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  1. I like Pinehurst much better than Jarvis map, at least with Pinehurst the propeller or battery doesn't spawn on the other side of the map. That being said I'd dig a small version.
  2. Nearly died as Jason after getting interaction locked and no tapes. Most of the games weren't too bad otherwise. Only one host rage quit.
  3. I get that. I prefer Vanessa for her higher luck and that extra point of repair makes a big difference.
  4. I do have to disagree, Vanessa is better than Tiffany imo. But I do agree it ultimately comes down to the skill of the person using them.
  5. Of course you can speculate as the date would make sense, but they've repeatedly said there was no set release date. I can speculate that they'll swerve us and we'll get a release date tomorrow, but that would be just speculation and has nothing to back it up other than the date making sense. I do agree though, a status update would be appreciated.
  6. I'd like to see another higher speed counselor as well but it's still not a big advantage depending on your play style. Also I personally love her stats.
  7. Love her stats and can't wait to try her out. Thanks guys Does she unlock at level 0?
  8. Obviously because Jason X will unlock at level 200. Joking btw. Although I like the idea of a 1313 level cap will an achievement called, Dude We Need To Talk.
  9. I completed the Pamela tapes a while back, probably found 10 more since, but I can't get past 7 Tommy tapes.
  10. Since the game dropped I believe there's only been one Friday the 13th back in October. But I'd be surprised if there wasn't a double xp weekend.
  11. I think if it would have come out as offline only originally you'd have see a fraction of the copies sold, and a good chance they'd have lacked the money to make multiplayer ever happen.
  12. Had plenty of Jason kills bug out. Also make sure nobody else is hitting him. If he gets double tapped it messes it up.
  13. Part 2 has negative shift for balance. Regular shift, with plus traps, and plus morph, and running would probably be too op. He'd absolutely trounce the other Jason's for mobility and map control if not for the negative shift.
  14. The game itself fails far more then my internet, but please by all means lack any and all sympathy for people who's internet drops on them. How dare they try to play it without perfect internet. And I'm not pissing and moaning, I'm stating my opinion of the system. There's a difference.
  15. A system that punishes people for their internet failing or the game crashing (which happens alot) is a flawed system. It won't change anything because people will just suicide and leave. Also it won't be long before the points system is figured out and people will game the system to ride the edge without landing in the salt mines.
  16. Because if you do this where does it end? People will then demand to pick uber's stats. It'll quickly became a nightmare.
  17. Stats like destruction will be attached to the Jason. Most likely people will try most combos but the machete will probably be most people's first pick.
  18. Or earn playing them by reaching the required level like everyone else did.
  19. There might have been a power box nearby. The unable to interact thing has happened to me before, but only with really bad lag.
  20. It's at best a flawed system that will ultimately solve nothing.
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