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  1. Stop being a sucky Jason. 4-5 is nothing. Just grab them twice. Or three times. Why are you whining because you run into 4-5 per game? I have had one counselor, stand in front of me and never leave my sight, and they use 5-6! I think it’s a glitch, but 4-5 per game is no big deal.
  2. Just a question really. If the devs decided to create more Jason’s and counselors for the game from their imagination, much like Savini was for Tom, would you all be willing to purchase these as DLC?
  3. That logic is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!! “Earliest April...” means what it says. The earliest is April, but it can be later. I don’t expect to see an April release. Are you all here retarded!!! I said they should give us some type of update on the matter. I want a good stable release. I can wait, no problem. All i have said is they should say something like, “We are working on it, perfecting what we can. We see it possibly taking us about a month more.” Not verbatim, but something that just updates the community on it. Maybe even release some video of the new engine or something. To be honest, no one care about rain on Xbox. That’s not the news anyone is looking to see or hear. Re-read my post about the topic. I am just voicing that the community wants up to date news about the update. Not necessarily the update released, just an updated status.
  4. I played ten rounds this morning. The first two, I was host and blue screened. The last eight ended saying “You was booted because host quit the game!” Eight games in a row!! This is ridiculous!! Really need host migration until servers are ready.
  5. You must not know where to go to get news on updates for games. I am not speaking of games in development, or how the development is coming along. Games that have been released already, that have a huge patch coming out; does indeed release news related to that patch. Entitled? No! Owed? No! But on the same hand, I think once the “expected” time has lapsed, it is just the “right” thing to do by giving an updated time frame. I understand completely why GUN is not. The way it has been in the past, is once they say a date and it don’t happen, the whole community goes ape shit. It’s like the whole community thinks the time frame is law. Look at my other post, I think I have been clear. I think they should say something more, but I completely see why they are not. Owed? No, it is just my opinion that they should.
  6. Everyone bought it with the thought that it worked properly. Many of the issues, we have ENDURED since release. Blue screen being one of them. Opinions are kinda like buttholes, everyone has one and some stink! I honestly don’t care if you agree or disagree. And your static of 99% of R&D companies don’t share info with the players is total bullshit! Most all companies share progress via social media or forums when they are having a major release. At a minimum, they at least have update info release via game media sites and outlets. Now, you would be more correct for games that are still in the development stage, not much is released then. But for crying out loud, F13 has been released for almost a year!
  7. Well, he was the original author of this thread. Hmm, wonder if he got “hate” mail for the thread! Really? I bought the game for $30. I think I am at least entitled to some news updates from time to time. The devs do not owe me an exact date for release, but since it has been a while since they said “earliest, April..” I think ALL the players and fans are at least owed some type of update on the progress being made, and possibly, a more realistic time frame. After all, we have endured a glitchy game and enough trolls to fill the underside of every bridge in the world!
  8. Lets not confuse the game with the movie series. The very cool thing about the game, is that it can fill in holes that the movie didn’t, and it can take a new direction with the tapes and storyline parallel. Heck, the devs could create awesome looking Jason’s and counselors that where not in the movies. Savini Jason is a good example. He was never in the movies.
  9. Yeah, AAA devs mean high game cost and more stuff to buy. Their motto is “Pay me, pay me, pay me”. It is a never ending money pit. Smaller dev teams mean free or lower cost games and DLC, but longer wait times for updates and add ons due to the smaller teams. I think GUN and Wes is doing a great job.
  10. Yes be patient. The game has been out nearly a year, and we are still getting blue screens and glitchy game play. I think the blue screens is one cause as to why we see so many hosts quitting. I don’t believe all these host are just quitting. I have been host and got a blue screen about 80% of the time as host. I have reported this blue screen issue via jasonkillsbugs.com for over six months with no fix. Hopefully, the engine update patch will include a fix for this as well.
  11. And you are enjoying the “Host has ended the game” journey? Host migration is better than nothing!! Increase your internet. Maybe you are one of the players playing on just slightly better than dialup Internet!! And host migration is not costly either.
  12. Exactly my point. If cost is an issue of the devs to offer dedicated servers, then host migration is better than the way it is. Host migration should have already been implemented while we are waiting. These rage quitters is making it so hard to even finish a match on PS4. I don’t know if Xbox players are seeing this, but it is bad on PS4.
  13. Now that would be a good option to dedicated servers. I use to do the same thing back in the day for Q3:Arena for PC. If they released some sort of install to host on, I too, would have a box built by the end of the day!!
  14. If a AAA dev team developed F13 your feedback wouldn't mean shit! They would run the game in the ground and you would have to pay $$$ for all the DLC that you have mostly gotten for free. The game probably would only be made for your $$$ and not true to the series.