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  1. Uncle J AKA Mustache Daddy

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    I play Friday on the PS4 and my PSN is Jon9078. If you'd like to play, feel free to message me and let me know you're from the forums.
  2. Uncle J AKA Mustache Daddy

    The names Uncle J

    @Tommy & Damon: Thank you guys again for threads, suggestions and updates, really appreciate it! If the devs release Victoria with something in regards to Part 7, that would be neat, but overall I don't mind if they need to put more time into the upcoming updates or have other plans in store for these future updates.
  3. Uncle J AKA Mustache Daddy

    The names Uncle J

    Thank you for the warm welcome Tommy and I'll definitely check out the Horror Section. To answer your question regarding the platform I play on, I only have a PS4 so that's where I play Friday the 13th, which my gamertag is Jon9078. If there's a place around where I can share this sort of info as well, do you happen to know where I can post it?
  4. Uncle J AKA Mustache Daddy

    The names Uncle J

    Hey folks, As my title says, you can call me Uncle J and I've been playing Friday the 13th for a good while now, which a friend of mine introduced to me when it was released. Occasionally, I like to play counselor because I find the survival aspect of the game fun and I do attempt to help my fellow counselors escape, it definitely feels good when I'm successful in that regard. I'm also a big risk taker too which sometimes it's successful and sometimes it isn't, but that's the nature of gambling I suppose. As for the counselors I play...I main Deborah for repair and Chad for distracting Jason, but just got into playing LaChappa and I'm looking into maining a 4th character hopefully. Other facts about me: I love anything related to horror and I'm an hour away from the campsite where they filmed the first Friday the 13th movie, hopefully one day I get to visit it and not run into Jason. lol Anyways, it's a pleasure to meet people from this community and hopefully I get to play with some of you and learn something more about the mechanics to this game, I'm always open to improvement. From your favorite uncle, Jon AKA Uncle J