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  1. I got my answer, we do get a second signed slip at a later date.
  2. Hello, I was so excited to get my steelbook in the mail today, nicely packed and looks awesome, however I backed the signed copy. I know they said they will send the slip after everyone signs it, but my copy has the slip on it already, so are they going to send another slip signed? Can anyone answer this? Did anyone get the signed steelbook and not get a slip? thanks! Clayton
  3. Ya I did that never got a response. IDK, but it may not matter I re-read the emails and saw if you don't do it they will just default to the region you live in. So I should be fine.
  4. Hey, So the 30th has come and gone and I've tried to reach out for help on all the normal ways with no response. My survey never updated allowing me to change region. Now I'm shipping to the US and one thing does say North America on it. The others don't. I did get ahold of Randy on Facebook he did say we need to change the other things to say NA on it. But never told me how. I had no way to change it. No select button no anything. Hopefully this doesn't screw me over and I get a game that doesn't play. Or DLC that doesn't work. I'm trusting that things will work out. But maybe someone can help me here. I'm reached out many ways and heard nothing back. Now it's too late.
  5. I think rocket league has cross platform play with all 3, and I think another game does as well, I can remember it right now. I could be wrong though.
  6. They could add like a message at the start, like this game is made to play with no private chat, please use the in game chat function for a richer gaming experience. I've seen this with games that work better with headphones.
  7. Well this cleared it up. I guess if we are into the car exit too deep and we are waiting on the keys, then Jason kill them on the way back, far from us. We're standing around like, oh what's taking them so long, crap bet they died. Then we have to go to plan B or hunt to find the body. I like that adds a layer to the game and a feel like the movies. Wait, was it confirmed that players have only proxy chat?
  8. I got the sign rev 1 steel with all the fixings! So just my name in the credits, super cool. They use the name we put in the survey right?
  9. Got to love the down the throat kill, with him still moving after! Heck ya! Also love the fireplace kill. That video was soooooo good!
  10. Man I do really like this poster, simple is nice.
  11. Y'all probably don't remember me, I'm Clayton, if you were in the Kickstarter I was pretty active in the comments. But never registered for the forums until now. I've had a crazy year to keep me busy! Anyway, just thought I'd pop in here to say hi! And ask a question, also hey Jpops! (Side note your site that listed the PSN names and Steam name etc is that still up?) My question is, is there a reason I don't have access to the beta part of the forums? Is that part just not open yet? Cause I kicked this game and got the signed steel rev 1 so I have the beta(which I know is not out that, I think I have fallen behind in keeping up with this game a little :/ sadly life gets in the way!) Anyway glad to be back, speed reading all the stuff sad we fell short of the Tommy goal I already put everything I could. Literally I couldn't get anything else from the slasher backer. I had it all already. Is there anyway we can still get it, cause I think we passed the goal, but it was after it ended is my understanding. Also loving the virtual cabin stuff! Only a little bit till Oct! OH one more thing, had there been any news on a PS4 beta?
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