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  1. With my cosplays I create them from clothes but I do the full makeup with the cosplays too.
  2. My bad! I was just catching up on what I missed! Hate for anyone to think I'm ignoring them or anything like that! Thanks for the info tho! And I might if the weapon swapping isn't in the next update. Sure it's hacks but if it's part of the next update then might be a bit useless. We'll see tho.
  3. True. Hopefully people will return once it's been updated. I honestly took a long break from the game but I've returned and I would hate to see the community die. Yes! That's the one! Thank you! Hahaha. http://steamcharts.com/app/438740#All Here's the numbers. As you can tell, it grows for a short while then decreases up to 10% or sometimes a little more than that after awhile.
  4. Well, one of the reasons is the people that hack and all the bugs/glitches. It's the reasons why some of my friends have quit. I don't recall the website but it's a Steam website. I'd have to get it from my friend.
  5. I did not know. I'm sorry about that! I've only seen people with Uber Jason in the lobby, never in the game/match itself. I've seen those and I just watch them like 'Wtf?' lmao It sucks that the F13 game is losing up to 10% of players a month because of things like these. Hahaha. No way! My PS4 is still my baby!
  6. Exactly. I was there like "Wtf? Really? Update for this is next month. You couldn't wait?" I want to get it on console but I don't think I play my console enough for me to spend that much on a game for it.
  7. I'll start off by saying that I wasn't sure where to post this and I know this is something that's bound to happen anyways but just know that there's a few out there who already have managed to hack into it. Here's the screenshots from my Steam. It's just a heads up before it actually comes out. (By the way, the guy did admit that he hacked it.) [Content removed by moderator] He used a Part 5 kill on me, a Part 4(?) kill on someone else, Part 8 on a third person and then a Savini kill on a fourth person.
  8. I'm usually on around that time as well, same name on Steam as the forums. When in the game I use my mic but sometimes it's glitched. Others that you can usually find me with is SpacePirate, NeroZero, and Jynx Voorhees. And thank you!
  9. I've been playing F13 since it was released back in May of 2017. I did take a long break from it for awhile though, but I returned to it a few months ago. My favorite Jason has to be part 8 Jason kill wise, especially the one where he kicks the counselor away and throws the fire axe into their head. Playing wise, I don't think I have a favorite Jason. Favorite counselor is, by far, Tiffany. I always play as her and it's gotten to the point where I don't mess up on repair checks really at all. Just once or twice at most. I use My Dad Is A Cop, Escape Artist and Adrenaline Rush. I'll look into it since my group of friends and I are always down to finding others to join us in the game.
  10. Well there's not much to know about me besides the fact that I'm a big fan of horror. On Steam, you can usually find me on F13 more than Dead by Daylight or others. Also play Sea of Thieves a lot. People describe me as crazy and strange. And Jarvis House is the best map, I don't care what anyone says. Hahaha. I'm filled with sass as well but I love to use it for jokes. I like to livestream on Twitch from time to time. And cosplaying is something I enjoy doing. In real life, I'm the Harley Quinn of the group, since I can do her voice spot on. Hahaha. Also, to be honest, I suck at these so if you want to know anything, just ask and I'll answer. lol (Picture ain't mine.)
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