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  1. Has anyone heard if there will be a point perk for couselors to start the match with a pocket knife. It Would make the gameso much better to have that perk of Pocket Knife.
  2. Ok i understand what your saying. I Appreciate you responding. Im excited about the April update that has been talked about. I Guess i Assumed that Part 6 and 7 maps would go in order. But i Do understand things that havent been talked about will not be discussed. Surprises are fun. If The Gun and Illfonic guys choose tomake another road map that would be great even though things change and road maps arent always the exact accurate to go by months down the road.
  3. shifty said that maps that have not been talked about are not happening.
  4. Maybe your right. i give up this game isnt designed for the ideas that everyone has. might as well hang it up. shifty said its not happening.
  5. ok thank you for making that finaly clear that camp forest green and other maps that havent been talked about are not happening.
  6. What does the Illfonic guys plan on Doing by July Friday the 13th.
  7. Well April is a good enough timeframe. but i really wish Friday the 13th date was more important with some sort of surprise. It would be Nice to Have another question and awnser podcast with Gunmedia and Illfonic guys or an updated Roadmap with specific details On Camp Forest Green and Shepherds House maps and other releases before the summer starts.
  8. crazy ralphs diaries could work in all kinds of diffrent modes in the game.
  9. Last night while playing a game with a Bunch of guys and women that were really funny had their mics on. We played a couple of rounds on diffrent maps and at the end of the last game i heard diffrent ones say before they left that we will play again on spring break. I Knew then that college aged people play the heck out of this game. Id really like to see at least a New spring break clothing pack Dlc. Id also like to see a Road map update or something for April Friday the 13th Or July Friday the 13th.
  10. Why doesent roll over point perk Values include starting the game with a pocket knife.
  11. Cant wait to hear more about if we will see places in single player challenges that are not in the game.
  12. what about an exploration story mode where jason must be defeated ar certain cabins. or pamela voorhees. Ralphs Diaries would work in an exploration mode with story.
  13. im dissapointed enough. a new roadmap is a must. i really want to know if camp forest green is next. shepherds house. will tine shepherd be in the game.
  14. I Really wish they could do some questions and awnsers session with fans like they did in the old days. a new road map would be so refreshing.
  15. Hearing people complain about new charachters is stupid. We should want more charachters. I Could see Tina Shepherd Battling psycho Tommy Jarvis.
  16. Id like to see a New road map or some knid of News from The Development team about what we can expect for July Friday the 13th.
  17. Yes But The Illfonic team could customize the Camp Forest Green map to be fuller for the game. Adding the dock and over head lights would be awesome. We Really Need Camp Forest Green and Shepherds house map.
  18. Well we should at least get a New Road Map or questions and awnser online session with the Gunmedia and Illfonic guys.
  19. Why cant more villains from the Friday the 13th Comics and books be added to the game. I Think the more charachters the better. Why do people complain about this game growing and getting better. We Should Have Creighton Duke in the game. Psycho Tommy Jarvis as a Jason that kills counselors. Tina Shepherd and her Supernatural abilities to throw objects with her mind in an eviromental kill would be great. A Hellish Jason goes to Hell map with The Voorhees House should be added to the game. Please this game needs more villains and charachters to choose from to add diversity.
  20. I Just cant understand why nothing special is being released on friday the 13th for us fans and all of the college kids on spring break. We should have at least some new news or road map. what about a new spring break clothing pack dlc will that be included in the next update.
  21. I Think Shifty said that its not the awnser that people want but they are not planning anything special for April Friday the 13th. If the update is done before april friday the 13th then they will not wait to release the update untill Friday the 13th. It does aggervate me that Gun And Illfonic refuse to recognize Friday the 13th of April and July friday the 13th of 2018. The Gunmedia and Illfonic guys could at least do a question and awnser broadcast with fans or an updated roadmap surprise on friday the 13th.
  22. what about locations that are in the movies that are cinematic moments. like the Hospital in the final chapter.
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