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  1. The female repair counselors have high stealth, so if you can just stay off Jason's radar and repair the objectives he is furthest away from (check your map often, Jason is sometimes highlighted on it if he has been spotted by another player.) You can get stuff done. If a trap is on the objective you can disarm it with a pocket knife silently. If you don't have a knife, you or another player unfortunately will have to set it off. So make sure to heal (or equip the thick skin perk) and run away! Personally, I do think the game has a pretty decent learning curve. skilled high level Jasons usually clean up (6- 8 kills a game) Whereas beginning players on both sides of the aisle (Jason and counselors) tend to struggle. Watch some videos, learn to conserve your stamina, (don't run if you don't need to, you make louder pings for Jason to follow when you do) lock cabin doors and try to avoid close quarters combat unless necessary.
  2. I'm serious. I loved that video that one dude posted where he does all the cool bank shots with the flare gun. If you can do some crazy cool stunts when killing Jason why would anyone not want to see that?
  3. Well actually, now this is more confusing. 🤔 You should do it! Sounds like a lot of fun! Only cheap impossible shots sounds like it would make for a great YouTube video regardless. Good luck!
  4. @Ahab no offense but nearly every post you make is a gigantic wall of text. I am not quoting that entire thing to address one tiny statement. Notice that I said "If it's happening to you in private matches," It wasn't a definitive conclusion about your gaming habits. Sorry if I upset you, though. But by the same token just because someone on the internet claims something happens, does not necessarily mean that it really happens. They could be exaggerating and embellishing to make a point or they could be straight up fibbing. Without actual video evidence it's just hearsay, or at best anecdotal evidence. 8 games with 8 successful Jason kills, post-dedicated servers just didn't sound very probable. Again, my apologies, if you can say with God as your witness this exact situation happened, (and that you aren't possibly remembering things) then I guess I will just have to believe you. In my opinion, rage is simply meant to put pressure on the counselors and speed up gameplay by quickly destroying barriers and decreasing the cool down time on Jason's abilities. (Scaring players is really just a bonus.) Why have combat and weapons even in the game if halfway (give it take) through the match they are made irrelevant?
  5. You don't have to "rage" through doors. You an continue to combat stance and attack them as any seasoned Jason player does pre-rage (regardless of some nonsense so-called "rules of etiquette" ). Plus, this puts you in the stance necessary for block. If you want the instantaneous gratification of the "one tap" destruction of barricades then there should be some risk involved. I never see this happen in QP. Even if I get matched with a group of very experienced Jason hunters, the game servers boot everyone back onto the home screen after 3 or so rounds of play. If it's happening in private matches, that's on you. Make new friends with players that suck, then you can dominate. 😋
  6. Not to mention waiting to close and barricade the door when Jason is in hot pursuit often gets you hurt if you are still in the process of barricading the door when he starts to attack it.
  7. No to everything except maybe the map. Jason is slow (similar to the films) so he needs the teleportation to move about the camp (plus, like the films it allows him to appear out of no where, logic be damned!) "One kill grabs" also keep the game intense and in the vein of the movies (many characters die suddenly and violently, not in a drag down battle with Jason) plus the various animations are fun to watch (provided the Jason player isn't just spamming "choke." ) "Red vision" is necessary because the maps are huge and you have 7-8 counselors to hunt in a 20 minute time frame. Jason would never be able to kill anyone if he had to search cabin to cabin with a fine toothed comb. It's already a grueling time wasting experience to escape and then watch a new Jason (who doesn't know how to use sense) wander about aimlessly for 8-10 minutes while Tommy hides in a closet. 🙄 I don't mind starting with the map though, I usually just run with Preparedness and then annoyingly find 2 maps in every freaking cabin. But without the perk suddenly they are the nowhere to be found.
  8. No, with windows you are squeezing through a narrow opening with shattered glass. Counselors have a limited stamina pool, that's how the issue of infinite looping is dealt with in game. Killing counselors isn't supposed to be like shooting fish in a barrel, the game needs to be challenging on both sides of the spectrum to be rewarding for the gamers.
  9. Yeah, you are also giving Jason the opportunity to shift over any bear traps that may be placed in front of the doorway. Just wait till he busts the door down, loop him around some furniture and go out the now broken doorway if you want to avoid broken windows.
  10. 1.) Yes, but every time I stop for a beggar it always ends badly for everyone in the car. 2.) Fortunately, I haven't had to run anyone over yet, I don't want the loss of points for betrayal. 3.) Yes. Unless Tommy and sweater girl are around to chase him away you are not stopping Jason long enough to get the car up and running. Better to try and lead him away and come back later. 4.) I will stop at the exit for anyone who wants to escape. If the other counselors are just bullying Jason then I just leave. That's how I earned my "Chad is a dick" trophy. 5.) Yep, I immediately install any car part I find at the start of the match. 6.) Yes 7.) No, I have been pushed out by two Vanessas after repairing it though. 8.) Kinda, but I don't cry about it. 9.) No, I work on whatever is closest first. If I have the keys I prefer the two seater. Less crushing weight of responsibility when driving. 10.) If I have a weapon I will try to free the driver, who is usually Jason's target. I bolt if I have nothing, and I won't hang around if it's obvious that car isn't going to be moving anytime soon. Nice thing about the PS4 is you can hit the share button after the match and capture the last game played. I started doing this more often whenever I see a strange glitch or have a really exciting round of play.
  11. If Jason is cleaning house in under 5 minutes it's because the counselors are foolishly running towards the danger, instead of away from Jason. Sometimes, this means you have to abandon an objective (at least for awhile) if he is obsessively guarding it. Some teams get so blinded by escape by car, they won't try anything else, they think they can fight him off, but eventually they get whittled down to nothing. When escape seems impossible, I find a nice grouping of cabins. Memorize any items and weapons inside then trap and barricade the doors. I was able to stay off Jason's radar with AJ (high stealth) for the majority of the match, when he did finally locate me I was able to cabin loop him for the remaining minutes, thanks to the traps and ambushing him with flares etc. that I knew were still in the cabin.
  12. Shoot, didn't occur to me to try that at the time! Prior to the chase no objectives had been started other than "call Tommy" (which was me) I flipped around and it looked like no one was attempting anything other than "attack Jason and die" so I left the match and called it a night.
  13. True, not everyone has these perks and even then they often carry some negative attribute. (One of mine, Medic, I think) causes me to receive more damage when injured. So it's a double edge sword.
  14. Anyone else have this random glitch where the counselor just randomly passes away? Heart failure maybe? It's kind of funny, although I was quite annoyed at the time. (Previous match I lost due to the infamous Gun Media "interaction lock." ) That's when I quit for the night.
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    Lucky! I haven't seen the magical rainbow blood in months. I miss it.