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  1. Dissenting opinions have a way of getting warned/banned. Not saying I disagree but this might be deleted fast...
  2. He wrote the childhood version of Jason. Adult Jason is a derivative work which is how he can claim ownership.
  3. Because of all the glaring problems introduced when you tried to "fix" or add something new to the game. The peak sales being behind you as you have everyone's money already, the constant brow bashing from fans as your dev team continued to fail handling the game repeatedly or the long silences on important issues in the forums. It's okay that you're scapegoating the lawsuit but don't make it out like you want to continue. If you did you would have pushed out the finished content before the July 15th cut off date that you have been promising for about 6 months. How hard would it would be to shit out a patch to make Jason selectable. He was 'revealed' in VCab 2.0 so don't give me that he's unreleased bullshit. You wanted as a team to call it quits because of how monumentally you proved incompetent in supporting this game.i say this as a backer from your kickstarter btw. I've defended you in the past but don't piss in my face and tell me it's raining.
  4. Yeah apparently they don't want people to see it
  5. Yes grendel was created, I posted the footage
  6. Evil

    What the....

  7. I know they are aware of it at least and are probably working on it now
  8. You know when I read he was being harassed I immediately tagged him in a post saying something to the effect of @vicmill1 hey man heard about all the death threats and want you to know I'm praying for you and your family during this horrible situation. Stay strong I don't agree with the lawsuit and I'm bummed about uber JoJo but I don't wish harm on anybody and it kind of sickens me someone would wish death to someone they dont know over something as frivolous as a game.
  9. I see what you did there and I love it..
  10. Can he/would he even really comment on it?
  11. I signed it because I support the devs despite my incessant bitching
  12. It's a shame this had to be said and yeah at first I was gutted like everyone else but I'm already over it, others just need to grow up and chill out.
  13. Evil

    Bonus EXP?

    This would be awesome
  14. Why quote two people and talk about only one? Or were you calling us both 10 year olds?