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  1. Agreed. Everything makes sense except it being shorter/smaller game mode. Unnecessary and too repetitive.
  2. I feel like you should be able to hide and JUST hide. I’m real life no one makes noise like that. You can breath normal and stay still. no need to hold your breath.
  3. I don’t personally want anyone from part 5 and Reggie is not s character I would play. I just don’t want to play a kid in the game.
  4. I agree with the trope name change. But I disagree she was ugly in the rain lol
  5. I agree. Being Jason is so easy. I wish I was more challenged. But when I’m a counselor, I almost never survive. This is a combo of Jason being able to find you way too easily and other players not trying to complete objectives. But the reason they don’t complete objectives is because it’s too hard to achieve. I think the game is heavily unbalanced in that regard. I kill everyone within 10 minutes 95% of the time. I rarely survive as a counselor unless Jason is a rookie and I got lucky to find everything on my own. Team players don’t exist in this game.
  6. I know I’m not the greatest counselor but I think surviving is incredibly hard as it is.
  7. I like them all! My only concern is that Bugsy pretty much is Julius with the stats and athleticism. But bring him on. I really want Cort though haha. To stay on point, I’ll say I like Tamara a lot. I wish she would have lasted long with the core group. We got s hint of who she is but I think there was room for her to show a better side of her. I guess I just don’t care for villains as victims.
  8. I’m happy with as many additions they want to make and I hope everyone gets to see what’s on their wishlist. With that said, I think this should be more low priority. I’d like to see more likeable counselors from 1 (Alice), 2 (Ginny), 6 (Megan or Cort). I want more male couselor right now. That’s why I’m pushing for Cort as the top of my wishlist. I welcome Tamara. Just not before others.
  9. I’d be happy to have many many many more couselors based off the movies. But I’d like to start with actual counselors, not minor characters. So I’d be fine with this much later on. I’d be really frustrated if this was a priority over more main character and couselor tropes.
  10. With the awesome fan service of Melissa as a new counselor and fellow community members sharing their ideas and wishlists for new counselors, I thought I would throw the top of my wishlist out in the ring. Cort is probably the most memorable male character in all of the franchise; highly overshadowed by Tommy from the same movie and of course, excluding Jason himself. With modest screen time, Cort makes his mark on the franchise as a lovable, eccentric character with one of the franchises most ambitious death scenes in a double murder sequence that ends in an R.V. crashing, flipping, and going up in flames. When I think Friday the 13th, few male characters come to mind. Cort is very unique. He’s the only male counselor we actually see in action as a counselor working with campers. How he got the job, we may never know. He’s a fun loving rock music enthusiast with little know-how, less luck, but a lot of heart and knows when it’s time to bolt. I feel the game needs a more unique male character and I hope for support on this! Stats: Composure: 8/10 - even seeing Jason in the rear view mirror didn’t get a sound out of Cort. He’s not the type to lose his shit. Even when he knows he’s about to die% Stealth: 2/10 - Lets face it. Cort isn’t quiet. Between the loud music and even his personality is just loud. “Vicky, what are you doing back there, taking a dump?!” Luck: 5/10 - Cort got really lucky the night he died. But he got really unlucky moments later. Repair: 1/10 - Court has little know how. He knew nothing about being a camp counselor with the kids, he had know idea how to fix the power to the RV, and he had no idea how to start the R.V. But he can drive! Speed: 8/10 - Cort is fast alright. Just ask Vicky. Stamina: 4/10 - just ask Vicky lol. He couldn’t wait till the end of the song before blowing his load. Strength: 6/10: I think Cort would havescouple good punches in him given the chance. In game character: Cort is a clueless goofball who is obsessed with rock music but can’t play an instrument. He is the type to confidently explains fire starting technique, be 100% wrong, and knows he’s talking out of his ass. He wants to help but has zero know how. So he helps retrieve tools for repair-strong counselors. He’s got great composure because he’s sure he’ll be just fine but the truth is that LUCK isn’t on his side. In cut scenes, we see him playing air guitar to a rock song next to a dancing AJ as Melissa stands with her arms folded judging them and rolling her eyes. CLOTHING: I’d like to see both option from below. I like the tank top with the blue plaid over it and ripped blue jeans. He can have head phones around his neck too. Either way.
  11. I will never understand the love for Melissa. I’d rather see Tamara any day. I hate Melissa.
  12. No, it definitely needs to be full match. It’s not different than 7 attacking Jason. You’re overthinking the issues you have with it. She will have all her own strengths to take on 7 and everyone seems to really underestimate the power of stalk. I wouldn’t want it if it’s just s tiny 10 minute round. 20 minutes is already too damn “rinse and repeat” as it is. 10 minutes would be mundane and miserable. Definitely full match.
  13. Last idea haha... I think the couselor object should be to either escape by car/boat or kill Pam. No police escape.