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    My name is Ken. Started playing a few moths ago casually and love it. I only wish what many of us do and that is to encounter fewer trolls and 10 year old kids. (Seriously, not a young kids game IMHO) Still, trying to get a good grouple of people I know in real life to play as hearing them scream over the game chat os way more fun than strangers. Anyway, that is me. I game on the XBOX One and my tag is Kenny709. Have a nice day.
  2. Thanks for the link, Ozzman123 had good ideas in there also. I just really feel it needs something a little more shocking to match the theme of the game a bit better. Conceptually the game is amazing, and it is undeniably fun. But details like these I believe will make the game feel more polished and hopefully draw more quality players. Thanks to all for your replies and suggestions. Keep them coming! ;D
  3. I have a quick suggestion for a future patch. I think that while the environmental kill for the closed windows are already awesome, the Open or broken window seems kind of lacking. Jason tosses someone a few feet through the air... Gruesome? perhaps not. Might I suggest on the open window Jason pushes the counselor half through the widow breaks it and slams it on them, or at least have the window break when the counselor flies through. On a broken window I would like to see Jason leaving the counselor hanging from a broken piece of glass by there necks. Anyone else with me on this? Or perhaps other suggestion for these window kills? Maybe there are other kills you would like to see. I figure the more suggestions suggestions the merrier!
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