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  1. Why So Serious

    I think people's incapability to accept loss that makes playing certain competitive games unenjoyable. Playing CoD's multiplayer is arguably less fun due to the competitive mentality of mainstream CoD players than Battlefield's multiplayer. I could play BF4 for years, but I can't stand playing any CoD other than MW.
  2. Why So Serious

    Most games are competitive, so it breeds competitive minded people. It could be a MLP MMO and someone will be competitive about something.
  3. Kono Suba - Who is Best Girl?

    God? You mean Eris or Aqua?
  4. Part 6's shoulders just look off compared to other Jasons. Switching from Part 4 to Part 6 (before Roy came out) definitely showed a drastic model change that doesn't look like the original actors. With Roy in the game, at least he looks like the actor with Kane's movements.
  5. They should make a zombie game. If the AI in it is as bad as the AI in F13, then the zombies in a Gun made zombie game would be perfect for my taste.
  6. I think it needs to be said that you can't learn a game overnight. It would make that game garbage if it were so easy. Play, learn from mistakes, play better, learn more about new mistakes, repeat. I play Kingdom Come, and I was horrid at the game because of the initial difficulty. But now I can clear an entire city guard detachment with only my mail and gambeson getting broken. In fact, I have 21K gold saved up due to me farming guards' equipment and selling them to the fence. I've been needing a new PS4 game...Would you recommend this one, ladies and mentlegen?
  7. Kono Suba - Who is Best Girl?

    I have gotten back into watching anime after a few years of off time, and Kono Suba was the one I chose to watch. I really like what I've seen so far. I came for Megumin...then I went for Darkness. But, now I'm conflicted because of one of the episodes about Darkness, so I don't know who I should designate as Best Girl for the series. What do you fine people think?
  8. Pokemon

    Charizard is the only benefit to picking Charmander. Fly is useful when you don't want to get a Flying type early on. I usually chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur over Charmander. I don't know why but I like Water and Grass more than Fire. Dragon is my favorite type overall. And Dark but Dark has so few Pokémon and moves.
  9. Jason killing

    That's a well know topic of debate. Since the initial pocket knife patch, people have turned the game from a game about escaping to a game where the killer becomes the killed. I don't really know how they can go about it to make it harder than what it currently is.
  10. Let's talk about "Zombies"

    I never liked the zombies in CoD. Don't know why I never got into it. Maybe because it was a popular thing, and I don't like being part of in crowd. Even with video games. If someone asks me what I think of the CoD zombies, I usually say they suck compared to any other zombie game. Then again, it may be due to my hard criticism of unrealistic creation in zombie games.
  11. I find it hard to see it as a copyright issue. That track is in the game with the radio, right?
  12. Far Cry 5

    I'm not trying to be a buzz kill. I'm simply telling him how the game is. It's a fun game until you complete it, where it becomes dull if you don't have friends to play it with. It's not a waste of money for someone who likes the series. I don't think I wasted my money, and if he enjoys it like I did, he won't either.
  13. Recasting Archer with F13 Counselors

    Oh. Well, then Rob would be Brett then wouldn't he?
  14. I won a game by hiding in the farthest set of tents for a full 20 minutes. Fite me.