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  1. Yes on games. Gun/IllFonic def need to get their shit together to gain support again.
  2. Stop playing. I voted yes. I’m baffled by the No answers. But I think the market for it won’t be found on this site.
  3. Jdt827

    Any writers on here?

    Right it as an exercise at least man. It’s fun and could always lead somewhere.
  4. Not trying to be a dick but you do this on SO MANY threads... even if you don’t like the topic, disagree, think it’ll be locked, whatever.. can you try to understand that “in before lock” serves no purpose and is a total distraction and waste of the OP’s time when they hope people will contribute instead of spamming them. This should totally constitute as a broken rule: Please Post with Purpose: Be advised, we do offer areas to blow off steam and generally horse around, but in areas that are meant to be serious, we wish for you to post with intent, rather than simply 'up' your post count. This helps weed out spam, keep discussions on topic and gets information out there quicker. This includes "bump" posts.
  5. Jdt827

    Any writers on here?

    I have a brand new blog www.hisnamewasjed.com for doing horror movie reviews, editorials, and an upcoming podcast. This a passion project that’s not producing profit or anything - just a way for me and some buddies to talk about horror since it’s such an integral part of our lives. I’d like to welcome any passion writers (who have skill) to join as a contributor if you’d just like an outlet to do editorials or reviews on horror films. Send something you’ve written over 🙂 Jed@hisnamewasjed.com
  6. Jdt827

    If you were the judge...

    Agree. That was such a good comparison of the situation and shows Cunningham is making himself look guilty by casting himself in a bad light. There should be a clause in agreements with screenwriters that says if you continue to use my characters in future films, I’ll be compensated.
  7. Jdt827

    If you were the judge...

    I voted for Miller till I read that part and now I wish I could take my vote back and learn more before deciding.
  8. Jdt827

    We're Still Here

    I’m still here. Despite bugs and glitches, there’s a lot of promise with this pairing. I would definitely back a Halloween or TCM game. Make it happen.
  9. Yes I would definitely back a Halloween or TCM game.
  10. Jdt827

    We're Still Here

    Everyone banding together! Love this. F13- The Game will live through this!
  11. Jdt827


    I have no regrets. 30 bucks for many great experiences and fun sessions. I don’t think they owe anyone a refund who have had the game for more than 30 days.
  12. I would use them to disarm traps. That’s what I always use them for. Your argument is solely based on your own perception and gameplay style. You cannot assume that because you don’t use them for that purpose doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t or that at minimum, a reasonable amount of the player base does. Basically, what I’m saying is for every trap in the game, there should be a pocket knife. So if it’s part 7 Jason, there should be 3 pocket knives in game. If it’s part 2, there should be 7... etc. you’re welcome to disagree. It’s not like my preference is going to change anything. It’s just where I stand and I haven’t seen an argument that’s changed my mind yet.
  13. Jdt827

    Is the Game over now?

    Ruin? Grow up.
  14. Jdt827

    Is the Game over now?

    Thanks for letting us know it’s legit. Obviously it’s disappointing... but can we anticipate a focus on big fixes in for now?
  15. Jdt827

    Is the Game over now?

    This is so depressing.