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  1. @Eva Watanabe Any counselor with two repair can fix things just fine. It'll be a bit slow. But it's not hard at all.
  2. While I've seen the grab hit drop grab loop happen a bunch. Impossible was too strong, but it's still an issue.
  3. I mean once was certainly enough for me.
  4. How is it a cheap move? I'll advised certainly. But there's nothing unfair about it. I don't bolt out the front in those cases. I wait to see how many traps they're willing to waste.
  5. They're absolute fucking idiots most of the time. I'm by no means good at DbD but compared to the fools I get paired with I look rank 1. How hard is it to understand when the killer camps work the Gens? Don't just keep kamikazeing the damn hook. I finished 2 gens while these fools just kept trading places on the hook. Sorry just needed to vent.
  6. I have mentioned it before. Wasn't sure who all I'd told about it. Those opening cinematics can provide so much information.
  7. More random spawning of parts I'm good with. Not Pinehurst or Jarvis levels. But an increase would be good. Not a fan of nerfing thickskin. Nobody will be tanking traps if it insta limps them. While some combinations can be annoying I dislike the idea of limiting perk combos. I generally am against limiting peoples options. Though it's fair to say people usually limit them on their own.
  8. Not sure exactly. I've had more then a few around two and a half minutes though. @Dragonfire82877 That's always rough. On Crystal Lake Small I always trap the tool shed car first unless I know it's the two seater. Fyi you can tell which car is at which location by the opening cinematic. Not sure if you already knew that.
  9. I think maybe a one second delay after drop would be good. You have time to run then. I know you can in theory run now but you better be on it. I've seen it happen right after the update. My friend was Jason. He just keep spam grabbing a Deborah while I kept hitting him.
  10. If I'm going to give only one piece of advice I'd have to say be patient. Take your time and wear them down. In most cases you'd be correct. Though there will be those times where people just want the demask. I know I've done it not caring if I get the kill or not.
  11. I posted it because it made, at least in my mind, valid points. And because it gave video showing the ridiculous grab loop. I'm not saying his should be the only point of view that counts.
  12. I've already read the topic. Every time I try saving post rage they just spam grab until my weapon breaks. The survival rate isn't my issue. My issue has been the post rage absurdity combined with nothing having changed prerage.
  13. The main point that he made that has been bothering me is how it is essentially impossible to save someone from a grab in rage mode now.
  14. GamePlayingGuru recently dropped a video that explains (at least in part) my problem with the recent patch.
  15. I actually like this idea. I've always been sad that stealth wasn't more viable. That is an unfortunate side effect. One thing I like to do with Jasons, if they take the bait, is stand a bit back from a window, go into block, and move back and forth. You'd be shocked how often they take the bait and how much they miss.
  16. It doesn't stop the knives, but it reduces the damage to the point you're wasting your knife. I believe it takes the damage down to 3 or 4%. My numbers mught not be completely accurate but they're pretty close.
  17. Well in my head the running Jasons kept running as one of their strengths. I'm not opposed to the idea of a specific extra strength for walking and running ones. I think it would make for more variety if each of them had a different extra strength though. For example I'd love to see a walking Jason with extra traps as a strength. Maybe part 6 to go with the knives. Maybe give part 7 plus morph? Then you have a walking Jason with plus morph and weapon strength. I think those two examples would be pretty deadly combos.
  18. It probably is too much. On the other hand nobody will complain Jason is weak ever again after that.
  19. @pilospc The short answer is yes. I'd also suggest adding a poll to give raw numbers to the devs. In reality the rage change wasn't even a buff. Despite all the people rejoicing about the return of Jason's balls (which was silly since it didn't fix the fundamental flaws). I've made a list (multiple ones at this point) of buffs Jason could receive to make him more of a threat. Given the meta is switching back to an escape focused one I'm going to only make one suggestion to this problem. I had made the suggestion of changing Jason so that the various incarnations would have four strengths and no weaknesses. Using part 4 as an example. He currently has the following. Plus: Weapon Strength, Can Run, and Destruction. Minus: Traps, Shift, and Water Speed. Under my idea his minus traits would all become neutral. I'm debating weather running Jason's should get a fourth ability or be left with 3 abilities while the walking Jasons get a fourth ability to compensate for the lack of running. Either way imagine how terrifying some Jasons would become with this change. Imagine how nice a buff this would be for parts 2 and 4. Arguably the weakest Jasons in the game. Imagine part 7 now having 5 traps to play with along with an extra strength. I could go on but I think my point is made.
  20. How have you come to the conclusion that 69% of the counselors are useless? There are certainly stronger counselors then others. Especially depending on your goals. That hardly makes them useless. Also you're joking right? I see Deborah all the time. Lachappa not nearly as much. But he never go nearly as much love as Debbie.
  21. 1) It's already pretty close to that 13 minutes in as is. 2) No. People will not want to wait that long. Also what happens if everybody else dies before that? No Jarvis at all? As a counter proposal, Jarvis spawns three minutes after the second person dies/escapes. 3) I thought the stun immunity was a bad idea so it's hard to completely support this. That said I'd take this to rebalance the final chase a bit. 4) I have no objection to this really. Only thing I'd add is making it the players choice.
  22. Np. At this point I'm not overly optimistic that it'll happen but I've been wrong before.
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