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  1. I feel like you have to play more aggressively than I like to be successful. I prefer a more methodical approach. I have been working on getting comfortable with him in offline bots. I got to the point I'm comfortable playing any counselor. Now I'm working on the Jason's.
  2. The first set you had them too far forward. He walked through that set and you got the credit for pyro and stunner. My guess is the first kill glitching somehow caused the Firecrackers to glitch.
  3. I disagree that people complaining about the rage buff before it was implemented makes their complaints invalid. Many times you can look at a change and predict the likely outcome. I opposed it before it was launched, and still do, for two simple reasons. First I believe removing options is rarely the correct solution to a gaming problem. Removing the ability to fight back in the later part of the match is a mistake to me. After all, the final part of every Friday movie is them fighting back. Secondly it didn't solve any of the fundamental problems. I won't go into those problems as we've all been over them dozens of times at this point. I still believe adding to Jason's ability to fight would've been the better approach. I do agree that lower stamina counselors can survive just fine. As a side note, with 5 stamina I don't consider Jenny a low stamina counselor.
  4. Yeah I've noticed this alot lately too. I've been playing some bots to try to get my Jason game back. I swear I get a minimum of 2 to 3 every match that just stand there.
  5. Not sure. You might want to ask @Tommy86. I know he's done a fair amount of testing for weapon damage.
  6. You're right, there will always be a weakest Jason. I think pre change part 7 was just not very accessible for most people. He's now in my top 3. Overall I think the changes were a big help. I think all the Jason's are in a good spot now. While 4 is considered the weakest by most, he's at least not painful to play as.
  7. They might have been running Slugger. Epic Slugger gives you an extra 15% damage.
  8. Yeah, that shit was rough. I remember finding 5 pocket knives one match.
  9. Usually if I'm going for the kill it's me and a friend of mine and my cousin on occasion. It seems pretty rare to encounter more than 3 people in a kill squad. I never understand the sweater girls who take it before Tommy's on hand. Unless you have the mask you'd better be damn good. Because Jason will be on you.
  10. @Ahab the only point I have to disagree with, is part 7 not needing a rework. Before his rework, he had almost no good strengths, to counter his painful weaknesses. I say almost, as at the time he was the only machete wielder, which was almost a mini destruction ability. While, as you've pointed out, one could do well with him. It was usually a painful experience for most. Now I find part 7 to be alot of fun to play. He looks cool. Has manageable weaknesses. And nice strengths. Honestly plus sense is really nice to have.
  11. You kill them. It's honestly not that hard. Find them. Put a knife in them. Then grab or slash them. The traps are there to buy time. It's up to you to create pressure. Most counselors are easy to catch. You just have to out maneuver them.
  12. It happens if were you try to morph isn't available. Meaning it's either out of bounds or there isn't a grid spot near enough to where you are trying to morph.
  13. Np. Obviously all that was just my opinion. Hopefully I laid out solid reasoning.
  14. It depends on your play style really. For me I'd say they go in the following order: 1) Part 3. I go back and forth between 3 and 8. I love 3 because he has no meaningful weaknesses and weapon strength is great to have. 2) Part 8. Again no meaningful weaknesses. Destruction is very useful. While situational I also enjoy his water speed. 3) Part 7. Weapon strength again pays dividends here. The plus sense is actually pretty useful. While 3 traps is unfortunate, it doesn't hinder him much. 4) Part 5. His neutral stats make him a solid choice. If you are proficient with throwing knives he's an absolute beast. His stuns feel like they last forever though. Also he's easier to demask than others. 5) Part 6. Plus shift is always nice. Another Jason where being proficient with knives makes him an absolute terror. 6) Part 9. The combination of plus shift and stun resistance can make for a terrifying Jason. His mask is extremely weak though. Also being down two traps compared to others can hurt him. 7) Part 2. I used to main Part 2. His map control is a thing of beauty. 7 traps and plus morph makes him a repair characters nightmare. Unfortunately his minus shift makes catching fast counselors challenging. He also is fairly easy to demask. 😎 Part 4. He has the two best strengths in the game combined with the two worst weaknesses. While you can definitely do well with him. @Ahab is a proud part 4 main. He's definitely not for everyone.
  15. From a pure numbers standpoint no. I suspect you'd feel it in game though.
  16. Once you know what you're looking for it's easy (aside from the instances you mention). I figured a visual demonstration would help the op.
  17. Only time I would get upset was if the game glitched or Jason decides to go for a dip in the lake. Even then I never was upset enough to throw a fit about it. You are definitely right about it being easy. I hopped on one night to play a single game as Fox. I decided I was going to kill Jason. 3 machete whacks later his mask was mine two minutes into the match. Gave him the run around for a bit until he had a car to deal with. Went and stole the sweater and axe. Came running back to Packanack with the big guy on my tail. Tommy rounds the corner and puts a round in him. I drop the axe. Then we dropped him. Not even a single word of communication.
  18. I am wondering if it's bugged on ps4 specifically. I believe @Dragonfire82877 is on there as well. I don't mind the requirement so much as not being sure my efforts have counted.
  19. Go to 2:34 on this video for a visual difference between a armed and disarmed trap.
  20. I would agree with the rest of them. The 1,000 Jason matches is an insane requirement though. I'm honestly beginning to think it along with the 500 one is are bugged. I got my 1,000 counselor matches back in September 2017. If you assume an average of being Jason 1 out of every 10 matches, you'd think I'd have gotten the 500 by now.
  21. I believe they said before it wasn't possible, as they don't store that data. I share your frustration. I think not including stats was a big miss. Not even for the competitive aspect that @Ahab mentioned. They would have just been really cool to see. On a side not @Ahab I know what you mean about the PhD in Murder being a bit broken. Mine triggered from the door head smash that I'd done dozens of times before.
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