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  1. Jpops keeps deleting my post. He claims it was abusive. How? I just said the straight guys want a female nude pack. How is that “abusive”? Fuck jpops. I’ll sign myself out of this lame ass forum with lame ass mods!
  2. Maybe due to copyright of a movie by the same title, they spelled it Lazarus.....?? I know I misspelled it my self .... hahahaha
  3. SS Lazurus was in the movies......wonder if it is/was related to it?? Edit: Part 8, I think...
  4. And why since "no more content" was sung from the mountain tops??
  5. kepps-66


    Liking my new signature....lol
  6. Well, just the thought that you was going to give one warms my heart! ??
  7. Let me type this ssssllllllooooooowwww since some people can't read too fast without getting confused. There will be NO NEW CONTENT. No as in ZERO. That is the number before ONE. It means NONE, NIL, ZILTCH, NADA! It does not matter if the lawsuit is settled TODAY! Gun has already decided and has said, NO NEW CONTENT. Are you guys riding the short bus to school? Do you need this explained by a therapist? Illfonic, the company that CAN'T code, will only be working on FIXES not CONTENT. Sure hope this clears up that this thread is all for NAUGHT (which also means ZERO, NOTHING). NO ONE wants it to be true, but it is......so can we now close this case? @JPops or @Kodiak??
  8. Wow. The new Hannibal Lector Jason!! Thought they could not add any content??!!
  9. I think they have two left feet, and nothing steps to the "right".
  10. @Illfonic_Casey I had some matches post patch as host freeze up at the beginning on the match. Game never loaded up to play. Happened about one out of five or so matches as host. Everyone had to close the game to get out of the freeze up.
  11. I don’t think you can actually obtain the knife perk. It was an old perk that allowed you to start with a pocket knife, but it was removed when people was complaining about too many pocket knives. I could be wrong, be to my recollection I believe this to be true.
  12. I am just joking around with you. But I have seen and experienced trolls in this area of the main house before.
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