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  1. Evil

    Hey guys.

    Yeah sorry not thinking straight right now I'm just hurting
  2. Evil

    Hey guys.

    I'm packing it In for real this time. Can a mod please ban me? If my account is active I'll just be too tempted to come back.
  3. Oh you absolutely have been calm clear and concise I see what you mean about offering insight and how it promotes an us vs them mentality while posting In goodbye threads, I do have to say though if you had a few weeks of people slamming you you probably wouldn't be in the best of moods either I know I wouldn't. Again. Things were mishandled but I definitely see your point and your candor is well appreciated. Thank you it's also worth noting that this is my view of the mods. There has been censorship on the forums but I want to move past that at this point. My view on the devs/gun are completely separate though and remain unchanged. I stand by what I've said in the past.
  4. What does it matter though if all they do is pass it along to the brick wall? I'm not trying to be a prick I am only saying what's the point? The person who read it can't act on it. I agree with you though and have offered some solutions but it's up to them to use them.
  5. But see you are missing my point as well, for him it's rules are rules for things he can control with an exception here or there for what he considers extenuating circumstances. Some things though he can't control. As a former moderator of 10+ years you own mistakes as a team and defend your team regardless of your feelings. Complaints would be better served at the admins. They may listen, they may not. Also I see what you're saying. Things were mishandled but we're all human Right? Except @The Wolf with that Toast. He is a wolf.
  6. Just to play devil's advocate I don't think Kodiak could put him in timeout jpops is an admin and Kodiak is a moderator. The call would have to come from higher up and they thought reprimanding was enough. Its kind of like telling a cashier you don't like store policy. They'll probably listen. But can they do anything about it?
  7. No not for all circumstances but it also puts up a track record and in the long run will also make less work because people can clearly see "well they were warned and it does add up." Right now people want to vent and they are looking for a bad guy. Something or someone they can blame for everything. Even I fell into this pit, it happens. I get it but at the same time it's majority a pr issue. Just talk to us guys. Even a post from shifty would do wonders. A simple update like "hey guys, still working hard" that sort of thing. Also sorry I edit my posts alot. I sometimes randomly think of something to add. Basically what I'm saying is do it for the first couple of posts and then progress. Mostly what I want to see is a descalation of the US vs them attitude and actually get on the path to mending this great community and repairing the negative environment here. It's a tough road but it can be done. Not only do I appreciate it, I made these posts because of that. I see your trying, I appreciate it and not only want it to continue but I want to foster this same kind of dialogue with the other mods/devs. It's why I'm extending an olive branch so to speak. So yes, I do appreciate it and thank you for your time. I see it thrown in yours and other mods faces that your position is unpaid but it goes to show that you do care enough to try to at least clear the air. It matters to me personally and once again thank you.
  8. I feel you there but again take out what you need a put the reason ie spam, had multiple warnings suspension/ban. It lets us see your thought process and also let's it be known you're not doing it to be a dick which is easily inferred by today's community. Most of what people say I think is misconstrued because on a forum we can't hear voice inflection or see someone rolls their eyes kind of like how you say if you have a problem pm me. Most people that are mad would take that as a challenge to go and try to vent all over you rather than saying I want to try to get somewhere and work this problem out. Then you have all this anger directed at you guys, I know shifty and Wes have said no new content and all but EVEN just dropping by to say hi every now and again would do wonders because this is essentially a giant PR problem the misquoted, theories and all of that would be squashed if gun would put up a statement, meet them head on and say "uh no this is bullshit and here is why, *insert proof* yes we are still here." Even something to the effect of a ama within reason. If the conversation is civilized I don't see why we can't knock out the misunderstandings one at a time and take the ammo out of all of this speculation.
  9. I actually liked your post,Kodiak. I feel a bit left out but at the same time please just shoot the shit with the community every now and then. The thing that's easy to forget is that you and jpops are people too that are just as effected by all this shit going. It's especially easy to forget when you guys go full robocop on the forums and most of what we see are either locking/deleting threads or pms of the one time someone got the better of you. We're all adults and this has all affected us deeply and differently but please do what the community manager should be and just engage us. Believe me when I say I've been in your shoes and had people calling me a fuckwit to my face for 9 hours straight. ( I work for customer service ) it gets tiring and I don't care what amount of patience you have it goes out the door pretty quick but I will say that the times people have insulted you in pms I have seen you throw some things back but you never abused your power by banning someone over it. If I could lend a machete to your intellectual thicket though, if it were me I would moderate but at the same time I'd leave the parts of a post I could with a clear edit and reason like"took out the abusive stuff" but leave the post mostly intact so that people can see why it was edited. With half the posts missing peoples mind's wander to strange places as I'm sure you know, that's how some of the crackpot conspiracies get pulled out of someone's ass. Make sense?
  10. Oh is that the video I posted forever ago? I thought the take down notice on it was still in effect. Maybe it was just reuploaded? If you could send me the link in a pm I'd be grateful.
  11. Aaaand that's enough forums for today, in gonna just stop responding now, not worth my time.
  12. Nah it's supposed to be Jason's ghost I think. I was also more thinking of when the hiker goes back for his med kit and Jason finds him. The ambulance freak out is sort of like an aftershock from when he gets stabbed.
  13. I get what you're saying but you say it like he's intentionally trying to terrorize him but he isn't that's just the effect the encounter has on him and you're over simplifying by saying lightly tossing him around but at this point you're mind's made up so why even argue.
  14. You should go and rewatch it and don't skip, JoJo rampages through people and also terrorized the main character into having a psychotic break. The point of the film is that this counselor isn't like some chad or Mitch that you can just butcher, he made Jason earn it. It's definitely worth a full watch and I've seen movies where I skipped ahead and was dissatisfied only to watch it again later at the behest of friends and end up loving it.
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