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  1. I’m a strong supporter of the f13 game, as many of you know. And, as other supporters of the game have come to find out, you have to put up with a lot of shit in order to play this game. But I can take the shit. I can take the bugs and glitches. I can take the new jason grab and god-awful car mechanics. But I cannot take this game crashing. It’s not just a rare occurrence anymore. It’s an every-other-match type of thing and has unfortunately forced me to take a break from my favorite game until it is resolved. Yesterday alone I played a good five hours and hosted around a total of eleven lobbies. The only reason I had to start a new lobby was due to crashing. I would start a lobby in quick play as the host, wait for people to join, play 2-3 matches and then the game would crash. I crashed during three different jason matches. I crashed after escaping twice. This bug is truly gamebreaking. I understand that there are many bugs being worked on right now. I also understand that IllFonic is trying their best. But crashing is something that I can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t have to put up with. Please fix this.
  2. Hugh D Paul

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    Thank you guys for addressing these issues. I look forward to seeing how this update will look. Hoping for the best!
  3. Hugh D Paul

    The Perk System

    I was thinking it’d be cool to unlock perks through progression and that’s a great way to do that. Also, as I stated in the post, perk upgrades would cost more and more CP based on the rarity the perk is currently in.
  4. Hugh D Paul

    The Perk System

    I would definitely be on board with adding in special abilities. The ideas you’ve listed have a lot of merit to them and I would like to see them added. However, I believe that with these abilities, and a re-worked perk system, the game could be greatly improved. Thank you. It never seems to happen, but I hope the developers will start listening to their forum. We have ideas that will help their game stay alive.
  5. The Perk System Introduction - The Perk System The perk system for counselors in the Friday The 13th video game is a complete and utter disaster, with little to no changes made to the system up until the one-year anniversary of the game. The changes that were made proved to be completely unnecessary and even harmful to the average player, as they gave upgrades to perks that were irrelevant, and downgrades to perks that were actually useful. And as for the new legendary perk rarity, I have either gotten extremely unlucky, or am almost certain that valuable legendary perks don’t even exist. One hundred thousand customization points used and I have still only gotten two, both completely worthless to a counselor’s survival. On top of all of this, these recurring issues with the system have been swept under the rug and left unaddressed for over a year now, with the developers not even acknowledging the fact that they exist. Therefore, with the current cancellation of all future content, I believe that the developers have finally been given the chance to re-work the perk system into a device that can actually be used to aid you in surviving an encounter with Jason Voorhees. The perk system needs to be fixed. And I think that I have a plan good enough to accomplish this. Part One - The System Before we can identify a solution, we need to be aware of what works with the current system, as well as what needs to be changed. Here is some basic information on the current perk system. 1. There are a total of forty-five perks, each with a positive and a negative effect. Some perks can enhance your counselor’s abilities, others can affect in-game vehicles or other structures, and some can even allow you to start the game with a certain item in your inventory. 2. There are six rarities for each perk, accompanied by a letter and color assigned to each rarity. The six rarities are as listed: Poor (1 - White), Common (2 - Blue), Uncommon (3 - Yellow), Rare (4 - Orange), Epic (5 - Red), and Legendary (6 - Purple). A legendary perk also contains a bonus positive effect, which adds to the perk’s usefulness. 3. Perks can be obtained through spending a total of five hundred customization points (CP), to “roll a perk,” giving the player a randomly selected perk, with a randomly selected positive and negative percentage effect. This is the only way to acquire perks. These are the basic elements of the current perk system. Now I’m going to tell you how they are flawed. Part Two - The Problem Now that you know how the current perk system operates, it’s time to show you the many flaws this system contains. 1. Over eighty percent of the forty-five perks are completely useless, no matter how high their rarity may be. This means that less than twenty percent of the total perks are actually usable. This is a major issue. 2. Almost all poor, common, and uncommon perks are also completely useless, which means that even when you do acquire one of the very few usable perks, the perk’s rarity may be low enough to take its usefulness away. This is another major issue. 3. The entire concept of “rolling a perk” is flawed, as it bases the entire system on luck. No matter how high your level is, how high your CP count may be, or how high you’ve progressed within the game, you still have the same chance of getting the best legendary perk as a low-level beginner rolling his very first perk. This is just another thing wrong with the game’s progression system (more on this in a future post), and proves to be one of the largest issues I have with the system. Thses three issues make up a flawed system with very few people actually benefiting from it. It’s time to change it. Part Three - The Solution Now that I have explained how the current perk system works, as well as how some of its processes are flawed, it’s time to begin discussing the solution to fixing the system, as well as the steps necessary to do so. Here is my idea on how the perk system can be improved, as well as the basis of how, if implemented, the new system would work. 1. Each perk will be purchasable from the start for a small fee of five hundred customization points. This will unlock the perk at the poor rarity, with a one percent positive effect and a rarity-based percentage for the negative effect. 2. Once you have purchased a perk, you are able to upgrade it for an additional cost of customization points, which will bring the positive effect up by a total of one percent. The negative percentage will remain the same until the rarity is changed. 3. As you continue to upgrade the perk, it will eventually reach a maximum positive percentage based on the perk’s rarity, with the percentage for the negative effect based on its rarity as well. This will now give you the option to “prestige” your perk to the next rarity, causing the perk to re-set to a one percent positive effect, while lowering the percentage of the negative effect and allowing you to increase the percentage of the positive effect for that specific perk. The cost to upgrade the perk once it has been prestiged will cost more customization points depending on what the rarity for the perk currently is. 4. This process will continue until you reach the maximum perk level, which consists of a maximum positive percentage, a non-existent negative percentage, and a maximum bonus effect, as the perk will be at the legendary rarity. This is called maximum perk level. 5. The perk’s cost to upgrade and prestige, as well as its maximum positive and negative percentages, are based completely around the six different rarities. The information on rarities is listed below. Poor: The poor rarity is unlocked with 500 CP and can be upgraded for the same price. The maximum percentage for its positive effect is 3%, while the maximum percentage for its negative effect is 25%. Common: The common rarity can be unlocked through prestiging a perk at the poor rarity, for a cost of 1,000 CP. It can be upgraded for the same price and has a maximum of a 5% positive effect, and a 20% negative effect. Uncommon: The uncommon rarity can be unlocked through prestiging a perk at the common rarity, for a cost of 3,000 CP. It can be upgraded for the same price, and has a maximum of a 10% positive effect, and a 15% negative effect. Rare: The rare rarity can be unlocked through prestiging a perk at the uncommon rarity, for a cost of 5,000 CP. It can be upgraded for the same price, and has a maximum of a 15% positive effect, and a 10% negative effect. Epic: The epic rarity can be unlocked through prestiging a perk at the rare rairty, for a cost of 7,000 CP. It can be upgraded for the same price, and has a maximum of a 20% positive effect, and a 5% negative effect. Legendary: The legendary rarity can be unlocked through prestiging a perk at the epic rarity, for a cost of 10,000 CP. It can be upgraded at the same price, and has a maximum of a 25% positive effect, and a 0% negative effect. It can also be upgraded for 11,000 CP to reach a maximum of a 5% bonus effect as it has become a legendary perk. This is my personal idea on how the perk system should be re-worked, and I believe that it will provide players with a better, overall experience as a camp counselor. Conclusion - The Perk System This is the end of my topic and I hope that you have enjoyed reading it. If you managed to get through the whole thing, kudos to you as it was a long one. This is a combination of ideas that I have had for a while now, and I really wanted to bring them together in one post. If there is any part of this plan that you find confusing, please leave your questions in the comments area, and if you would like to offer your own ideas on how my system could be improved, please do so as well. I believe that this system will provide players with the incentive to keep playing, a better sense of accomplishment when leveling up, and overall a better gameplay experience. I think this is what the game needs after the “end of all future content” post, which has unfortunately desecrated their playerbase. Once again: thanks for reading and leave a comment on how you feel about this plan. Thanks. - Hugh Paul
  6. Hugh D Paul

