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  1. Same as he dose in house door but with the car door. Kill couselers putting the battery in the car by slamming there head in the car hood. And putting couselers faces in the blade of the boat if it turned on.
  2. Yea I know but making it so Jason can't just go from his cabin and show up at another cabin in two second seem more logical he have to run there like everybody else in the game that seem more logical to me. like I said he have throwing weapon and throwing knifes and add way to disable car and boats like putting hole in tirers and putting a hole in the boat so it sink things like that even giving Jason a more ability to run instead of morph there are other ways beside morph though it will prob never be taken out I'm justly saying.
  3. So your sit here on the form and keep spaming and saying it stupid its not morph is not needed in the game if they add throwing weapons and knifes and i can beat jason thats not the point its a opion don't like it then don't reply we don't need people like you on this form
  4. Knife to pop tires or smashing cars prob would be a better idea then spike stripe maybe even using traps to pop tires as you run over them even better. Yes couselers can sprint away but throw a knife at you and that changes and people tend to abuse morph to much it need to be removed because Jason don't need it to kill couselers there throwing knifes and possible throwing weapons coming up morphing is a little over doing it.
  5. Yes before you start spaming the post I know what your going to say and there prob other form on here. "if you take Jason morph away how he surpost to keep up with cars leaving". First off let me get to the point that Jason has never morph in the movie or needed to use morph to kill couselers. But how would Jason be able to kill them without morph well there are other options like give Jason the ability to use spike strips like cops do or daggers to pop tires on cars or smash cars so they can't be use. Boats can be broke by Jason attacking them with weapon and putting a hole in the boat. As far as cops how about smashing the phone so you can't call the police. Give Jason the ability to take items like battery and gas from a cabin or away from dead couselers or if there hit drop that item pick it up and move them so that couselers can't get them so easy however if Jason get hit he drop the item and the courselers can pick it up again. Balance the game to make it harder but more fair because Jason being able to morph is really seem unfair.
  6. Watch this video and the picture below this is the kinda flash light I mean realist not cartoon. Silent hill ps1 pitch dark flashlight
  7. Read my post I just made it explain having flash light with limit battery power and having to search for more battery or have a team mate bring you some.
  8. New game mode base off my favorite game on ps1 silent hill involving the game map become a lot darker where you can see in front of you but not that much. Around ( 1.50-1.00) in brightness in option menu. Counsers would have flash light available but only limited battery power and would have to use it only when needed when the battery power runs out You have to search for new battery or walk in the dark till a team mate bring you some and hope Jason don't find you. Jason will have ability to find you and everything the same as it was in normal mode but this would make the game harder and scaryier then it is now. only questions is would boats need a fog light so you can see where your going and how would Jason see in the dark maybe night vision or flash light of his own tell me what you think.
  9. How about sleepwear camp you forgot about that same idea as friday the 13th the game but your Angela baker instead.
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