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  1. I main part 8. I love his shift and reasonably quick morph. 5 traps is plenty to work with. Not being able to run/jog always stinks but I do really well with stalk. Typically, I’ll front load traps on the phone house and one escape route and watch the second closely which works well, morphing between the 3 escape routes to make sure no ones getting past the traps. I also like to save one trap as I always end up needing it at random. 90% no survivors. Occasionally I get bested 😊 Because I like to change things up, I’ll try cassioanlly switch to Part 5, part 6, or part 2 Jason. For me, traps are essential. I don’t often go in the way of a Jason with only 3. I also don’t mind not being able to run as I do well with stalk.
  2. Thank you #1 for validating my point you have no life. No point in arguing with you. You’re too narrow minded to know what you’re talking about.
  3. I don’t give shit who said it. And I’m not crying about anything. I’m literally laughing at the audacity and whiny shit members like you post. It’s like you get on here with every intention of making sure you post a bunch of nothing on everyone’s topics. 🤣🤣🤣 like you’re so needy to speak but have nothing to say.
  4. I hope you’ve changed your tampon since responding. You absolutely have to be at the very least in the right camp to spot it. All there is to it. The comment is needless simply because it implies you know where it is as easily as having it marked. So sad you don’t get that. If you don’t feel like contributing in a respectful manner to someone else’s post, move on to another one. I’ve personally never seen this topic at all so I have no idea where you’re getting the idea people should somehow know any particular answer. Oh... because you think the rest is also don’t have a life and follow every tweet, response, and press release as they come out. Calm your ass down.
  5. umm no. stating it’s not needed on the basis of the tower, is silly. That does not tell you where to spawn which is the purpose of the topic. So if you’re gonna respond in a needlessly sarcastic manner, have the sense to make it on point. You have find it which means you luck out by spawning in it’s proximity to see it or keep spawning until you find it- which is issue of the post... 😒
  6. This unnecessary response is just foolish and you know it. It would be sad if I actually needed to explain why.
  7. That is awfully fast. And the entire thing looked strange like Jason seemed to scoot as he walked at times. Probably a bug of sorts.
  8. Court composure - 1 luck - 6 repair - 2 speed - 8 stamina - 8 stealth - 2 strength - 8
  9. I do this and sometimes leave them alive for s bit. Sometimes I play to win, sometimes I play to have mindless fun and Yeah, sometimes they’ll stumble on some spray but it’s fine. Just enjoy the game. Play however you want as long as you’re not intentionally trolling or cheating.
  10. I understand where you’re coming from. For me, it just seems absolutely impossible to get a full lobby where half doesn’t immediately leave.
  11. I’m not sure about the XP, but the kill itself should apply if they quit during grab. Otherwise it’ll show they left the game and Jason got 6/7
  12. I want to say no, because the whole “losers don’t get a trophy” but I actually lmao because I hate seeing people disappointed - especially kids. If they are just raging about it, I def would not.
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