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  1. Well that’s good enough for me lol. Tbh I was really thinking the Jenny idea was pushing it but in my eyes it works. Because I mean let’s be honest here. If they were to make a campaign(which I know they won’t)for this game, what would jenny(the main character)even do in it. Like honestly, would she just stand in the background? Even though the devs expressed their thoughts on character arks in this game, Jenny should still have the most as she would be the main character. Hell, even chris Higgins had something going on with her character in the film. So I think it would be interesting to have some suave player with the woman try to role in on Jenny to where she doesn’t budge, maybe they would talk and stuff like how Tony Manero and Stephanie talk in “Saturday Night Fever” just about life and stuff, until Jason starts coming out and killing and they work together and she learns to care for him(like cloud city in empire strikes back.) to me this works well for her character and really explors her cuz other than that I don’t know what she would even do in the single player challenges. She’s most likely just gonna sit in the background. And with the Adam thing, even though it may be a silly movie nowadays, if you wanna really see what I picture this guy to be like, watch “Saturday Night Fever” on 123movies or something. Now mix that Tony Manero guy with a little bit of Han Solo’s charismatic attitude and you got the new counselor. I appreciate the feedback man, I really do. I want to see what I can do to talk to anyone of importance to the game to see what they think. As I think this character would really benefit the game. And I think people would enjoy playing as this counselor. To me, he just seems like a likable counselor. And can probably be heavily memed like chad and Tiffany are. I don’t know though, thank you for the feedback though.?
  2. Oh, well if it’s reggie when he gets older then that would be pretty cool. I’ve never seen many types of daredevil tropes in many films, so it would be interesting to have that kind of unique character in a game like f13. Plus it would be cool to see him all grown up. I appreciate the feedback on the idea. I posted this concept cuz I genuinly want them to add this sort of character. But realisticly it doesn’t seem like they take too many ideas from the community as these sorts of things can be a little rocky at times. And like you said, if I was able to pay good money(which I obviously don’t really have) at the time this wish would have been granted a long time ago haha. But it’s not like I want it personalized to me in any way. If only there was a way I could talk to any one of importance to the game to see what they thought of it lol.
  3. I see what you mean, but to be fair, nothing against the person with the Reggie idea but Reggie is only a kid. Looking at other games like grand theft auto who could have gotten in a lot of trouble for having children in the game, and games like assassina creed 3 where you couldn’t even really interact with the children. I don’t think they would allow a kid to be in a game as violent as F13 the game. While I do think my idea is a little more realistic, I can see how it might not work out. Number one, he may be a little too related to Adam, and number two, that whole thing with Jenny might be pushing it a little too far. I tried to add it in to kinda build up the characters a little more, but that might not be what they’re envisioning. Yes, I still stick by the fact that people may enjoy playing as this character as I don’t really see any character with that sort of “Han Solo” attitude in the game, that I feel is a trope in many movies, it may not be what they would be looking for. Who knows
  4. Hey, I just made an account today. I’ve came across these forums a couple times. I’ve always had my own thoughts and ideas for the game but I never knew where to go for them. And today I decided to just make an account on here and see if anyone agrees with me haha. I’ve actually made a topic already regarding a new counselor I think should be added to the game. Hopefully everyone can see and understand my thoughts and ideas on what I think of the game. I love the community and the game and enjoy having conversations with all. ✌️
  5. Yeah I know it seems a lot like him, but I just pictured something more like a full Italian guy. Someone like Tony Manero who is extremely into his Italian roots. The guy who would have an Italian flag hanging from over his bed. And plus this guy wouldn’t be so much of edgy. I don’t really see Adam as a rebel. I see him as just edgy. Like his bio states. He doesn’t take sh*t off anyone and would stand up for people getting bullied. In reality this Italian character concept probably would be the bull who Adam stands up to. What I mean by rebel is gets into trouble. Lol trust me I know he can seem like an Adam but in my head he isn’t. I tried to explain it a much as I could without it seeming like I’m becoming a motor mouth lol
  6. Nvm I think I figured it out Yeah I figured it out, thanks for the feedback, I literally just made this like an hour ago so it’s kinda something I got to get used to but I think I got the hang of it now. Do you want me to delete this forum post so it’s just in the suggestions/feedback section?
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