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  1. 18 hours ago, Barbara Ann said:

    Honestly, since they gave her brown eyes, a different face, a Marilyn beauty mark, and a different name, I don't see why they wouldn't also edit the outfit a little bit to make it more interesting. The belt could have been there, but... Water under the bridge...! 

    I would have been even happier if she didn't have any of Melissa's outfits at all and was a completely original counselor instead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    That's true, I would love to see them add more to make her outfit more interesting. I was just desperate for a mean girl so I didn't ask for much but now that we have her, ill try to think of suggestions.

  2. 22 hours ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    I was pretty close. I am satisfied with the stats they gave her.

    Composure: Mine: 2 | Gun's: 4 (+2)
    Luck: 8 | Spot-on
    Repair: 3 | Spot-on
    Speed: Mine: 8 | Gun's 4 (-4)
    Stamina: Mine: 5 | Gun's 7 (+2)
    Stealth: 7 | Spot-on
    Strength: 2 | Spot-on

    So they nerfed my version's speed and gave those points to Composure and Stamina. Fair trade.

    I love her stats now but to be honest, the ones that you set up are so much better.


    13 hours ago, Aksana said:

    We as common sisters (and brothers i guess) campaigned this character into the game since before release, they promised 13 characters on release which was delayed and the first teaser for melissa was in the game at release driving me insane (in case you didnt know you can find her glasses on the cover of a magazine in higgins camp sometimes) and Melissa won every single poll to be added up until they did add her.

    so I was like ''ok now what'' but then it hit me, this one share body with tiffany as shown in the test of her clothes which got me thinking: Like our President here Barbara said shes a fashion queen and the devs say shes not ''mean'' she just comes off bitchy which I think we all can identify with to some degree? I mean Melissa wasnt nice but hardly terrible to everyone?

    so I was thinking if we could get this done maybe we can push those devs to release some DLC clothes for her!? I can care less is mitch, fox or shelly ever see a new outfit but when it comes to this one we made it happen by bringing attention to a non main character and even get them to add her to the game itself. I get we wont get the old DLCs for the new Victoria but isnt it possible if we rally like we did we could get some trendy alternatives?

    Thoughts? #NeverSatisfied

    Omg that's actually true. She is much more important than Mitch, Fox and Shelly in my opinion and my icon as well. I don't need to see a girl like Melissa (or Victoria) have basic clothing. Instead, she should get the future dlcs and maybe if they're nice enough, the dlcs we already have too. 

  4. 50 minutes ago, JennyMyers1984 said:

    At least AJ’s voice actor is better than Chili’s ACTUAL actor. Chili screaming up and down the stairs of Higgins was so cringeworthy. Imagine AJ doing that then Jason kills her with a firepoker to the stomach while AJ unemotionally falls down.

    Well to be honest, I know it was bad and cringe. But a random thought that came over me which is probably wrong but what if she was ACTING to be high. She might have been acting to be high and someone who is high doesn't really freak our that bad. Chuck didn't either, he just did a small scream unlike some people.  

    See the source image

  5. Me!:

    Composure:1 - Literally I'll scream every 2 seconds if I'm in a situation like this one, I wouldn't even move an inch. But I would run if I'm desperate. 

    Luck:3 - I sometimes get lucky but not as much

    Repair:5 - I'm average and basic

    Speed:9 - I can run pretty fast including when I jog almost every morning

    Stamina:7 - I've learned to push myself to jog a lot at times

    Stealth:8 - I always sneak out of the house without my parents knowing

    Strength:2 - I'm REALLY weak at times

    I'm like a really bad counselor and I might stand in shock if I see a huge guy with a bloody weapon standing in front of me and DIE. Thank you!

  6. On ‎5‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 7:07 PM, Barbara Ann said:

    It'd be nice to spice up the outfit, but I don't think so. You can only see it in the movies if she raises her arms, otherwise the jacket hides it. On the other hand I'm happy we can't see it, because the devs are just a mess with the recolors. 

    Just look at Jenny's belts, none of them match with anything except for the brown one. For most characters might be okay to dress like they belong to a carnival but not for Victoria. 

    Yea I agree, maybe a blue glitter belt isn't such a good idea.

  7. 40 minutes ago, Ahab said:

       Your earlier response of "you're right, soon I'm going to contact her..." looks to me that you were inspired to contact her for this purpose. I did not say you were inspired to stalk anyone, I said certain things can be misinterpreted.... does anyone actually read anyone's full post before they respond?

       People that have been through things like that never forget the experience and what you say can easily be misinterpreted under any circumstance, not just what I was talking about.... look at this conversation for instance. I just tried to give some reasons to explain this as I know a few people that have been through this. I have shown these friends these very posts and they had NO PROBLEM understanding what I was saying. You do not want to know what else they had to say.
       Send Adrienne King all of the positive messages you like!!!
       Leave offering her a job to the people that will be giving her the job.

    @BeautyNumber2 Also, read the above points.... pretty please.
       I did not discourage anyone from messaging her... I discouraged certain types of messages that can easily be misinterpreted... that is all.
       I did not frame her as anything like you suggest.... I suggested that she could easily misinterpret certain things... that is all.
       I am quick to speak to the wellness of ANYONE who is not a known asshole to ANYONE else, whether I know them or not. I also try to think of others... but everybody has their moments, don't they?
       There are many things I do not know about her.... there are also many things you do not know about her.... unless you are her, in which case... Hello Adrienne.
       And YES!!! A "fan" messaging someone over social media of any kind can be considered to be 'stalking' under certain circumstances. The marvels of technology in modern times gives good people and bad people a great many new ways to do a great many things. In case you did not realize where the word "fan" comes from in the context in which you use it...... it comes from: fanatic. There is a lot of reasons they use a short form of this word.

    @The Gloved One I did not hang around many people from my high school... I did not get along well with rich snobby kids. I had friends all over the city in which I live in, then and now.
       Yes... three women 'stalked' me over the years. I still have to tell one of them to f**k off now and again. Some of my friends still get a laugh out of that. I still don't find it funny.

    Oh well sorry, I read your whole post but I guess I didn't understand it

  8. 6 hours ago, Elias Voorhees said:

    So, you're offering her work which you have no authority to provide? Yeah, that makes sense...

    Yea um...did you not really read my message? I said if she would be INTERESTED, NOT to force her to do it or if she wants to then she does it. Learn to read the full message or try to understand it before sending that. I am only going to ask if she's interested. If she's not then ok, if she is then ok. I'm not going to ask her to do it and I'm not going to make Gun Media add Alice either, I'm only going to ask her if she's interested. Remember the word I said three times before, interested.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Qcici said:

    That's the reason why the devs don't know how to properly implement long hair, which is why they need someone who specializes in that kind of business. It wouldn't be just beneficial for Eva, but then we can start having our counselors have their original hairstyles such as Adam's long hair or Jenny's original concept art hair. It would be really cool. 

    I would be in love.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Qcici said:

    The reason why long hair is hard to implement is because of the physics. There's actually a specific formula used both in real life and in video games to calculate proper hair physics. There's a formula for one strand, then a whole patch of hair. The whole process is really complicated but it's possible. 



    Dang, my blonde self doesn't understand anything that's in these pictures. I'm too dumb to make video games.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Qcici said:

    I had also came up with solutions to help the devs implement long hair in the game. (in the original Eva thread which includes a quote below:)



    I really like the hair in the second video! I agree with you, Eva CAN'T have short hair!!! Eva has gorgeous hair and they're ruining her in they add short hair. If they just give her short hair, they're just being lazy and careless. By the way, good job for making the thread! 

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