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  1. Yea, her disgusting hair might be decent. But Jenny's hair looks like a copy of Victoria's, they need to fix that unless they didn't want to drop their hair updates early! I hope they make Vanessa, and Debora's hair look 80's as well....
  2. She signed up to be a counselor so she can get with Chad! But I don't know why Chad would sign up lol.
  3. I KNEW HE WAS TRICKING US!!!! I'm so happy right now, our wishes came true! I can actually keep myself alive until I play as her! CONGRATS @Barbara Ann, THANKS FOR MAKING THIS WONDERFUL THREAD! YOU'RE BASICALLY THE REASON SHE CAME TRUE!!!!!!! #3repairclub #onlycharacteri'lluse
  4. Exactly! I wish there were more variety with the newer counselors because they can sometimes be boring, including when the don't have as many outfit colors/patterns as the other counselors. Unless they're too lazy to come up with outfits on their own, or maybe they'll just look them up. (*cough cough* AJ)
  5. I love this thread so much I don't think I'll ever leave! It's one out of three I support right now, this is my top one. This Mean Girl Trope Is my priority. Thank god to @Barbara Ann for making this thread!
  6. Yea, I would go red too. But I doubt they won't go blonde. If they don't, I wouldn't play the game anymore.
  7. Yea, I agree. I would love to see that happen! Melissa's a queen she would survive getting hit by a bus. She wouldn't be dumb enough to eat those nasty "protein bars" though!
  8. I really hope so! She is going to be the only character I'll use.
  9. When I was driving the car as Vanessa, three other people were in with me (four seater). It was Camp Crystal Lake and I was driving on the road avoiding Jason when randomly, we all flew out, the car disappeared, and we were all flying below the map until the game ended.
  10. Yea the window kills we have now doesn't make much sense. Getting thrown threw a broken window? How can that kill you? It could hurt you but not kill you. They need to make it more brutal and realistic.
  11. Yea I agree but I would like to see Eva and Maddie in the game. Of course that's a great idea but some characters I want to see both. Such as JJ and Violet. But I could agree with Vanessa becoming Julius and Kenny becoming Bill.
  12. Yea this is a great idea but you should have the option to have 1 Jason but make everything harder to find for the counselors and Jason more OP. This would make the gameplay fun for me.
  13. I really like this idea because I think it would be fun for Jason (obviously) and it would make the gameplay experience more menacing. This idea would make what the devs always wanted, "Jason scarier."
  14. Wow that sounds interesting! I would love to have their own models too to be separate counselors. It brings the movies into the game. They got the looks of all the Jasons correct but they need the counselors down. That would be cool if (instead of Tiffany) we got Tina Moore, and (instead of Jenny) we got Chris. Maybe we can even get Melissa instead of someone that resembles her. They need the original characters into the game like they did with FOX. It would be fun to play someone that's exactly from the movies.
  15. Yea they should have the counselor outfits but If you don't already know, the camp isn't open yet so they aren't doing their real job. From the first Friday The Thirteenth movie, the counselors were fixing the place up until the campers arrived and they had their normal clothes on. I'm sure they would have gotten their outfits when they arrived though. So I think the devs were going for the same thing and nobody got their real counselor outfits yet. But I hope they add them in for fun because it would be something I would wear a lot.
  16. Cool! How'd you do it? I'd be interested in doing it to Kenny myself even though it might be hard to explain online.
  17. Yea I like that one the most too. I also like the very top one, the type of swimsuit it is but I agree with you.
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