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  1. Yes. He showed up with Jason's sense. I escaped as the 8th player, but Jason got 8/8 because he killed the NPC....lol.
  2. @TruthYep. See attached photo I took during a match.
  3. There is also a Tommy glitch where one Tommy is playable like normal, but the second spawned in Tommy in an NPC.
  4. @ShiftySamurai the walk on water glitch (Pinehurst) and the swim under the bridge glitch (Higgins) is game breaking in a sense. If all counselors go there on these maps, Jason can not kill them. Are this going to be addressed? I didn't see them listed, but I would think they are sort of game breaking glitches. Surely it is not intended for counselors to have a place where they are just untouchable.
  5. kepps-66

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I need to start checking his profile as well. I have just been looking in this thread for updates/news from him! Thank you for your time!!
  6. kepps-66

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    I haven't seen any such post from him. I did, however, get a tweet from him stating they know of the bugs.
  7. kepps-66

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    We will probably not hear anything more from the dev's or from Shifty. I have posted multiple tweets about the issue(s) and have tagged both Shifty and Wes, neither have commented or responded. Shifty did respond a few days ago just to say they know about the issues, but he didn't give anymore details.
  8. kepps-66

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Exactly!! That is what really gets me about me too. They can’t even say “We are working on a fix”. It’s like they are just happy to let it die and work on other things at this point. The game is almost broken beyond being playable. New patch has meant double issues here lately. This engine update seems way more buggy than before.
  9. kepps-66

    Time for Sean S. Cunningham to cut a deal!

    I think this whole freaking suit is bullshit. Miller was paid as a consultant. That only legally entitles him to whatever pay he received already. Cunningham is a greedy SOB, but I do not see as to why Miller should get anything more......Judge needs to dismiss this crap so everyone involved can move on.
  10. kepps-66

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    No one should be having to do these things. The devs should be hotfixing these issues. They surely are NOT working on any DLC, so they should be able to hotfix these things in a timely manner. Yet they choose not to, and they don't even offer up any communications about the issues.
  11. kepps-66

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Known issue. It don't happen 100% of the time, but it happens enough to piss you off.
  12. kepps-66

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    the report system is broken. Many of the bugs have followed from patch to patch while the other ones that where just released, are going ignored. I am not like a lot of the others in the community screaming "Crucify the devs!!!!" but I do think since they are not working on DLC they could be fixing the game. They need to give it much more attention now that they clearly are not working on any type of DLC. I have reported the bugs over and over since Dec 2017 via www.jasonkillsbugs.com. I even recently started reporting them directly on Twitter to Shifty and Wes, still no relies or any news stating a time line or even acknowledging the issue!
  13. kepps-66

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    I don't know if it all has been said before or not, but here it goes. I have seen more bugs that almost make the game unplayable until some type of hotfix is done. 1. Counselor becomes "stuck" to whatever car/boat they are repairing. 2. Jason, in rage, bust through the door but door remains. 3. Prop for the boat does not spawn in sometimes. 4. Escaping in the car shows that the player suicides. 5. Grab killing sometimes glitches to were the kill never happens (leaving Jason just holding them). Jason gets a kill, counselor doesn't die. 6. Higgins Haven bridge (smaller bridge by Shelly's Pass) is still glitched to were Jason cannot kill those under it. 7. Still walking on water in Pinehurst. 8. Matches are ending early, mostly when someone escapes by car. Match ends with time and players left. This list goes on and on since the last update. The two water glitches was pre last update, but still need to be fixed. @ShiftySamurai can you give some type of update as to when or if we will see some or all of this fixed/patched? **Posted elsewhere, but the "forum po-po" felt it didn't need to be under "General Discussion" so reposted here.
  14. I have seen some crazy stuff the last few days. 1. When placing a battery or gas in the car, my character becomes "stuck" to that car. I have to spam crouch button and keep trying to break free from the car. 2. Sometimes, when taking the boat, the driver appears to be in animation of driving the car. 3. When I have came back as Tommy, I have a doppelganger that spawns in. 4. When escaping in the car, most of the time it shows suicide. 5. When killing a counselor, something glitches and the kill never happens. Instead it lets the counselor "break free" after some time has past. 6. Rarely, the propeller does not spawn in on the maps. ( verified by playing with friends and EVERYONE, even Jason looking for it.) There is more stuff too, but these are the top ones I see the most. I would like for @ShiftySamurai to inform the community as to when/if we will see a fix for these issues. It almost makes the game unplayable.
  15. Teabagging is so stupid now that the counselors have pelvic thrust.