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  1. 1.) Yes, but every time I stop for a beggar it always ends badly for everyone in the car. 2.) Fortunately, I haven't had to run anyone over yet, I don't want the loss of points for betrayal. 3.) Yes. Unless Tommy and sweater girl are around to chase him away you are not stopping Jason long enough to get the car up and running. Better to try and lead him away and come back later. 4.) I will stop at the exit for anyone who wants to escape. If the other counselors are just bullying Jason then I just leave. That's how I earned my "Chad is a dick" trophy. 5.) Yep, I immediately install any car part I find at the start of the match. 6.) Yes 7.) No, I have been pushed out by two Vanessas after repairing it though. 8.) Kinda, but I don't cry about it. 9.) No, I work on whatever is closest first. If I have the keys I prefer the two seater. Less crushing weight of responsibility when driving. 10.) If I have a weapon I will try to free the driver, who is usually Jason's target. I bolt if I have nothing, and I won't hang around if it's obvious that car isn't going to be moving anytime soon. Nice thing about the PS4 is you can hit the share button after the match and capture the last game played. I started doing this more often whenever I see a strange glitch or have a really exciting round of play.
  2. If Jason is cleaning house in under 5 minutes it's because the counselors are foolishly running towards the danger, instead of away from Jason. Sometimes, this means you have to abandon an objective (at least for awhile) if he is obsessively guarding it. Some teams get so blinded by escape by car, they won't try anything else, they think they can fight him off, but eventually they get whittled down to nothing. When escape seems impossible, I find a nice grouping of cabins. Memorize any items and weapons inside then trap and barricade the doors. I was able to stay off Jason's radar with AJ (high stealth) for the majority of the match, when he did finally locate me I was able to cabin loop him for the remaining minutes, thanks to the traps and ambushing him with flares etc. that I knew were still in the cabin.
  3. Anyone else have this random glitch where the counselor just randomly passes away? Heart failure maybe? It's kind of funny, although I was quite annoyed at the time. (Previous match I lost due to the infamous Gun Media "interaction lock." ) That's when I quit for the night.
  4. Shoot, didn't occur to me to try that at the time! Prior to the chase no objectives had been started other than "call Tommy" (which was me) I flipped around and it looked like no one was attempting anything other than "attack Jason and die" so I left the match and called it a night.
  5. True, not everyone has these perks and even then they often carry some negative attribute. (One of mine, Medic, I think) causes me to receive more damage when injured. So it's a double edge sword.
  6. Pazuzu

    Rainbow Blood

    Lucky! I haven't seen the magical rainbow blood in months. I miss it.
  7. I like that new Jason players are so determined to trap me inside a cabin that they waste all their bear traps on the cabin windows and not objectives. You don't think I'll just open the door and run away while you're at the back of the house trapping it? Lol.
  8. Anyone play Overwatch? Soldier 76 is rocking a hockey mask for this year's Halloween event.
  9. Played a few rounds last night in a lobby of newbies. Everyone was laughing and screaming and basically just having a great time. You sometimes forget just how fun the game is outside of this message board "everything sux" echo chamber. It was nice.
  10. Pazuzu

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    I dunno, I think they would just say "Jason" if that was the case. Perhaps we are getting a Halloween type reboot that ignores parts 6 through X. Maybe they will return to the whole Tommy Jarvis is crazy and the new killer idea teased at the end of part 5. 😋
  11. Pazuzu

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Notice they say "hockey masked killer" I'm thinking this is the return of Roy!
  12. Jump to 2:03. Pretty sure this means I'm at least twice the F13 you are. You should be ashamed of yourself for not remembering one of the most pivotal scenes in the franchise. 😉
  13. Eh, Trish did it with one machete blow in the 4th film. Seems pretty fair to me, it's just a mask with a couple straps on his head, not an impenetrable force field wrapped around his face.
  14. That's really not much different from being a Jason teamer though. Might as well hold on to keys and fuse so other counselors can't try to escape as well.
  15. The only idea I really like here is switching stalk and sense around. If nothing else, at least for the non-running Jasons (6-9). Sense without shift unlocked is pretty much just a tease. Blocking is an effective enough tool for stopping bullying, one block by Jason instantly destroys a baseball bat wielded by low luck characters such as A.J.
  16. Thanks! I am having fun so far, although it sometimes doesn't want to save the new kills I selected. (Part 9 with the machete seems particularly stubborn.)
  17. Interesting, I never had the problem until recently. I figured he would light up as everyone else in the group that was running from me did, and he has in the past. I just assumed this was a new glitch. (FYI, I play offline a lot during double XP weekends, just so I can knock out as many levels as possible, FINALLY reached level 113 today. 😎)
  18. Pazuzu

    What kind of beer do you drink?

    With October around the corner, it's pretty much anything pumpkin for me. I really liked Southern Tier Brewing Company's Pumking ale, and Ace's Pumpkin Craft Cider.
  19. On PS4 I noticed that in "Offline Bots" mode Eric LaChappa no longer glows red when sense is active. I have no idea if this also occurs in multiplayer, but it would be a terrible exploit if it was the case.
  20. Retro Jason's music seems EXTREMELY quiet, it's almost like a permanent stalk mode. I'm not sure if this is something I can adjust in the game without turning the volume up on the game in general.
  21. Pazuzu

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    Yeah, you're in the minority on that one. 😋
  22. A similar thing happened to me, I ate a trap at the fuse box, healed myself (apparently hit another trap while doing this, as I over heard the Jason player say he heard 2 traps go off) saw the "you survived" message screen twice in a row and was then kicked to spectator.
  23. Well, I'm still leveling up (104 currently) as long as I get my points for surviving it's not a big deal to me.
  24. These, plus Pseudo Echo's "His eyes." I just want the songs used in the movies.