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  1. maybe thats when the lawsuit will end
  2. OneSneakyBoi

    Shotgun not working

    Depends when you shoot. If you shoot Jason while he's doing a kill, pulling someone out of the car, taking a knife out of his neck, or walking out of a trap then he won't get stunned because of stun immunity to prevent chain stuns and stun locks
  3. OneSneakyBoi

    Top Popper Kill bugged

    you have to have a lot of space to preform that kill
  4. OneSneakyBoi

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    I am enjoying this patch so much! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1741090847739358822/ new link to images : https://imgur.com/a/O0CSH2a
  6. OneSneakyBoi

    Secret perks?

    oh, thanks for clarifying
  7. i think he's fine, his +stun resistance saved me a few times in fights with tommy and sweatergirl
  8. i was jason in this clip :
  9. https://imgur.com/a/dk756yA 🤔 I also have recordings of these perks passing by in the perk roll. If you wanna see them, ask me and i'll upload them to Youtube.
  10. That sounds really cool! I hope they do add a mid game type of weapon swapping.
  11. In the movies, Jason switches weapons almost each time he kills a different counselor, and I was thinking : "what if that was in the game?". If mid-game Jason weapon swapping was added, I think it would add a-lot more variety to each mach and give Jason players more armed and unarmed grab kill options than just 4. So in the Jason customizing menu you could still choose which weapon and kills to spawn with, then there'd be a menu right next to the weapon swapping menu that would allow you to customize grab kills for each weapon that spawns on the map. And for the whole weapon swapping unlocks at level 113 thing. I was thinking that for each Jason you unlock, that weapon for that Jason would spawn on the map. So if you unlocked Part 2 Jason, then the Pickaxe would spawn on the map for you to swap weapons on the map from now on. This would allow this feature to be unlocked as soon as you get your first Jason unlocked Which would be Part 6 at level 6 I believe. So if the highest level Jason unlocked for you would be Part 7 (Which is unlocked at level 9 I think) and you played the match as Part 3 Jason, then you could go around the map and search for a machete and spear to use, which is the Part 6 and Part 7 Jason's weapons. The way you would be able to obtain these weapons as Jason would obviously to go around the map, find them, pick them up, and of course these weapons are only available for Jason to pick up. "But why can't the counselors pick them up?", because the weapons would be stuck or in certain places to the point where only Jason with his strength and height could get them. For example : A Machete stuck in a tree far up to where only Jason could pull it out because of how tall he is, or a Pickaxe wedged really hard in a rock to the point where only Jason could pull it out with his strength, or a loose fence post at the grave yard that's wedged in the ground to the point where only Jason could pull it out with his strength and use it as a spear. I was also thinking that the first grab kill after a mid-game map weapon swap for each weapon would give an extra XP score event for variety or something. What do you guys think?
  12. Based on my experience, it seems that the spectator bug will occur more if the Jason of that match has random Jason equipped.
  13. I think it'd be cool if we were able to customize the appearance of the counselors that we play against in offline mode. Or maybe make them spawn with random clothing. I think that'd be cool.
  14. sweet, thanks for responding man