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  1. So how may I ask did you guys manage to screw the cars up so bad, first up with a patch to change the handling of the car that literally no one asked for (And damn near made the car pretty close to uncontrollable, I think just about anyone who's ever driven the cars have had to learn how to drive all over again from scratch, kind of like how the majority of 150 level Jasons have had to learn how to grab all over again...), and now as of the last and first match I played today, you guys have screwed the cars up to when you try to drive out of an exit with the car, you suicide, it just happened to me, and I watched it happen to the two seater as well, I get that you guys have a lot on your plate with this title, but at this point, you guys break more shit than you fix with each of these patches, hire some competent programmers to do damage control, or let this title just die, seriously, this is beyond absurd at this point, if you want to fix something wrong with the car, fix the rubber banding, don't acknowledge it, people have not only been acknowledging it for quite some time, but literally been begging you guys to FIX. I don't usually get on these boards or that cess pool that is Reddit, but you guys have a great title with great potential, and it just seems at this point, that you guys have no f*#&$%* idea what you are doing, or how to fix it. Your patch releases resemble the comedian Gallaghers 'Now I have a lap, Now I don't have a lap' routine as he stands up and then squats and then stands up again. Regards. ✌️
  2. First up, I love playing this game.... Second... Let's get down to brass tacks here... I've been playing this game for quite some time now, and to be frank (no pun intended..), this is a terrible idea to implement into the game for these reasons. 1. This game is still very much broken, I enjoy it, I'm not bashing it, but lets face it, it crashes, a lot, I hope you have a some sort of recognition code for this event alone in this 'Salt' scheme 2. This is going to enhance people trolling to the nth degree because they're going to be even more toxic than they were before now that they realize that if somebody quits because they are being a garbage human in game or on mic (sexism, racism, hardcore anti sementics, bullying, mic spamming loud noises to clear out lobbies a.k.a. 'YES, I KNOW HOW MUTE WORKS, I USE IT OFTEN BECAUSE OF THIS'), trolling counselors that stun lock and animation exploit / environment exploit are going to use this to ruin the game for Jason that are actually trying to play the game and have fun, the outcome, the Jason is stripped of any entertainment / fun value of the game and quits, 'Salt' acquired. 3. Jasons that are equivalent to that of the people I've mentioned in column '2', are going to use it to troll counselors into quitting matches to obtain 'Salt'. 4. As I've listed in column '2' and '3', I do in fact know how to report toxic players (on Steam and as well as Jasonkillsbugs), as a video content creator, there is not a day that goes by where I don't report at least a dozen people for being completely garbage human beings to complete and total strangers in this game, reporting does not work, I've sent footage of hackers, people being incredibly abrasive and toxic on mic as well as physically typing racist remarks and sexism (I had some a**hole come into a lobby one night on this game and ask everyone in the lobby if we wanted to help him shoot up a school, what even in the f***!), condensed, reporting does not work, and these people are not being handled by Valve nor Gun Media / Illfonic, attack me all you want for it, it's NOT happening. 5. FIX THIS GAME FIRST, stop trying to modify pieces of it at a time, I get that every time you guys release a patch or an update, surely more people buy this product (it's damn near a marketing tactic, and I get it and can respect it), but I see a lot of favoring towards new players that don't know how to play this title versus people who have been level 150 for quite some time now and are essentially being nerfed by all of these changes to the game system (I agree the pocket knives were bs, and I'm glad the amount of them was lowered, a lot of people that I've played with in the past used these 'start the match not even 3 minutes in with three of em', and I think that was insanely OP and illogical. 6. Clearly, you all must have at least taken in to consideration at some point during the development of this new 'system' and realized that people exploit the hell out of this game as it sits and you're literally just handing over a new method of it to the toxic side of this community, if you aren't privy to it, you are now. 7. Back to column '5', concentrate on finishing this games code and in all honesty, devise a better and actual working ANTI-CHEAT SYSTEM. Regards. Drebin.
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