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  1. Pokemon

    What's a Pokemon?
  2. Why would a Jason player go near the tractor if he knows it will stun him? Seems like very little reward if you manage to pull it off anyways. Also, if his voice is in good shape to "do anything" that should include voicing a small child. So which is it?
  3. That's a lot of assumptions on your part. Maybe he does expect to be paid. Heck, maybe some sort of union rules require it? Also, a 40+ year old man isn't going to sound anymore like a teenager than he would a child at that point in life. Might as well age up the character to 47 if we are going the non-canon route. Also, that's a hard pass on "Reckless" mode. We don't need a counselor chasing Jason around on a bulldozer. That would be completely unbalancing for the game (And even more comical than the dance emotes "serious" horror gamers here keep crying about). Plus, I'm not even sure how the ticket idea would work. (Now we would need to set a preference for both Jason AND Reggie?)
  4. Reviewing F13 movies as I watch them

    Yeah, I picked it up a month ago to compliment the same titled book I own. It's really good. I haven't watched "His Name was Jason" yet. I'm curious if that covers anything that "Crystal Lake Memories" may not have touched upon.
  5. He dies, but a nice bolt of electricity will always bring him back to the living.
  6. Private matches should be playing far more objective focused than QP matches in the first place. So the repair counselors should be playing correctly in those lobbies as well as these altruistic Vanessas. (Why would you invite someone to a private match if they spend it hiding the whole time?)
  7. This is a myth, Vanessa's don't tank traps for repair counselors. Or contribute in any manner except maybe to hold on to the keys and attempt to steal the car out from under everyone.
  8. Why Do You Play?

    The funny thing is it you ever visit the "Dead by Daylight" steam forum you'll see the same whining about the game over there. "The killers are treated as a joke," "pallet looping needs to be fixed," "self care is OP," "can't find a decent lobby without trolls," "new rank system sucks," etc. According to posters on that board, the DbD game is dying, and the devs don't give a shit. Which sounds familiar...
  9. Ginny and Chris seem to be the fan favorite final girls. (After that probably Tina, although there are many who didn't like the telekinesis gimmick the film took.) I'm a Trish man myself, but I don't think she is as popular as the other two. Besides the Final girls, I'd like to see Ted (Stu Charno) from part 2. He was the only prankster wise enough to stay in town and get trash as opposed to going back and pulling more pranks and inevitably dying. Maaaaybe Paul as well, only because Kenny just doesn't feel like head counselor material to me.
  10. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Ewok Hunt mode) Overwatch Dead or Alive 5
  11. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    The Ewok Hunt is live, it's similar to something like Call of Duty's "infected mode." You have to survive the night with Ewoks trying to kill you, armed with only a blaster and a flashlight that goes out without recharging. If you die, you become an Ewok.
  12. Actually, this might be the single best idea in the thread. Seems almost too obvious now that I read it.
  13. Dang, those are some ice cold killer tactics right there!
  14. Yes, this is how I would want Reggie added to the game, either as a "Rob Dier" type intro cameo or perhaps a counselor based "escort mission" type NPC. If we are asking for more part 5 characters then I rather naked Tina or "wet, see-through top" Pam Roberts be added to the game.
  15. I really don't care enough about your opinion to get a moderator. But these "achievements" are immaterial items. They don't exist in the actual physical world and can disappear like that once whatever platform you play on decides to remove the game, etc. So why are you wasting time trying to earn them?