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  1. OneSneakyBoi

    Who has the best voice actor?

  2. based on my experience, i barley run into any
  3. based on my experience, i escape in the car alot of the time when i'm driving
  4. OneSneakyBoi

    Muffin: The Dog

    make muffin invincible
  5. That makes since. Thanks for answering.
  6. Will Jason's weapon swapping have a random button so you spawn with a random weapon?
  7. When I choose random Jason it feels like it lowers my overall chance of being Jason (even with my spawn preference set to him). Also I don't know if this is some sort of coincidence but it seems when I choose random Jason and someone else in the lobby for example has part 8 equipped, I won't get part 8 or any Jason if someone or multiple people have that Jason equipped. If this is some sort of bug or glitch then is anyone else having it? Or is this the way random Jason is supposed to work?