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  1. It'll be another hour if there's an announcement.
  2. I suppose you could make it part of the preparedness perk. Put the phone and generators on the map if you run it.
  3. Once you learn the spawn locations for each map it's pretty easy to find the house based on where you found the fuse. They almost always spawns a few houses away from each other.
  4. If they wanted to make more Jasons I imagine they'd just make an original design like Savini was.
  5. Don't like plus shift or the trident. So I'm not too bothered about not having him. As for them releasing Savini on July 13th I doubt it. If he's ever released (a very big if) it'll be at the end of the games life. Jason X might have similar stats though. My guess is: + Destruction +Weapon Strength +Grip Strength or Hit Points -Can't Run -Stalk -Water Speed or Sense
  6. It's entirely possible when they reverted back to the regular spawn ratio it ended up cutting the spawn rate by 130% below normal. I believe they've looked and it's fine on their end. But it's possible the problem (if one exists) is somewhere else than they looked. As to trident's argument about anecdotal evidence, well it'd be hard for players to provide any other kind of evidence. I also don't think it boarders on slander to suggest the devs might have messed up the tape drops. People make mistakes, and the pocket knife fiasco is proof that they can make those kinds of mistakes. I'm not attacking them, just saying it's possible something went haywire.
  7. 6 Composure: She kept it relatively together but still screamed a fair amount. 5 Luck: Her mother died, but both her and her brother lived seems like to me like she could have come out worse. 2 Repair: I think she could handle the gas and battery. She struggled with the car but that was mechanical. 7 Speed: She's a runner and booked it pretty fast. 8 Stamina: As stated for speed she's a runner and would have good stamina. 4 Stealth: I think her light build would make her a little bit sneaky. Her composure gave her away in the movie. 3 Strength: She doesn't look very strong but she did get the mask off.
  8. Lol Chad being the Million Dollar Man is perfect. A.J. as Lita. Jenny as Miss Elizabeth. Tiffany as Stacy Kiebler. Deborah as Asuka. Vanessa as Bayley. Fox as Chyna. Victoria as Trish Stratus. Bugzey as The Rock. Mitch as Rvd. Lachappa recast as Stone Cold Steve Austin. Shelley as Hurricane Helms. Chad as The Million Dollar Man. Kenny as Mr. Perfect. Adam as Edge maybe?
  9. I've found probably 15 Pamela tapes since I got all 20 of them. I also seem to be stuck at 7 Tommy tapes. I haven't seen a Tommy tape in probably 4 months.
  10. @bewareofbears Np. 13 per hour would be insane lol.
  11. You can do the post 100 levels in about a hour per level if you use Packanack small and a running Jason.
  12. @The Wolf with that Toast I actually enjoy running through the bots and using them to test different ideas, I'm aware that some people find it boring though.
  13. @The Wolf with that Toast Don't get too excited. You have to bear in mind that is my interpretation of what that means. I went back and reread it. What Shifty said was he'd pass the ideas up the chain.
  14. Getting to 113 is really not that hard. Takes a bit of time, but the games been out just short of a year. As for all the lost xp do to hosts quiting and such, that definitely sucks and has slowed alot of people's progress. But you can easily make that up with the bots. It's not exciting but if you're efficient about it you can gain about a level an hour. All this said I am surprised they made the weapon swapping unlock at such a high level. Staggering it probably would have been better.
  15. There's actually a thread in the suggestion section about this. If I remember right Shifty popped in wanting to see what people came up with. That says to me they are thinking of implementing a progression system. Probably only in the brain storming phase though.
  16. @Truth I don't disagree. I do think it would be an important distinction though whether they were lying or just poorly handled the set back.
  17. @BeautyNumber2 What does time on the forum have to do with his right to have an opinion?
  18. @Truth I wonder if servers were actually nearly finished in September, but they found some fatal error that could only be corrected with the new engine.
  19. Mitch. Repaired the boat and escaped while he was busy with the cops.
  20. Not sure why so many people feel the need to be dicks in this thread but I'll leave that for now. As to the Op's original question if you are unable to finish the match properly( which seems likely as you are living in a small space and it'd be hard to keep the kid out of the room) the best suggestion I can think of is mute the T.V., morph to the water and let them escape. Than shut the game off after the match ends. Going afk would work. But you'd have games going with the team being a person down. I'm also skeptical of the salt mines. Both do to connection drops and to be honest not being convinced it won't be a buggy mess that will fail to work properly.
  21. Couldn't load the video for the door rubber banding, but I have several times had where I kept getting sucked back to the door. Always happens to me on Higges Haven. Second floor left side bedroom.
  22. So, playing earlier tonight, my friend expressed his frustration with how long it takes after a morph/shift for the ability to recharge. He felt like the cool down period should be reduced. Mostly he was just having a bad game and he was venting. It did however get me thinking about it. I personally feel that the cool downs are fine, but I wondered what others thought? If they were to be reduced I don't think a big reduction would be a good idea. No more than 10-15%. Anyway I'm curious as to what others think. Oh and please refrain from the get good comments. He usually does fine and gets 8-8 without too much trouble. He was just having an off night.
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