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  1. so i know there’s already tons of pages dedicated to this issue but none of the answers there have worked. i just got on today for the first time in a while and my game chat isn’t working at all. the game won’t let me speak to anyone, however, my mic is working fine in party chat with friends. i don’t know what the issue is but wanted to know if anyone had any ideas that have worked for them.
  2. haven’t played online in a while and had a few questions to ask. 1. how are the dedicated servers working? 2. do you stay in the lobby you were in at the end of each match or are you put into a new lobby? 3. how does the map get selected since there isn’t a host anymore. 4. has jason’s grab/overall power been balanced? and 5. are the car mechanics working well again? thanks in advance!
  3. one day you’ll all wake up to the fact that this game was a joke. i haven’t played it in a month, and yet a few months ago i was one of the biggest supporters of the game. the developers’ have trashed their own creation. and little by little, more people will come to this realization and stop playing. the only reason i’m still on these forums is to see how many people still have the hope that i once had. it’s funny how we all keep on coming back no matter how many times we get screwed over. the game was fun, but now it’s just a bunch of f13 cult fans complaining about bugs. wake up and smell the coffee.
  4. I would like to know what everyone’s honest predictions regarding the game’s future are. Do you think it will survive the entirety of 2018, or will it shut down its servers long before then?
  5. The reasoning behind these changes wasn’t to make it easier on myself, I simply believe that the game was more fun with the previous build. The lighting is trash, and that’s the truth. This game is only scary for noobs. The new grab hasn’t changed my kill count, just made it more difficult to get an 8/8. The number of sprays and bat stuns should be reverted to their original state. This offered counselors a better chance at escaping. I don’t want to give one side a bigger buff than the other. I want both sides to be buffed enough so that it is fun. And as for the car, the new mechanics are usable and I can escape almost every time I get it started. I just, once again, don’t like the feel of all of these changes made to the game. I had so much more fun in the previous build, and was ten times more supportive of the game at this time. You can say what you want, but with the old functions in place, less bugs and glitches, and a map you can actually see, this patch was better than the version we have now.
  6. The F13 Game was at its best following 01.30.18 patch. I think that we can all agree on this. While we might have had a lot less content, we also had less bugs, less broken functions, and a lot more fun. Here are my reasons for this idea: 1. The game is too dark. The whole look of the maps are hideous, and I worry more about being able to see as Jason then I do as a counselor. This was one of the major reasons I stopped playing. 2. The grab needs to be returned to its previous state. It takes too long and offers no recovery for Jason players. This is a must as well. 3. The number of health sprays should be increased as they were beforehand. It just doesn’t make sense making there be less of them. 4. The bat needs to get its stun chance increased. After lowering it in the most recent patch, it has not gotten me a stun once when hitting Jason. 5. The car needs to be reverted to its old mechanics. It simply doesn’t work anymore and is awful to drive. The game needs to be reverted back to this patch. Keep all the new content (obviously), but bring back the way the game looked, the way it felt, and the way it operated. This is the only way that a lot of us will come back to this game. Note: I know this post won’t do a thing; Gun Media has given up on this hell-hole of a game. But I wanted to see what the community thought about this idea. And who knows? Maybe the developers will take a look at this and listen to us for once.
  7. Hugh D Paul

    Game Over

    Not gonna make a long post about how much I loved this game. I wouldn’t be in the forums if I didn’t. But I’m fed up with the bugs. I’m tired of the lies. And I’m done with the way this community has been treated. @Truth Thanks for making me feel welcome when I first joined. @Cer1alkill3r Thanks for letting me play with you guys. While I won’t be on anymore I wish you the best of luck in killing Jason. And finally: thank you all for being a great community. This game had a ton of potential. It could’ve been so great, with a great community to play with. But let’s not dwell on the past. Friday The 13th: The Game is dying whether you want it to or not. And I accept that. The devs screwed up. And their playerbase turned against them. That’s it. See you all later. - Hugh
  8. Wow. Not even a simple “Happy F13” post from the devs. That really shows you how much they care. Screw them.
  9. Happy No Uber Jason, Grendel Map, Paranoia, or Lazarus Day! (kidding) Happy Friday The 13th!
  10. It’ll get a trailer and officially released “soon.” Then it will be cancelled.
  11. My old strategy for trapping was one for the shack, two for the phone box, and one for each of the cars. But nowadays I don’t bother with trapping, I simply morph right as the game starts and begin killing as quickly as possible. I find going after high-level counselors first becomes the best strategy. If an objective is repaired, I morph over to it, try to stop it, and then place a trap.
