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  1. No worries friend, I'm not an ambulance chaser or accident seeker. I believe those are the types most people hate. And I do agree this looks amateurish.. however a nice idea as I am a big fan of the Halloween franchise.
  2. https://www.patreon.com/HalloweenTheGameProject?alert=2 Here's a link to a potential Halloween game I came across. Your thoughts? I'm excited.
  3. There is a thread about a good sportmanship club on every console and pc.. not sure how to link it but leave your gamertag there and you will meet some good, friendly players. I'm on xb1 as well and had the same issue.. other than that yea I feel ya, alot of toxic players.
  4. Just saw your vacation post.. boohoo but enjoy it. See ya when I see ya @TheHansonGoons
  5. Thank @TheHansonGoons and all you guys and gals for getting me in.. n yea damn car camt drive over pebbles smh... had a lot of fun hope to get in again next thurs with u guys lol
  6. Hey thanks for the communication and future fixes. Not sure if it's just me but on xb1 I'm having trouble joining private matches through profiles. The option of join game is never highlighted. My wifi is great (always has been) and nothing on my console seems to be wrong. Anybody else having same issue? Last night I actually got ran over by my own car after I hopped out (only survivor left) as it was rolling about 1 mph.. was kinda funny as I was shaking n baking jason for about 10 mins alone but overall annoying.
  7. Off top of my head.. i wamt the fox kill in part 3.. 2nd floor barn swinging on rope. I would like the kill from part 2 when he's hiding under blanket. I like the kill with the guy walking on his hands( forget the part). The mark in wheelchair kill is a obvious one. The demon in port a potty enchilada kill another. There's a lot but I'd also like some original inspired kills.
  8. I'm on xbox1.. names enragedlawyer91.. despite my name I'm very cool and laid back.
  9. Anybody else having same issues? Being chased by Jason, run to a cabin, open a Window, mash A button (xb1) and nothing.. stand there to die? I know it used to happen couple months ago I thought it was fixed but I guess not. Mostly happens on Jarvis and Pinehurst maps for me. Any ideas of/when this will be fixed? Thank you in advance.
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