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  1. Never heard of them. If it's beyond 2010, then I don't listen to it. I haven't talked to a female over a game system in like...a year. I don't talk to people when I play any means of multiplayer unless it's with friends. And I rarely play with my friends because they're normies who play Fortnite and PUBG.
  2. Meh. Only so long before it gets off topic and gets shut down. I will end it with this.
  3. Tommy needs love though. For all the times he died thinking he was gonna save the other counselors.
  4. Isn't feeding trolls frowned upon...Oh wait...he's probably being serious and thinks he accomplished something.
  5. The GhostBoy secret recipe.
  6. F13 Furry fanart

    Anything goes, I guess.
  7. Doesn't he actually have to get it in order to be tired of it?
  8. Religious Study Group

    That's right. You violate that report button. Mmmmm.
  9. In all seriousness, I don't have issues with the rain. It doesn't mess up the bots any from what I can see.
  10. Yeah. Real "alpha" for messing around with chicks behind a screen and pixels. Been there, done that. Left that life behind.
  11. Meeting hot girls over video games, yes I have. Thought I was hot shit because they noticed me, nope. Unlike my friend, I don't add every female I meet who acknowledges my existence. Then again, I do have what may count as a "life", unlike him. I have a job, a car, and I'm not mooching off of my parents.
  12. Never really compared her model to the other females. Never really played any other female. At any rate, a good polish for each one would be nice for the new engine.
  13. Quality is better than quantity. Rather have something work right when it comes out than have it come out in a hurry and not function.
  14. Why So Serious

    I think people's incapability to accept loss that makes playing certain competitive games unenjoyable. Playing CoD's multiplayer is arguably less fun due to the competitive mentality of mainstream CoD players than Battlefield's multiplayer. I could play BF4 for years, but I can't stand playing any CoD other than MW.
  15. Why So Serious

    Most games are competitive, so it breeds competitive minded people. It could be a MLP MMO and someone will be competitive about something.
  16. Kono Suba - Who is Best Girl?

    God? You mean Eris or Aqua?
  17. Kono Suba - Who is Best Girl?

    I have gotten back into watching anime after a few years of off time, and Kono Suba was the one I chose to watch. I really like what I've seen so far. I came for Megumin...then I went for Darkness. But, now I'm conflicted because of one of the episodes about Darkness, so I don't know who I should designate as Best Girl for the series. What do you fine people think?
  18. Part 6's shoulders just look off compared to other Jasons. Switching from Part 4 to Part 6 (before Roy came out) definitely showed a drastic model change that doesn't look like the original actors. With Roy in the game, at least he looks like the actor with Kane's movements.