    Craziest play sessions?

    I couldn’t agree more. One of the reasons I love F13 is the feeling of fighting for your life each match.
  7. Hugh D Paul

    Craziest play sessions?

    I played a 1V1 as deborah and managed to survive the entire 20 minutes. It was a really intense round.
  8. Jason’s shift ability. In the rain it is literally impossible to use and, along with the terrible changes to the grab, make getting an 8/8 extremely difficult.
  9. Hugh D Paul

    We're Still Here

    It’s cool.
  10. I’ve been testing out the new patch for xbox and I have to say: it sucks. My game has crashed five times in the past two hours, it’s the most buggy I’ve ever seen the game, and I was interaction locked twice as a counselor. I’m very disappointed. Please fix this patch.
  11. Hugh D Paul

    We're Still Here

    I’m getting on now.
  12. Hugh D Paul

    Counselor Survival Group?

    They probably will, lol. I’m looking forward to it.
  13. Hugh D Paul

    We're Still Here

    Really? On xbox I experience little to no issues or bugs when playing as the host. Guess I’m just getting lucky, lol?
  14. Hugh D Paul

    Counselor Survival Group?

    For sure. I’m always at my dad’s on thursdays so I can play almost every one. I hate that I haven’t been able to get on for the past three days to show support but I don’t have an xbox at my mom’s.
  15. Hugh D Paul

    Counselor Survival Group?

    Since the time that I reached level 150, I have not had a single counselor manage to escape, survive, or even come close to killing me while playing as Jason. And as I don’t really have any close calls, I’m ready to look for a group of players that would like to see if they have what it takes to do beat me. I am on xbox one and my gamertag is X Hugh Paul X. If you would like to see if you have what it takes comment below. Looking forward to it.