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  1. I have 4/5 islands unlocked. The smallest one is the biggest pain in my ass due to how little space I have to work with, but apparently it's doable.
  2. I like how people assume this means they can double post.
  3. Here's to hoping there isn't a shitty reboot by a company that tries to be politically correct.
  4. "Hey Kane, we understand you've played Jason for half of the franchise's original life, but can you not be yourself in how you act as Jason for every Jason except Part 7? Gotta make the Jasons feel unique despite being the same person with a different skin, and we're not going to spend money hiring other big men to play Jason." Fucking hell.
  5. Understandable. I avoid preorders now thanks to FF15 and The Division, so I understand why you don't do that anymore.
  6. I'm surprised there is as much cosmetics for the Killers as there are. Even though Freddy doesn't get any yet.
  7. If you get De band Eric outside, you just need to be careful with Vanessa. Make her the last one and go for Bugsy and AJ. AJ first, Bugsy second (use stalk), and just watch Vanessa when she goes from room 1 to room 2.
  8. Welcome to Friday the 13th: The Game, where you have a 90% chance of death. Maybe avoid being near cabins for the first few minutes? If you spawn in a camp area, just run out and hide in the bushes for a while. If Jason appears, he shouldn't find you because you're not where he expected people to be.
  9. I agree with a neutral end with the timer. Jason doesn't get points for a kill because he didn't kill who was left, but the counselors shouldn't get points for surviving since they were suppose to escape but failed to.
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