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  1. I think there should be one pocket knife on the map for every trap Jason has. So simple. Jason’s strengths and weaknesses would not need to be impacted. For every knife a counselor finds, it comes with a choice to use for protection or to potentially unlock on a trap to escape. That’s all the elaborating you’re gonna get. I didn’t come here argue or explain ANY goddamn thing to simple people. That has absolutely nothing to do with anything I’ve said.
  2. You have pointed out zero facts. You are just an annoying know it all who actually knows nothing.
  3. As a matter of fact we have not been there before. I can’t stand people who disagree for the sake of disagreeing. You have no idea what you’re talking about. 7 knives against 7 traps on every Jason would be well balanced .
  4. I’d rank them from strongly agree to strongly disagree. I somewhat disagree.
  5. Personally, I think there should be 7 traps for all Jason’s and 7 total pocket knives. They may seem excessive at first thought but it would put counselors in a sticky predicament to make a choice to either use them on traps or use them for protection. 2 traps for each car and two for the phone box and one to hang on to for strategy. Personally, I love having an extra trap when it’s down to me and Jason and Vanessa and that bitch is cabin hopping with the MED perk and breaking windows isn’t doing the job fast enough, so I chase her till she ends up in a small cabin with only one or two windows free, I break them and surely she ends up stepping in my trap when she tries to climb out when I break that door every time!
  6. This^ The Challenges are a great for a “pilot” version and show a lot of promise. What you just said should be the future of single player challenges. Once you get down to 2 or 3 victims, being totally undetected shouldn’t be a priority, it should feel like the finale and should be action packed with great chases and fights similar to the offline bots.
  7. How long can you just wait around in stalk mode? Can you do everything in your own time? Or do you need to get it done quickly at the start?
  8. I have to assume you’re not seeing the red cursor when you try to shift somewhere? Restart your game. Usually works.
  9. It is my favorite part of the game and I wish Stalk was endless and music only cues when Jason is visible to the counselor. Jason should ALWAYS be in stalk if he isn’t in view.
  10. Everyone instantly knew it was a whiner here to contrive a a tired reason to get equal perks as the backers despite the fact that you’ve contributed nothing. So they are here to tell you to piss off.
  11. @Jason1234 I was not a backer therefore my input is 100% unbiased. Looking at this objectively, let me articulate to you as kindly as I can that you need to let it die. The backers and the devs are solely responsible for making this game come to life. You did not back the game. I did not back the game. Consider the Savini Jason equity. You did not invest, therefore you get no reward. Savini was and is a guarantee to BACKERS only. You say you are not begging but the logic behind telling you NO couldn’t be clearer or more sound yet you continue to be argumentative and disrespect the perks OWED to the backers of this game. They are being dicks to you because it’s insulting as fuck to think you can buy your equity when the door has been closed. You’re too late. You need to accept that and you need to respect that the backers have earned any and all perks for their contribution when that contribution was needed and relevant. You are now a customer. You are not a backer. Let this go. You will not get your way under any circumstances and rightfully so.
  12. I have said many times and will continue to say Jason should always be in stalk if he’s not visible to the player. That would definitely elevate the fear factor. Imagine climbing out a window and boom! He’s there. Or filling up the car and you don’t get s music cue he’s walking up behind you. This would promote more team work so someone is with you to look out for you and let you know he’s there so you can run.
  13. No one will be buying max level. It’s not fair to those who don’t have that luxury is its not okay for someone with zero experience in the game to to have everything unlocked. This will not happen. End of story.
  14. On the contrary most musicians have been playing since they were kids. And obviously this game requires skill. You’re an idiot and it shows so transparently.
  15. I wish I understood what luck does cuz if never seems to get me anywhere.
  16. Yes!! But in this mode, Jason should ALWAYS have endless stalk, music only cued If actually seen by s counselor!
  17. I find it odd that Jenny has shitty spend and stamina considering no one in any film runs for 20 minutes like the final girl and GETS AWAY
  18. This is a compelling question. It’s hard to decide because it’s not a fair win for either side. But I do think there should be some solution.
  19. Nothing you just said has any relevance to SP challenges... but I’m done repeating myself If they don’t want SP challenges, something is clearly keeping them quiet... yet 11x the number of people are coming to say YES. So all those who would have otherwise voted NO are nowhere to be found? Maybe they don’t exist ? Or maybe they are conjuring up a secret plan to remove them all together? ? This is so hilarious. Thank you for this.
  20. So more people don’t want it but they are keeping quiet... Comical. Keep reaching, dude. Who are these secret people? Can you tag them?
  21. Vs 6! Bahaha you have no clue how statistics work or what a sample population is.
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