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  1. How do you know for sure that There wont be any more suprise new locations from the movies in single player challenges. It makes more sense to include more locations from the movies currently not in the game. Butthese New locations would fit better for single player challemges.
  2. Yes but id like to request more cinematic locations from the developers. In single player its better possiable to include the Grocery store with Harold and Edna that is in the Begining of Friday the 13th part 3.
  3. Could more of F13th part 3 Grocery stores and locations be added to single player challenges. The possiabilities could be endless. Could more locations from the movies be added into single player challenges. Maybe some of the town and rural countryside roads from Friday the 13th part 1 and part 2 could be added. I Just want to hear you guys opinion on Moments and Places locations from the Movies that could be added to single player challenges. Places that are not currently in the game but are in The Movies. Could The Final chapter Hospital be added as a Cinematic location in single player challenges.
  4. I Agree. I Think it would make it more difficult for counselors if Jason can set Traps in Cabins.but the game is to easy to escape and kill Jason once your a skilled player of the game.
  5. well i think Jason should be able to place traps in cabins esp places like under the phone where the phone is located on the wall. its too easy for counselors to escape. Jason should have more than just 5 traps starting out. this is why i think that there should be diffrent difficulty modes on each map so that players can play how they choose. a Nightmare Game mode with a stronger Jason would be a challenge everyone would enjoy. A Stronger Jason with 8 traps and not easily stunned.
  6. I Like The Merit Badges ideas and Jason Needs More Traps. 5 traps is not enough. Because you have to Trap Jasons Shack,The Blue 4 seater,The Phone box needs 3 Traps,The Boat walkway etc. I Think 8 traps would be great for Jason.
  7. Thats exactly what im talking about counselors that try to distract Jason or Jump in and out of windows and there is nothing Jason can do. Or Counselors that run around Cabin tables trying to distract Jason while other counselors Fix the phone box or what ever.
  8. No not sure about that. But a difficulty setting on each map for online Multiplayer quickplay would be great. A Harder game mode with a Jason that is harder to kill.
  9. I Really want to see a 1957 map with Pamela Voorhees and Jason playable on the map as well. If we could get more custom classic maps of Early Crystal lake it would be Bad Ass.
  10. No i dont think Jason or Roy should Drive or do anything other than chase people and kill. But Jason being able to place traps in buildings would stop people from Jumping in and out of windows or jumping around and distracting Jason. Jason needs a counter weapon to stop the counselors from Jumping around in buildings. Traps that dont have leaves around them in buildings in and around hot spot hiding places for counselors makes sense.
  11. This is Very Helpfull advice and im going to try this instead of traping right when the red indicator trap lights up.
  12. I Think a member of Gunmedia Shifty samurai explained that there will be more stuff in the future for this game' This f1th game is supposed to be the ultimate friday the 13th game. The Developers have all ready shown us small previews of Bigger things to come in the Virtual Cabin with a Spacey Level Jason x Uber Jason. This idea that That This game is finished is wrong. I Really would like to push For Forest Green expanded and customized with Big and small maps. Id also like to see Shepherds House Map expanded.
  13. i slowly inch my way out to untill the trap icon lights up red and then i drop the trap. but lately counselors are just walking over the traps. please someone agree that this needs tweaking and more sensitivity. jasons traps need to be more sensesitive in the next update please.
  14. Wouldnt be sweet if Jason could set Traps by The sweater inside of the shack. that way it would make it more difficult for counselors to get in and out quickly with the sweater once Jason is alarmed.
  15. im setting 2 traps right outside jasons shack door and counselors are just walking over them. im telling you the Devs need to fix this.
  16. Well obviously NO. I Dont want Jason to do everything counselors do. but your taking things to extreme. Jason setting traps near the Radio to call Tommy inside of a cabin would be cool. Jason setting a trap inside a pantry hiding spot would be sweet.
  17. True im al for as many maps as we can get. I Also love The Lazurus and Manhattan map ideas. But we must get Forest Green and Shepherds House.
  18. Well counselors can set Traps inside cabins. So why cant Jason set Traps ahead of time in hiding spots.
  19. Im seeing an unbalance divide in the F13th Gaming Community. Lots of players are asking for Diffrent difficulty levels for diffrent experianced players of the game. A Harder difficulty setting on each map that has a stronger Jason. a Jason that doesent stun easily. a Jason that starts out with 8 traps. A Nightmare Game Mode.
  20. Its frustrating when Jason Cant set traps in hiding locations where counselors go.
  21. NO Because the traps are positioned right near the walkway into Jasons Cabin. i hope the developers can update this glitch.
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