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  1. No one wants to watch these over and over again. Each level has to be replayed enough times. Please add a skip button.
  2. Is there no system in place for reporting bad players? Way too many times have I played a game where a player in a car starts betraying, or a player has teamed up with Jason to reveal everyone's locations, or have used the car to block up windows to help Jason out. Surely there's a way to sort this mess out?
  3. No, they distinctly say “2. Leave a match early” and “5. Leave a match while hosting” So even if I’m not a host, I’m going to get put in these salt mines just because I want to start a new game, rather than watch everyone play until the match has ended? Which, again, is typically 15+ minutes.
  4. Why is leaving the match early such a big problem? The matches are long and it’s understandable that people don’t want to wait 15+ minutes to play the next match. Pretty unfair to those people, to be honest.
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