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  1. I assume his name is actually a direct reference to the first Halloween movie. The date matches exactly.
  2. I'd say it was actually very useful pre engine update. You could usually block and pull off a quick grab. Now, short of dumb luck, or your Spidey Sense tingling, it's pretty useless.
  3. Or we just haven't been gotten yet. I've been close 3 times. Honestly it doesn't matter to me if that comes to an end. When dying as Jason is so easy it's not a big deal.
  4. Is there any chance for a small rework for perks? I know it was put on the back burner due to higher priority things. What I am hoping for is being able to hold more perks. Maybe a second page for them, that you could cycle between like you do counselors and Jasons. Also something to alleviate the perk grind. Either increased chance of rolling better perks. Or being able to spend cp to upgrade the one's you've rolled. I hope these two things would be possible.
  5. Because they're assholes. I've killed low level Jason's (though I didn't know until after the game). My general rule is the need to be at least level 20 before I'll kill them. Unless of course they're an asshole.
  6. Metas shift for a variety of reasons. While it wouldn't likely be a drastic change there can be one. Also this gives new people a chance to weigh in.
  7. So far as I'm aware there isn't a level bias. The problem with rng is, well it's random. I've had those runs where I didn't get to be Tommy for long stretches. I'm pretty sure it's just bad luck.
  8. If it's a decent distance away I will do the phone box first instead.
  9. The flaregun perk doesn't start you with one. If it did I'd agree it would be bad. The Firecrackers perk does, but not many people run it. Myself and @Slasher_Clone are the only two people I know who do.
  10. I hit the power box closest to the phone first. Assuming it within a reasonable distance. Then I hit the boxes closest to a car. I like to build that early fear.
  11. @Ahab at this point they couldn't reverse it if they wanted to. The outcry would be even worse. I would like to see Firecrackers and flare guns added to the things that can stun post rage though. I think they're limited enough that it wouldn't be an issue, while adding a few options for surviving the night. I see your point about Jenny. To me 5 stamina quite solid as half the options have less. I don't think Vanessa is the go to over Tiffany because of her 6 luck and 2 repair not just her speed advantage.
  12. J9 is the easiest to demask. He has lower hp which puts him even with J2 and J6. He becomes easiest due to his stun resistance. You'll take more overall damage as J9 because of this.
  13. I started playing 5 days after launch. I remember all these things just fine. They didn't make him op. I do agree the changes weakened him. @OCT 31 1978 I think being able to set them right on top of each other needed changed. Not being able to place on an already triggered trap was a mistake.
  14. It sets in early if people keep hitting him. He can be stunned by bear traps and the shotgun. Though I do personally disagree with the change they made to rage. It's not hard to avoid a slashing Jason. Counselors are faster and more nimble.
  15. Over powered how exactly? I'm an average counselor player. A room full of me would make all but the best Jason's life hell.
  16. You can lose your mask blocking. But a ton of weapons would be broken before you get there.
  17. I am going to continue working with him. I could be wrong in my approach. My main thing has been knocking out the power and grabbing knives early. My personal favorite for this is Packanack. That run by the lodge has so many knives.
  18. I don't think too often. I figure next time he does he'll see it and respond if he would like.
  19. I don't have an issue with getting rid of pinata parties. I had an issue with how they did it. I wanted them to add tools for Jason that helped if they had the skill to use them. The people who complained because they wanted the pinata parties to continue should be ignored. I just felt your missing the people like me who objected for different reasons. I don't see Jenny as low stamina because she's more in the middle. 4 of the 14 have higher stamina then her. 2 others share her stamina stat. The other 7 have less.
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