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  1. My understanding is that m&k are almost always easier to use in games that have aiming then a controller is. As others have said we'll have to wait for a dev response though.
  2. Vanessa is not the best by far. She is the best at what she does. The best counselor is dependent on your play style and goals. I play Vanessa if I just feel like screwing around. If you think Vanessa is a nightmare, me as Deborah or A.J. will have you tearing your hair out. I guarantee I'll get something fixed with them.
  3. Of course. But if you are changing ten things, the odds will be higher then one thing.
  4. It could. But I think you have less chance of it with only changing a single thing.
  5. While not the only thing needing addressed raising mask hp seems the best course. It should be the simplest to implement. Tweaking all the counselor weapons would be a bigger undertaking. Also who knows what might go wrong.
  6. Yeah, that's been irritating. I've had to start back tracking from memory to figure out where they're hiding.
  7. The stalk one is a bit too strong I think. I'd suggested in the past it could be 20/30/40 seconds (I think it was orginally more, but these numbers feel solid to me) for a moving Jason in stalk. This being based on minus, neutral, and plus stalk. A running Jason matching Vanessa in jog speed would be terrible. Low speed counselors would be in for a world of hurt. The throwing knives would be interesting, but could become broken quickly. Maybe it should be chance based. Say a 25% chance that a missed knife could be recovered. Maybe with a small buff to the chance for plus throwing knife Jason's. Plus grip strength is useful. It's just not always useful. I've seen different suggestions on how to make it more useful. Automatically taking two hits to free someone would be too strong. A percentage based system where it might take two hits would be interesting. Anything that would stun Firecrackers, shotgun, and so forth would need to be excluded. Combat stance is definitely a bit clunky. Fixing quick block would alleviate alot of the struggles. The amount of damage that slips through is pretty low as it is. A general damage/stun chance reduction based on the number of counselors within a certain proximity might be a better approach. That would allow for a little more room for error when fighting groups. This is a really interesting idea. I'm not sure if they can add something like this as it might be new content. If they could I'd like to add it to my idea for Jason perks rather than a base strength. This has been suggested before. It's still a good idea. It's another thing I'd make a Jason perk.
  8. It definitely can be helpful. I like the Fire Axe, Pig Splitter, and Machete because they hardly ever get stuck in the doors. They also have the best kills in my opinion.
  9. I understood the point of the timer. I think it's a bad idea, because if you give me 15 minutes of not needing to worry about my mask being on, I'll be able to mow through people. At that point I can play mindlessly aggressive. Returning quick block alone would be a huge buff. Add in invincibility frames, and a mask hp buff, and Jason will be in a great spot. At that point I'd just add power being out so the Tommy call requires at least some effort.
  10. Popular opinion doesn't make something a good idea. Prohibition was a popular idea with disastrous results. I want to see changes that reward a Jason players skills. Not ones that put constraints on one side or another.
  11. Not necessarily. They could just make minus shift be just a longer cool down instead of a cool down and shorter distance. Not sure how to make minus traps less of a problem. Though for me it's not a big deal really.
  12. I've seen 7. There might have been more, but two of the kills were seek and destroy.
  13. I'd rather see the weaknesses be made less hindering. I know people can do fine with the lower tier Jason's. But if they were going to make any changes it should be making them stronger. Not the others weaker.
  14. What I mean is it would allow them to play more recklessly. They can charge in without fear of taking a hit. If they're hit they'll enter rage faster. Making people not very unwilling to hit him. This will be a big advantage for alot of Jason's. We've all pretty much been in agreement about Jason needing to be made more formidable. A timer on the kill being available is a bad idea though.
  15. If you implemented a time constraint, Jason's would just bull straight forward knowing they can't be killed. It would remove any need for tactical thinking.
  16. No. All it does is let you control a somewhat hard to control mechanic. Besides they'd have tried to patch it out by now.
  17. I recently rolled a Legendary version of the Firecrackers perk, with 5% bonus attack speed. My question is, has anybody tried combining it with Swift Attacker to see if it stacks?
  18. It wasn't nearly as prevalent until 6 months into the game. I think it was nearly that long before I was in a lobby where it happened. I am roughly guessing over the past 2 years it's been that amount of attempts. I imagine if I ended up against a good kill squad I'd probably die. It just hasn't happened yet.
  19. @Ahab I wish they'd made it into a movie trilogy as well. I already had half a cast for it in my head. So many of those books were far better than movies. I can't say I've read them all though I'd guess I've read at least 50. I definitely liked Rogue One the best.
  20. Solo wasn't bad. Not great, but really how is anybody going to fill those shoes. Last Jedi was kinda painful.
  21. @Ahab you make an interesting point. I can only recall about having had a dozen or so attempts to kill me. Three of which nearly succeeded.
  22. Eric and Tiffany. I think she's less shallow than one would initially assume. Debbie and Adam. Opposites attract after all. A.J. and Mitch. I see them being too chill for anybody else. Buggzy and Victoria. Again I think opposites will attract. Kenny and Fox. They're both older and more mature. I feel like they'd match up well. Vanessa and Shelly. He can be a funny guy. I feel it'll win him points. Jenny and Chad. The ultimate in opposites. I think he level head will balance out his impulsive nature.
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