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  1. No. I mean power is out throughout the camp. Every power box would be off, and need repaired. As for it building fear the flashlight would counter that. I agree that Tommy by himself wasn't the problem. The power outage would have been implemented along with several other changes in my plan.
  2. It is too easy. It glitching is the biggest concern. I still don't understand why they refuse to make it a visible objective. I suggested before the easiest way to make the Tommy call harder was to start the match with the power out. Alas I doubt that will ever happen. I was about to say just that. Unfortunately the rest of the maps don't have any islands big enough. They'd have to redo the maps. Which isn't going to happen.
  3. I know. It would need testing to make it didn't get op.
  4. Lol. I never use them either. I should. But I was always too lazy.
  5. I used the 20/40/60 as an example for my idea. The numbers would have to be tested and tweaked if they proved too op.
  6. My problem with part 4 is his minus shift. My favorite tactic is the long distance surprise shift grab. His shift is usually just too short for this.
  7. Usually I do it when they're looking through the window at me. Typically I reserve dancing over Jason for a player that has annoyed me. I will never understand why people get so worked up over counselors dancing. It's a video game based on a franchise full of ridiculous things.
  8. Not every counselor that does these things quits like a coward. I like to mess around when I play as a counselor. I'll still do stuff to help the team, but mostly I'm looking to have fun. Getting in a chase and fight with the big guy is alot of fun. I never talk shit to them. I will hit dance emotes here and there. I also refuse to teabag, as I think it's incredibly disrespectful. The only exception to this is teamers. My point is don't assume that those using the emotes are all assholes.
  9. I think the standing still stalk duration is fine. I think plus stalk should be used for while walking around. Say 20 seconds for minus stalk, 40 seconds for neutral stalk, and 60 seconds for plus stalk. That would give plus stalk Jason's more time to maneuver into position without becoming busted. As a side note, you don't see many jump scare kills because most people don't bother with them.
  10. Jason was not OP at launch. We all just had no idea what we were doing. The flaws were always there. They were just made worse by the fact people play so much more counselor by default. You will always be better at a role you've spent 7 times as much time on. I will agree that most of the patches did weaken him. I still think the rage change was a mistake. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll ever see any of the suggestions to help skilled Jason players ever implemented. So I'm sure were stuck with what we were given.
  11. I'm kinda surprised by all the love part 9 is getting. I remember back in the first month or two after release part 9 was almost always certain death.
  12. The problem with giving credit for suicides is people do it to deny teamers kills.
  13. In his video he used combat stance to be more precise. It's definitely possible the trap radius is off though. I remember when you could have another counselor stand blocking the trap so you could repair around it. God that was a mess.
  14. @Tommy86 has a trap placement video to help with that. Usually though it's just creates a nice choke point for them.
  15. I've always been amazed at how many Jason's charge in without a plan. My favorite kill spot is in the shack itself. Slip in (preferably with the mask) and grab the sweater. Then have Tommy follow, triggering the warning from mama. I position myself by the doorway to the sweater room. Jason almost always walks straight in. Trigger the sweater and gg. I swear it works 9 out of 10 times. So yes I'd say caution is always a good idea. Also I agree with @HaHaTrumpWon, a trap can definitely help. It can either, eat a knife, or hinder their entering/exiting the shack.
  16. I talk shit to myself. Like I won't have a mic on and will trash talk to entertain myself.
  17. It would be nice if you could morph with a bit more precision.
  18. Lol. Fair enough. I always found the spear unwieldy. Though I suppose it's probably okay with practice.
  19. I use the Pig Splitter. I think it has the best kills. Though the Machete and Fire Axe are close runner ups. Probably my favorite combos is the Pig Splitter on parts 3 and 8.
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