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  1. Yea, we should make a post! It might not be the most important thing they'll do but it will be interesting! Plus, if they won't do it, then we can maybe do it ourselves??? @Qcici, you might be right. Chad might have been forced to be a counselor.
  2. Yea I want to know why and how they got there, including Chad. I would have never expected for him to be a counselor.
  3. Omg I wish they could do that! I might bond with the characters more and based on my interests or whatever, I could choose what character best fits me. I want to learn more about that characters too!
  4. Yea well I am still going to contact. I'm just going to ask her if she might be interested and if she says yes or no, we'll leave it at that. I'm not going to say "could you voice act for f13th?" I'm going to say something like "would you be interested....?" It's just a choice, she might come to the game or not. But if she does and she isn't sure about voice acting, then her decision would already be made when the time comes.
  5. Yea, you posted in 3 that I'm in so far LOL. I'm also in tropes for Annie, Ginny, Tamara, and Megan.
  6. Wait so what youre saying is...if I message her asking IF she might be interested in voice acting for Friday the 13th, then I am inspired to stalk people? I don't get it, I just check her profile page to see that she has a FAN ACCOUNT for her Friday the 13th. Then, I also saw that her favorite game is FRIDAY THE 13TH. Check for yourself. She probably loves getting fan mail and messages, she'll probably be interested in voice acting too. Plus I'm not a stalker that dug in too deep to find that information, I just went to her Facebook page and scrolled threw for 2 minutes.
  7. I would say Trish was better at doing it because she actually took the machete and hit it off. But Tina, she used her powers. I mean why not use your powers against a psycho killer! But Trish de-masked him WITHOUT powers.
  8. What do you mean? Their stats could be completely different from what they MIGHT give us. They're going to look different too.
  9. Yea, that's what I've been thinking. She is basically a copy of Melissa. But as @Qcici said, it would be hard to split them apart although Eva might not be coming to the game. Eva wasn't completely fond with her since she didn't like what Tamara was doing.
  10. @Qcici, I really love your ideas for Eva! They're all so creative and smart, so I agree with all of your ideas!! The "little shy girl" is a complete match for her, including when she had a tough time trying to act like Tamara. All of the stats match her well in my opinion and I don't see anything to change. What you said about the gameplay is true, and what you said about her appearance will make it easier for the devs. Good job!
  11. Omg I know right! I can't get a face that doesn't look like a girl on crack that just got hit by a bus!
  12. I really want Eva to be added! I would love to see a cute dog in the game but it'll be sad to see if she gets killed
  13. The update has to come tomorrow.....right? My hopes are up and high! There's no other reason they would post Victoria the day before FRIDAY THE 13TH. Plus, it's Friday the 13! I'm just really impatient....sorry.
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