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  1. If only we had gotten a second swimsuit pack. Ah, what could have been. 😁
  2. Yes, AJ definitely has the thiccer badonkadonk. Whereas Tiffany's is more toned. (Plus she rocks the thong.) Both are nice, but I have to give it to AJ. 😉
  3. The Friday the 13th Part 3 novelization from the 1980's explained that young Jason survived due to an "X-Men Wolverine" type healing factor. He DID drown, but his body repaired itself and he recovered. As for Pamela's head, I have no idea how long it takes for a human body to completely decompose, but it's 2 months between Pamela's death and the opening of part 2. Maybe he kept it on ice in between? (He did choose to hide it in the fridge of all places to "scare" Alice.) I think Jersey also has some wetlands so maybe it mummified like a "bog body?" After the opening credits of part 3 it's never seen in the films again, so maybe it fully rotted away afterwards. (Kind of a shame, Jason's weird altar was one of the creepiest moments in the series.)
  4. @Dolemite for some reason the black outlines around the collar looked more prominent on the GameStop website photo, I just took mine off the shelf and realized it is exactly the same. My mistake, apparently it is exactly the same as the previous release. (Also, the battery finally died. ? )
  5. Yes, it was that creepy theme when you entered the cabins. Mine still works, but I'm not really sure if the battery can be replaced.
  6. The paint job is a little different though, they added black lines to simulate the 8-bit outline of the in-game character's clothing. I already have the original release though, so I will probably pass on it. (Although my GameStop often ends putting a lot of it's action figures on clearance, so if it's cheap I might bite.)
  7. As Jason everything is usually pretty dark, even more so if you cut the power. As a counselor, I am usually too busy running for my life or rifling through drawers to take in all the details. It's a shame there isn't a sandbox mode because the devs really put a lot of effort into replicating the film environments.
  8. It has (in some of my matches) played havoc with the "Tommy" spawn. Sometimes, I stumble upon the radio cabin late in the game, and even though there are still a couple of spectators left watching, neither of them return as Tommy after I radio reinforcements. Maybe it's just a glitch, but it does affect things currently. I guess it's that "Fortnite" mentality that keeps people jumping out of matches.
  9. That's actually a really good idea! Maybe not a full level though, because accidents do happen (and some players would purposely throw themselves into incoming traffic to troll) but if you kill more than one player in a round the accumulated total could roll you back a level or two.
  10. Yeah no, Jason teamers are already a constant problem with this game as it is. Just fix the car and run counselors over if you really want to ruin the game for other players. ?
  11. I think they had discussed a "sandbox" mode (at least for counselors) at one point. The later Jasons you unlock aren't any better than the beginning ones (the arguably best is Savini, which you had to donate to Kickstarter to receive) they are just different. A lot of high level and experienced players still run with parts 3 and 5. Jason doesn't unlock any new abilities as you gain experience, just more amusing grab kill animations (and at level 113 a weapon swap). His kit is as complete as it can be from the start. 20 minutes is a decent enough time to hunt down and kill the rather stupid ai bots. Just set it to easy if you are struggling. You are eventually going to need to learn to work within the time limit in multiplayer matches anyways, so removing the timer might only sabotage you in the long run.
  12. Was it two separate masks? I was thinking on the drive home about it, and thought maybe due to the electronic eye effects it was all one piece. Would have loved to have seen the Jason face underneath if that was the case!
  13. The wife and I also attended Orlando's Spooky Empire Con last weekend as Roy and A.J. Mason! And tapping the "hue" effects button down in the corner gives me... 8-bit Nintendo Roy! "This game sucks, the controls are terrible and they didn't even use the right Jason!" Lol. @Zoopta it's you! Excellent work on the costume! the LED effects were amazing! I was pulling for you to win the contest. (Although when I spotted the "Aliens" Power Suit in the halls I looked at my wife and said, "well that's going to be the contest winner.")
  14. I thought according to the manual barricading a cabin's doors helped manage your counselor's fear level? Anyways, I always set all the traps I come across (I'm practically OCD about it) so barricading the door is one of the few ways to keep other counselors from accidentally tripping them, and if Jason is in rage mode he will be vulnerable to a free stun should he break it down, which really isn't an option if the door is left open. For me it simply makes more sense to close and barricade these things. (And yes, I do open all the nearby windows.) I also started running thick skin and hypochondriac so I can still window hop regularly without suffering too much damage.
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