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  1. Pazuzu

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    It may be "more realistic" but it was painted so cheaply that it reacted poorly to the lighting in many scenes. How the finished product looks on camera has to be considered first, even if "cheap looking" seems more realistic to the plot. It also didn't help that in a couple scenes they used the unpainted pink skin and blond hair mask that was mistakenly shipped to the set, which shows the level of care and passion invested in this film.
  2. Pazuzu

    Halloween: the game really happening?

    If this was true, no one would have their preferences set to Jason, and I know that isn't the case. Jason still regularly cleans up 7/7 in QP. I also Lol'd at the idea that a game will fail if they try to make the game fun for everyone. Yeah, it's a much better idea to make the game fun for only one player at the time (the killer) rather than the other 7 people in the lobby. Can't argue with that math. 🙄
  3. Pazuzu

    Ideal Counsellor?

    Composer: 4 Luck: 2 Repair: 9 Speed: 9 Stamina: 7 Stealth: 3 Strength: 1 I'd put most of my stats into repair, speed and stamina. I want to get away from Jason, not fight him. Also, she'd have Tiffany's thong bikini paired with AJ's big booty. 😁
  4. I think the bots should just use whatever attire you have selected for the counselors in the menu. If your Debbie rocks the blue bunny suit, then any bot Debbie that spawns in on offline mode should be wearing that same outfit. I don't see how in any way that could be considered "new content."
  5. If there is no "best Jason" than there can be no "worst Jason" either, yet Gun Media seemed to feel it necessary to rework part 7 due to complaints, soooo....
  6. Same here. There are times when I have readied up only to see someone spamming the x button for others and that will always ensure I unready just to annoy them further. And sometimes I just don't ready up to passively aggressively "punish" someone. Like trolls who want to waste everyone's time beating up Jason next to the police exit, or like last night where we had a Jason teamer in the lobby. (They never were able to catch me, escaped by car in the first match, ran out the clock the second!)
  7. I had it happen several times over the past few days, in the last match played I got grabbed by Jason, broke free with a pocket match and could no longer pick up weapons or enter windows and doors. Very frustrating when you repaired several objectives and having what could be a solid chance of surviving. I've tried the swing weapon button before, it didn't work. (Unless you are referring to something else.) one match all I could do was fight and dodge until Jason killed me.
  8. Currently I've had the opposite problem, it's been pretty much only Jarvis and Pinehurst in the QP lobbies I end up in. Not much fun if you enjoy the repair aspect of the game. Pretty much forced to group up and spend the 20 minutes beating on Jason and running from cabin to cabin.
  9. Pazuzu


    Meh, trophies are rather meaningless. I'm more interested in unlocking content than earning a trophy no one but I most likely will ever see.
  10. Even Halloween Resurrection? Ewww. (For the record I like Halloween Part 2, I just felt Jamie Lee's role wasn't that "badass" in it.)
  11. Laurie Strode spent almost all of Halloween Part 2 in a hospital bed heavily sedated and weeping. While she may have gotten two bullets in Michael's head it was Loomis who basically did most of the work in that film. I love Jamie Lee Curtis but come on that film really wasn't her best show case as an actor. Also Ghostface was just too clumsy and weak as killer for me to take serious as a threat. Why anyone chose to run when could just pull that little black dress of his over his head and beat him senseless was beyond me.
  12. Nah, just rework the useless perks so that they become viable, nerfing the few worthwhile perks isn't going to increase the value and use of the pointless things like "easy listening." The repair perks would be better if it slowed the quick time event down (or increased the size of the targets) speeding it up just makes it more difficult for the less intelligent counselors (Tiffany, etc.) and is pretty much unnecessary for a Debbie or LaChappa when they can instead just take a perk that enhances their stamina or stealth, etc. (Shaving off a second of repair time isn't worth a slot.)
  13. Second best is really debatable though. A lot of people in QP still see Part 4 as second best.
  14. Well one of the Jasons was bound to be weaker than his peers when compared. (They can't all be positives) Might as well be the one from the movie every "true Friday fan" hates. 😉 And part two being weaker at fighting also makes sense, he was only human and was comically clumsy in that film. Savini Jason as number one is no surprise, and a solid reason for why he should never be released to the general public, as the lobbies would be filled with nothing but Savini preference players.
  15. If it was one of the free games on PlayStation Plus I might have checked it out, I don't spend the extra money needed for PlayStation Now. (I tend to only play 3 of the 12 games I own right now, I'd probably never use the subscription.) If Gun Media was smart they would have offered a free trial version of Friday the 13th like Dead or Alive 5 did. It allowed you to play 2 of the fighters and if you didn't want to purchase the full game you could buy individual characters (although it was a far better price to buy the whole game then each individual fighter). Maybe offer the game with 2 counselors and 1 Jason, to whet the appetite.