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  1. I've seem trolling be referenced alot but I was curious as to how everyone defines it.
  2. It would be insanity. With no cooldowns and immediate access to all abilities Jason would butcher all of them with ease.
  3. Jason can chuck a knife at a player fixing something and interrupt the qte, but people don't think Jason trying to smash the phone box should be able to be interrupted? I've been hit grabbing knifes and smashing the phone box never felt it was unfair.
  4. It's been said already but patience is key with the non running Jason's. First time I used part 8 I thought he was garbage because I lacked the patience for the lack of running. It's also possible that the running Jason's fit your play style better.
  5. They are both just a play style abd strategy. They also both have alot of people that hate those styles. My point was you can't start out by telling peopke not to complain about how you play, and than follow up with complaining how someone else plays.
  6. I have no problem with Jason slashing. I don't personally do it because I think it's boring. As for trolling Jason it is no less a legitimate tactic than slashing is. The whole point of trolling him is so he tunnels you and you buy the rest of the team time.
  7. Yes, that's called a glitch not Jason needing a buff. Unless you're suggesting the Vanessa caused it, in which cause how?
  8. Other than the chain stunning there is nothing in that video that any of them did that was unfair.
  9. If you get a group together (3 seems to be about the right number) it's not that hard to kill Jason really. My personal best is 13 in a day in Qp. Though I should point out my teammates for those kills weren't random (the ones actually involved in the kills I mean). I do like the idea of Jason seeing the radio tower on his map though. It would makes sense seeing as he can see all the other objectives, and would give him a chance to slow them down from calling Tommy at least. I also wouldn't oppose a buff to Jason's hit points. Though they badly need to fix the glitches making demasking easier than intended.
  10. Courier said no. As long as you let the kill animation complete you can leave without penalty.
  11. I really dont see why anybody cares about people leaving mid match unless they're the host.
  12. I actually kinda like the spike strips idea. Give him only one that Jason can place wherever he wants. As for buying them I imagine he could make one, it wouldn't be that hard.
  13. Very nice. I really like part 7 and this should help make him more viable.
  14. Unfortunately 90% of people using mics are squeakers or just blaring shity music so a mic requirement would be less than usless.
  15. Personally reserve tea bagging for Jason's that are cheating with their friends. Otherwise I think it's pointless.
  16. Hello. New to the forums.
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