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  1. You can just drop an item to cancel the sweater animation
  2. Did anyone clip the new grab stinger?!?! It sounded so sick
  3. I get why y’all should be mad about ppl sharing exploits but not when others are trying to help the community improve by sharing legitimate information and guides Theres always going to be strong players and well... we can’t afford to simply lose right?
  4. Can we please stop, this isn’t relevant to the thread whatsoever not to mention you people started it for legit no reason
  5. Why the hell are you guys giving shit to a guy that has contributed to the community lol
  6. Looks like it ? counselors can probably get free hits when he whiffs a grab and quickly do a combat stance swing
  7. I get you... It looks cool and all but I think it has... too much cooldown I suppose? We just need actual gameplay first
  8. I think it needs a bit less cooldown but it’s fine by me so far.. but yeah what everyone says, we need to see it in action I’m just hoping they fix Jason’s swings and stuff so that he can fight counselor’s more reliably without missing for no reason or getting instantly hit back when a counselor takes damage
  9. He confirmed later on in the video that he tried circling around during grab and didn’t work https://clips.twitch.tv/DepressedPeacefulMageCmonBruh
  10. Looks like we got more information about Jason’s new grab in the upcoming engine update during the recent stream by Wes It’s not just an animation update, twirl grabs cannot be done anymore, meaning that you can no longer attempt to do a 360 during a missed grab to avoid getting hit. Basically being locked into the animation like swinging. Here’s Wes trying to 360 during grab What do you guys think??
  11. Oh well.... That’s useful ... Thanks anyway ((:
  12. I still laugh at the Stealth description and the How to Play section lol
  13. Unfortunately Strength isn’t as viable as people make it to be and it isn’t comparable to the Luck stat To make Strength actually affect combat they need to make it calculate stun chance so that characters like Buggzy get consistent stuns and not have the same frickin stun chance as Deborah like seriously????? of course buff the Stealth stat first before they do that so that stealth characters can actually play stealthy
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