  12. Will you guys be playing again tonight? I’m gonna try to get on in a few hours.
  13. I was originally rolling 5k worth of CP, selling the useless perks I always get. But I was also on my phone at the same time so I ended selling my epic thick skinned, epic restful, and rare lead foot perk. It took me so much CP to get them. I was so upset.
  14. Yes. We really do. I will. I’ve lost a lot of hope for this game but I haven’t given up yet.
  15. All I want is increased legendary perk drops. I swear I have the worst luck when it comes to perks, and since I accidentally sold all of mine the other day, I now play the game perkless. Losing thick skinned is a game changer.
  16. *sigh* You’re probably right. But I would still like to put my ideas out there and hope for the best.
  17. The developers have stated that this is a passion project. Allowing people to continue to use their creation after servers are down should be important to them. But you may be right. This game mode could be played alone, which means that “host-quitters” could be avoided. It can also be played with friends who I would hope would not quit on each other. I have grasped the concept of no new content. This is simply a re-working of public and private matches.
  18. The end of all future content for Friday The 13th: The Game was a hard blow for all of us. The official statement from Gun Media, released to the press on June 11th, revealed that the lawsuit had in fact affected the game, forcing the developers to cancel all future content; forever. This news immediately put the game in a state of limbo, with the majority of the player base believing this to be the final nail in the coffin. I disagreed with them at the time. I don’t anymore. While the developers also stated that they would continue to the game bug fixed and maintenance updates, as well as keep their online servers alive, most players speculated that the end of the game’s patches and servers would arrive in th next few months. This is not good for any of us. The truth is: once those servers die, the game will almost immediately follow suit, leaving those of us who are still loyal to the game with nothing but memories. I do not want this to happen. But it’s going to at some point. Which is why the developers need to introduce local matches. I’ve been working with this idea for a while now, and I feel like it would work well if implemented. Allow me to explain: 1. The Local Match option will replace both the Online and Private Match options in the main menu. The Offline Bots mode will be merged as well. Clicking on this option will immediately send players into individual lobbies, where they will function as the host of the lobby. 2. All of the unlockable Jason Voorhees variations, camp counselors, grab kills, slasher weapons, perks, skins, and emotes will be available in this game mode. However: backer, physical copy, and purchasable content will remain locked (unless previously obtained). 3. The hosts are allowed to select the map, adjust the rain settings, and pick which player will be Jason. Other players can be invited to their lobbies, and can play the game alongside them. This is similar to a private match, however, there is one major difference. 4. The hosts are able to add and remove bots, allowing them to account for missing players in their lobbies. This will allow them to have full lobbies when playing with friends, or even when playing on their own. The bots can be selected to play as Jason, which means this will also serve as an offline counselor mode. 5. The bots can be customized in the same fashion of a normal player, allowing the host of the lobby to determine their level of difficulty, counselor and Jason selections, kills, weapons, perks, emotes, skins, and clothing. All other types of content that the host has paid for can be used as well. With this option added to the game, players will have the opportunity to play it years after its servers have shut down, and will allow them to keep the ultimate Friday The 13th experience with them forever. Local Matches need to be added.
  19. I think the mask should be a minimum of ten hits to knock it off. 2-4 hits is ridiculous, whether it’s Buggzy or any other counselor.
  20. I play on xbox and the rate of crashing has almost doubled since the patch. It seems that I’m only able to play 3-5 matches before a crash.
  21. No, but you are unable to join a lobby for a good thirty minutes. It puts you as the host immediately upon pressing quick play, and no players join.
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