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  1. He’s probably just mad he died, nothing I haven’t seen before.
  2. That's true, I would love to see them add more to make her outfit more interesting. I was just desperate for a mean girl so I didn't ask for much but now that we have her, ill try to think of suggestions.
  3. I remember talking about a blue glitter belt that she had from the movie. But @Barbara Ann said it was hidden most of the time which is true.
  4. I'm so late to say but I just found out about the new single player challenges coming out in 2 days! But I'm still wondering if Victoria is going to come out in 2 days too.
  5. It seems like she would be easier to play in my opinion. The stats seem to be more of a counselor I like.
  6. I love her stats now but to be honest, the ones that you set up are so much better.
  7. Omg that's actually true. She is much more important than Mitch, Fox and Shelly in my opinion and my icon as well. I don't need to see a girl like Melissa (or Victoria) have basic clothing. Instead, she should get the future dlcs and maybe if they're nice enough, the dlcs we already have too.
  8. Well to be honest, I know it was bad and cringe. But a random thought that came over me which is probably wrong but what if she was ACTING to be high. She might have been acting to be high and someone who is high doesn't really freak our that bad. Chuck didn't either, he just did a small scream unlike some people.
  9. I really love the animations myself but whatever @ShiftySamurai says, I'm going with it!
  10. Me!: Composure:1 - Literally I'll scream every 2 seconds if I'm in a situation like this one, I wouldn't even move an inch. But I would run if I'm desperate. Luck:3 - I sometimes get lucky but not as much Repair:5 - I'm average and basic Speed:9 - I can run pretty fast including when I jog almost every morning Stamina:7 - I've learned to push myself to jog a lot at times Stealth:8 - I always sneak out of the house without my parents knowing Strength:2 - I'm REALLY weak at times I'm like a really bad counselor and I might stand in shock if I see a huge guy with a bloody weapon standing in front of me and DIE. Thank you!
  11. I just noticed that from the part 7 movie, Melissa has a blue glitter belt. Are we getting the blue glitter belt on Victoria? I would die for it!
  12. Who else noticed from part 7 that Melissa has a blue glitter belt???? Are we getting a blue glitter belt on Victoria? I would die for it.
  13. Yea um...did you not really read my message? I said if she would be INTERESTED, NOT to force her to do it or if she wants to then she does it. Learn to read the full message or try to understand it before sending that. I am only going to ask if she's interested. If she's not then ok, if she is then ok. I'm not going to ask her to do it and I'm not going to make Gun Media add Alice either, I'm only going to ask her if she's interested. Remember the word I said three times before, interested.
  14. Yea, they do! It might make the game look good since the second video did say that they don't usually use long hair that moves in games! (maybe)
  15. I really like the hair in the second video! I agree with you, Eva CAN'T have short hair!!! Eva has gorgeous hair and they're ruining her in they add short hair. If they just give her short hair, they're just being lazy and careless. By the way, good job for making the thread!
  16. Oh, lol! Well, I don't know if I should make it because I'm going to have the trouble. Maybe you should make it, you re so much more better at doing it than me!
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