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    Sale? Update : It is now on Sale!

    I know people who use like a PS or Xbox controller who somehow use push to talk as well. I am not sure how they do it - but it can't be that hard to figure out. If you have bouoght the game and are looking for new friends...hit me up. I can introduce you to quite a few people. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Disco_Stick
  2. Honestly the counselor bug is not that often. When people post reviews; especially negative reviews, they tend to exaggerate their claims. I play with @ausanimal and I can attest to what he is saying regarding the amount of times it happens. He also pointed out another fact...when it happens...it happens to everyone not just one person. So you have people who are used to being stealthy stuck with Vanessa and people who are usually Vanessa get Tiffany... so it is actually fun to try to work with people playing different characters. I personally play 3-4 days a week and around 18-20 hours and have not experienced the character select bug in at least two weeks. You also have to take into account that a lot of the posts on here are from console players who have their own glitches/bugs/issues which do not affect PC players. At $20 I would definitely buy the game again in it's current state. The developers have already committed to fixing the bugs that cause true issues inside the game; such as the character select one. I paid full price for my game back in November and have gotten my monies worth out of it time and time again. If you do decide to get the game let me know in here and I can add you to my friends list and introduce you to approximately 65-70 other players who frequently play the game in various time zones.
  3. I have gotten stuck by the car twice (once the battery and once the gas). All I had to do was hit CTRL to crouch and then crouch walk away. I felt really dumb when I learned that was all I had to do...especially since it took me 5 mins to figure that out LOL! As far as character selection....I actually thought they fixed that because of the 25-30 games I have played the past few weeks...I have always been the counselor I wanted. Granted right after the patch it was definitely like rolling a dice on who I would end up as (LaChappa.. realllly?). Again... I am a PC player so I have no idea what issues console players have, but since the OP is looking to play on PC... I think my experiences with issues is more relative than a console player who apparently have way more issues than PC players.
  4. I really hate when people say the game is unplayable/nearly unplayable/so broken it can't be played... etc.The game is very much playable. I have played numerous hours 4-5 days a week for the past few weeks and have only seen ONE glitch that messed things up to the point of not being able to play a round.. one round. This person is asking about PC and apparently we have less issues than console players because everyone that I play with is still playing and aside from a few goofy glitches (and the one major one that time) our games have been relatively bug free. As for numbers... Steam averages 700 players on at any given time... that is roughly 90 full lobbies. With the friend and group functions you can easily amass enough friends/group members to never play in QP.
  5. See here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20220-state-of-the-game-critical-issue-update/ That is the announcement of what is in the patch. I cannot for the life of me remember who told me it was this week or if I read it somewhere, BUT they are fixing the character selection bug.
  6. They are fixing the character/counselor selection bug in this week's patch by the way.
  7. No. Your premise assumes that they cannot do two things at once. While the trial is on going the devs can work on the bugs AND create new content for once the trial is over. There is nothing stopping them from creating content... just from releasing it. Although I doubt with either scenario (yours or mine) they would do this as it makes no sense to spend money on creating content for something they potentially could end up losing. With my scenario though this leaves the game open to current players and allows them to possibly attract new players. Also if they did that.... and when they re-released it.... A lot of people would hold resentment and would not play the game again and their reputation for doing what they did could peruade others not to bother buying the game.
  8. Jasix


    Except there is nothing stopping you from using those DLC packs. The game is still running. The devs are still working on bugs/fixes. If the game were actually sunset and no longer accessible you MAY have a claim, but that is a big "may."
  9. Jasix


    HAHAHA. Oh you're serious? You have no claim to a refund. Your purchase was as/is - there was no guarantee of anything.
  10. If it was a game like F13 sure. I like this style of game; the multi player part not the solo stuff.
  11. Again.. no one knows...and your hyperbolic assumption of "FOREVER" is just that... hyperbole. You can continue to think what you want...I on the other hand will go at this with a more level headed and rational outlook and await further information as it is communicated.
  12. Again... NO ONE knows how long we will have to wait for new content. It could be 3 months...or 3 years. As I have previously stated... the longer it takes then obviously the longer the game is at risk. In the meantime however I truly believe a lot of people will continue to play; especially with bug fixes that make the game more playable.
  13. Assuming this will be a long hiatus of no new content is rather assumptive without any basis of information. No one knows how long this will impact the game. For all we know they spend 3 months on fixing stuff and then a month later everything gets settled and they can start creating/releasing new content. I do not think they are going to scrap the work they have done on Uber Jason or Grendel map... so once the issue/lawsuit is resolved it could be a short time before we see any new content. This "end is near" attitude is way too presumptuous when no one knows anything. I choose to have a more level headed response to this and a "wait and see" attitude instead of calling for the death of the game.
  14. Hyperbole much? The game is still very much playable. There is no reason to think the game will be stuck this way - if anything this stoppage of new features will allow them to actually focus on fixing bugs/glitches (which has already been stated as a result by those in the know). Over-reaction, hyperbole, and absolute pessimism seem to be rampant here on these forums. They are neither logical nor conducive to an actual conversation.
  15. Jasix

    Is the Game over now?

    To answer the original question and skip all the vitriol and psychics.... I do not believe the game is over. Obviously if the lawsuit goes on for years...then yeah it could definitely be over. In the meantime we will be getting attention paid to all the glitches/bugs etc which many people want to make their continued game-play experience more enjoyable. I tend to ignore all the negative posts because they are assuming something that no one knows. I also tend to ignore most of the "veteran" posters who are so frickin jaded that all their posts seem biased against the game. I think people are over-reacting way too much and assuming way too much. Just play the game and look for more information as it is communicated by official representatives. *Short version* Calm down..continue to play..and wait for official word on the issue*