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  1. I feel like there should be more strict leaving penalties. Maybe something like if a player leaves a certain amount of games in a day or something then they would get a temp ban from quick play. There should also probably be a suicide penalty system so players don't abuse the self harm system to get out of games if they don't get Jason or something.
  2. OneSneakyBoi

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Fuck yea! Keep up the awesome work fellas
  3. Yea, people who leave while they're alive as a Counselor or Jason really do kind of suck.
  4. On top of what I said, you also have the perks such as medic, hypochondriac, and thick skin that makes trying to injure counselor super hard as Jason. An injure to grab system would not work with this game at all. And if they did have plans to implement a system like that, then they would probably have to re balance most of the game around that system.
  5. If there was a similar system like dbd's hooking system where you have to injure and down then hook and wait for them to get sacrificed, or if there was any sort of system added to f13 where you have to injure to grab, then it would take too long for Jason to kill all counselors in a 20 minute timer and make the game unbalanced.
  6. OneSneakyBoi

    More buggy lately?

    It's fine for me
  7. OneSneakyBoi

    any update coming soon?

    They're planning on continuing bug fix and balance patches as well as reworking the perk roll system. But I don't know how long that's gonna take.
  8. I think the Poor quality should come with some more or higher cons and little or not so good pros. I think this because it's the worst quality for perks in the game and it also might encourage players to spin for more perks and level up to have the higher chance of getting better perks. I think Common should be left the same. Uncommon I think should have little pros and a little less cons than common. I think Rare should have some moderate pros and little or barley any cons. Epic I think should have no cons and a little more pros than rare. I think Legendary should have no cons and really good pros.
  9. Practice makes perfect
  10. OneSneakyBoi

    Fix game servers

    I can find full lobbies pretty fast.
  11. I've seen a BUNCH of Jason's struggling with the -Shift stat recently. Mainly and obviously because of the decreased shift speed. If you actually go into the Jason selection menu and hover over the -Shift stat it actually says "Decreased shift regeneration speed", but says nothing about the decreased shift speed. I've also seen a bunch of Jason players including myself barley miss breaking and stopping moving cars or trying to finally grab that pesky counselor that's been pestering them for a while, or literally being 5 feet away from breaking the phone box before the call is made. All because of the decreased shift speed. So I think they should keep the -Shift regeneration speed but change the decreased shift speed to the regular shift speed like Part 3, 5, 7, and 8 has. I think this change could help with game balance and make part 2 and especially part 4 more viable Jason's.
  12. They can change their minds.
  13. Fun fact, Horror inc is not allowing them to release content updates right now because miller doesn't wanna talk to cunningham or something like that. So if this dispute between the two resolves soon and sean settles then we can very well be getting continued content updates for Friday the 13th : The game.
  14. I'm pretty sure any weapon has potential to get the mask off, except for the flare gun. The machete being the best weapon to get his mask off, and the bat being the worst weapon to try and get his mask off. Pretty much, the sharper the weapon, the higher the chance it has of getting Jason's mask off. And yes, the shotgun can get his mask off.