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  1. That type of match will have you sweatin bullets and reaching for a glass of water at the end lol
  2. I see a lot of people saying on other threads/social media saying they're going to stop playing the game immediately and going on rage rants about dev theories and why they do things. I think the worst thing we can do as fans/backers/etc is to just drop the game all together. Keep playing it and make the best out of a bad situation
  3. Part 4 is getting no love on this thread! I like part 4 the most because he can run and tire the counselors out and has awesome destruction. At least that's how I play him.
  4. I like to cut my mic off if I'm Jason unless im playing with friends. I feel like it makes Jason a little more intimidating. There's nothing worse than being chased by J8 hearing "I'm gone get you bitch"
  5. I'm so ready for the update it isn't even funny. Getting tired of escaping or even getting killed just to have the host leave in the last two minutes. Time before last I played I was P4 Jason, morphed to the main house in Higgins haven as soon as the match started to trap the phone, entered the house, grabbed the host to perform the swirled environmental kill and he quit. Not even two full minutes into the game after sitting in a lobby forever
  6. Literally just played a match where a friend of mine and myself fixed the boat, he poured the gas and I installed the prop.. the host was waiting at the dock trying to hop on but we got in and left. Immediately the host quit. Is anyone else tired of this??
  7. If the 4 seater leaves with a full car I always feel a sense of defeat
  8. I definitely missed out on getting him. It would have to be embarrassing to be killed playing as him lol. Something about a Jason with fire coming out of his body on his knees taking a machete to the face seems wrong ?
  9. That's kind of how I feel with part 6. I'm not a fan of the spear, but hopefully the engine update will be release soon and we can finally weapon swap.
  10. My only complaint with Roy burns is his destruction, but I understand they couldn't give him all of the strengths, plus he's just a regular human so it would be unrealistic for him to bust a door down with three hits
  11. What's your favorite Jason to play with and why? Personally my favorite is Part IV because of his running capability and strong destruction.
  12. I don't think AAA devs would be hosting streams and keeping in contact with its players/fans encouraging input from them to better the game.
  13. Guess it all depends on who's playing as him. I personally hate him because of his weak destruction.
  14. Eh teamers don't really bother me as long as the teaming Jason doesn't wait until the last minute to kill his counselor buddy. Just play the game, do your best to escape or just die and wait for the next match and leave at lobby
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