fast, and it does not slow him down. I think you Jason only people are just way too comfortable in getting easy kills. Maybe it helps with your ego? I'm not sure? But, I don't even see a challenge when using Jason. It's way too easy. I would rather be challenged to use the most deadly move in the game, which is the grab. The same philosophy applies in all other games. Any deadly attribute you have to utilize, you have to work hard for. Why not do the same with Jason? The controls just seem so juvenile for Jason, and they lack complexity. Also, you claimed that other counselors have a chance to save you when grabbed, that is NOT TRUE. They repeatedly hit grab on PS4, and then quick kill with square. I've been right on Jason, while hitting him the second he picks up somebody, and most of the time, they can't be saved. Jason can wipe everyone out with grabs in 5 minutes flat. I've seen it countless times. Then you wonder why people leave matches. Especially when Jason is on everyone the moment the game starts. Even if you're not close to the blue car, or a phone line, he still spawn kills almost every time. There is no balance in this game at all. I can see why this game lost a lot of it's fan base. Also, most of the time, it's not people quitting. It's the blue screen of death. I've been a host of a server, and almost every time I get the blue screen. No. I'm not saying Jason should be stopped in every game. When did I say that? You're constantly taking me out of context, and making stuff up. BrokenJasonGrab...Exactly. None of these people can come up with a legitimate arguing point. All they do is take you out of context, and make stuff up. Lasse...You're wrong. I've been grabbed from over a couch, across a rock, and from 10 ft away by someone with low ping. You can deny these facts all you want.
  3. Interesting. I've seen Jason's grab really fast over, and over, and without ever slowing down the grab speed. He even moves still while grabbing. I've also noticed a lot of the kids on here just spam it really fast as well. You're right as well, even teammates can't save you. Which is quite unfair really. Seems like this game has no balance. Elias...No. I just want people to be forced to use all 4 kills, and not just one of them 99% of the time. Also, I don't want Jason to be underpowered. He should be OP. I just feel like the grab is really needing some creative attention. It's the most deadly way to kill, and the quickest way to kill. Unfortunately, it has no cool down. Alien...Yea, good to be here man. I'm actually pretty good at eluding Jason. I use windows, and get batteries on, gas, and fixing the fuse box/calling the cops done. But, most of the time, Jason is on me when the round starts, and I'm fighting him for the whole round, and everything is in scarcity to top it off. That's not mentioning team killers. Which is also a real pain. I've seen Jason grab kill all 8 in 6 minutes flat. Seems like Jason's odds are better than ours. Even in the movies, he was put in his dormant state in every movie. I don't know, just seems like the balance is all about Jason, and not counselors. Ahab...Yea, I know about lag, and ping. In fact, people with lower ping (20-80) seem to be grabbing me from further away. I actually got grabbed from across a table my first time playing. He had 46 ping. Which is pretty good really. Mine is usually at 40-50m unless I'm on a bad server, then it shoots way up. I'm guessing it's because of the host being from another country. I was in a server yesterday with a bunch of French guys, 1 of them was the host, and my ping was at 400. LOL You're right though, if I'm right on his hand when he grabs, then it should be an instant death. No doubt about it. But, I never get that close, and I still get grabbed. Even on a good server. Looks to me like the actual game mechanics are needing a change. Maybe make the grab a mini-game? Ris...No sir. This is my only account. It took me 2 days just to figure out this site. The site wouldn't confirm my email from my phone oddly enough. So, I broke out my laptop. TAD...That's not necessarily true. Jason was stopped in every movie. However, Jason should be more powerful than counselors. You're right about that. I'm not saying Jason should be weak by any means. I just think the grab range should be reduced. Only if you're touching his hand when he reaches, no more, no less.
  4. Yea. So, with the new animation coming, will that make to where I'm not grabbed from so far away? Just yesterday, got grabbed from over a long table. Not sure if that has to do with animation? Or, if the game itself is broken maybe? Also, I noticed that all Jason's just grab. But, there's no cool down for grab. There's a cool down for throwing knives though. Which actually takes some good aim, and effort. Kind of backwards right?
  5. My name is Tommy Jarvis, and I'm here to kill Jason. I'm going to finish the job, once, and for all!
  6. Hello. Just started playing the game this week, and I keep getting grabbed from really far away, even with players using Jason, who have good internet ping. Anyone else seen this yet? Seems like every Jason does nothing but grab a lot. I guess because it's so easy to do?
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