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  1. They continually add new content to purchase?
  2. Depends if they keep the promises of dedicated servers and fixing the bugs that plague the game. The game would probably also have to be tied to a franchise I like for me to notice it though.
  3. Pazuzu

    What is the actual use of Emotes?

    It also helps give the characters a little more life and personality. Otherwise, they may as well be blank lifeless mannequins. The SP challenges also helped in that sense, although I do wish the characters would have different voice interactions when with certain other characters like Overwatch does. It also helps pass the time when waiting for stamina to regenerate or standing at the police exit waiting on other players, etc.
  4. Pazuzu

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    I really only use emotes when I'm killing time waiting for my stamina to regenerate.
  5. He should only appear if "Roy" was the selected Jason for that match.
  6. If counselors weren't intended to fight back, why did they waste time creating stats for strength and luck? The game provides no incentive for players to "fall on the sword" so that other counselors can repair objectives and escape. You die running away from Jason and you get very little in the way of points, and who really wants to play the part of the sacrificial lamb, anyways? Fighting back at least earns you 50 or so points. Honestly, I think the developers biggest mistake was offering a "private match" in the first place. The reason some players are so good is that they found a friend to allow them to practice all the things (such as driving the car, fighting, killing Jason) without any pressure in private mode.
  7. A hospital isn't a bad idea, Jason did kill a few people there after waking up in "the Final Chapter." It would be neat if we also got some nurse and doctor costumes for the counselors.
  8. I like them, although I don't think they are quite as good as the previous kill packs for Part 7 and 4. There is just something that feels more "cinematic" about those ones ( Particularly "the Pamela" ).
  9. Hmmm, wasn't there a movie where Jason died? Like a "Final Chapter" of sorts? 😉 Also, you forgot the part in JGTH where Steven repeatedly punches Jason in the face, and then Jessica kicks a dagger into his chest. Don't forget Megan swam out and turned the boat propeller on in his face, slicing him till he passed out.
  10. I did read the whole thing. I simply pointed out that every other licensed Friday the 13th Part 5 Roy product wears blue coveralls. You are just so stubborn about stroking off your sad hate boner that you are determined to use a mistake that many, many people have made over the years (And that the franchise owners themselves have never stepped in to correct) as bonafide evidence of "laziness." If they were lazy they wouldn't have bothered correcting it (It's not like Roy's fans are legion). You can bitch and moan about the all other stuff, but making Roy's coveralls blue wasn't an issue of laziness.
  11. Yes. Because the other things you said weren't relevant to the Roy jumpsuit debacle. (And that's what I wanted to talk about. ie: I don't really give a shit about Pamela as a playable character.) If every other vendor put out a Friday the 13th Part 5 "Jason" product in blue, and the F13 licensors didn't bother to correct those companies, why should Gun Media be singled out?? If anything you should be blaming the Friday the 13th licensors responsible, as this has been happening for some time now.
  12. Considering every licensee before this game also got Roy's color wrong (examples such as the NECA Roy action figure and Funko's Pop! figurine) I don't think you can treat this as a legit complaint against Gun Media.
  13. Pazuzu

    Which experience would you like more?

    The intense proximity music is part of the immersion experience I consider important for a horror game. When Jason has stalk on it removes the music and to be honest, during those moments it doesn't feel like a I'm watching a Friday the 13th film without the Manfredini score intensifying when Jason is near a counselor. It actually looks pretty awkward, like a mockumentary. Like Michael Scott from "the Office" is running around in a hockey mask.
  14. Pazuzu

    Which experience would you like more?

    Horror games are never scary the second play through though. Resident Evil, the first time I saw a zombie pop out of the ground I jumped back in my seat! Second play through, yawn. Anyway I can just skip these cut scenes??? 🤔 The competitive nature of gamers in general will keep them coming back to a game. Just to move up the leaderboard, bragging rights, etc. Once you learn how to effectively accomplish something, you want to be able to use that skill. I can't do it myself, but I imagine learning how to effectively combat Jason gives you a real sense of satifaction, whereas a once in a lifetime lucky hit on an OP enemy is just a very, very brief moment of joy. (But more relief than anything) the rest of the time it is just straight up frustrating. (Which often leads to disinterest in a game.) I voted horror, but for keeping an online community coming back, competitive is your best bet.
  15. Maybe each stat is tied to one other? For example, if the game tied speed and repair together so that for each point the gamer added to speed a point is removed from repair. I think the idea has a lot of merit, but I'm afraid it's too ambitious for the developers at this point.