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  1. I didn't know the sweater didn't stop that. I know it'll pull you out of shift. I guess I assumed it would pull you out of a morph attempt.
  2. Making the 9-10 stealth characters undetectable by sense is a bit too far. Part of the problem is none of us actually know (in terms of raw numbers) how stealth and composure effect sense. If I were designing it each point of stealth and each point of composure would add a small percentage to sense avoidance. Say 5% for each point of composure and 3% for each point of stealth. This is of course a rough idea but I think the fundamentals are there.
  3. Okay. I thought it was silly but not really game breaking. I see your points though. I'm just not sure that if it actually makes the kill any easier. To be clear it definitely needs patched.
  4. Am I missing something in the clips that is causing the outrage? It looks like the same process with the hitting them from the ground glitch being the only difference.
  5. Nerfing his sense ability would make sense if you are trying to shift the meta towards more hiding then fighting.
  6. True. While I personally dislike Pinehurst and Jarvis I don't mind having them in a rotation.
  7. Just having some different layouts would be alot of fun. That's why I just rotate through the maps. If I set it to random I seem to get Pinehurst 3 times in a row.
  8. @Slasher_Clone The strip poker one would be good. So would the Jason is here one. Not sure if the others would be big enough.
  9. @Slasher_Clone I never thought of using the spc maps as new maps for online. That is actually a brilliant idea. I hope it is allowed as it could be really cool.
  10. For some animations counselors should be invulnerable as should Jason. I have no problem with the window safe zone (other then the length of safety needing shortened). Also Jason is invulnerable during the car grab animation. I think he should be during some others as well (power box smash, knife collection, among others). I guess overall I think the counselor side of this is (mostly) fine. Jason's end of this needs some work though.
  11. I know there'll be a counter to this. But trolls will find a way.
  12. I actually suspect that'll be the new trolling move. Beat Jason into rage and then leave the lobby. They'll get their party and fuck the others. It'll be a double win.
  13. You are right, if they are doing it simply to humiliate someone then it's wrong. That's why I've repeatedly suggested giving Jason the tools to defend himself and kill counselors. This patch didn't do that. This patch did not solve the issue. The rage change is a temporary fix. It will not last. Soon enough people will adapt and the pinata parties will begin again.
  14. Well this escalated. A few points I'd like to make. 1) With regards to @HaHaTrumpWon and his point about people complaining that the devs, essentially, are forcing people to play a certain way being akin to the people who complained about the removal of team killing. These two things are entirely different matters. Team killing was a plague that added (nearly) nothing to the game. There was (almost) no justification for it. On the other side you had the pinata problem. Some people liked simply fighting Jason, and that was fine. The change to rage didn't stop the ability to pummel Jason. It simply added a time limit. This was a mistake in my mind. It limited survival options for counselors and didn't address the core problem. That in my mind is a bad combination. There was nothing wrong with wanting to fight Jason. What was wrong, was him not being give the tools to fight back. 2) As @Slasher_Clone pointed out, the rage change makes a kill easier to pull off. That's a problem. Overall I still feel this patch was a failure. It failed to address the actual problem. While adding a new one in an easier to kill Jason. At this point I know I'm in the minority here. I know they'll add something else that'll probably not address the core issue. At this point I'm not sure what else can be said. There was an opportunity to really fix some balance issues. Instead they opted for a quick fix that won't last. Maybe I'm just feeling burnt out. But I can't see a reason to continue offering suggestions to help fix the game, when I'm certain they'll be ignored.
  15. I remember finding five pocket knives one game. It was just dumb.
  16. No the time ran out. My cousin was Jason and didn't care about trying to get anyone but the roof glitchers.
  17. Map knowledge, spawn locations, how to effectively kite and fight Jason. All that was missing at launch. That to me is a large part of why escape was so hard then. You are right the nerfs combined hurt alot. You mean the 7 to 8 pocket knives and 5 shotguns a map patch? Yeah that was a bit rough.
  18. That's because the lone wolf players are usually smart. They are watching what else is happening and adjust accordingly. To be fair, it was hard to survive at launch because nobody knew what they were doing. Nerfs have certainly hurt, but I don't think they've been as damaging as others feels.
  19. Not a very original story but I had 4 counselors on Packanack roof. Two of them having taken the keys up there. I was also a counselor and really hated those idiots.
  20. I've done it. When the game was free on PS4 I did it alot with the new people. I'd talk to them. Explained how to different things. Gave them tips about trapping objectives. Finally I'd let them kill me. Usually I'd point them to an environmental kill.
  21. Even assuming a deal has been made, we're past the point that any new content could enter the game. At least in my opinion. Though I would find it odd for them not to finish out Uber and the kill packs that looked to have been nearly done (again assuming that a deal has, in fact been reached). If it is true that does open up the hope for a new F13 movie. Maybe even a sequel to the game. I would really love a game sequel to happen. This game has such a strong foundation to build from that a sequel could be everything we have all wanted from this game.
  22. Ps4 here as well. I also feel certain I should have it the 500 matches by now. I've been playing nearly since launch (about 5 days after to be exact). I suppose it's possible I haven't played the 500 games but after 20 months you'd think I would have.
  23. Same. I've started to wonder if my trophy is bugged. A friend of mine plays about as much as I do and he just got his 1,000 matches a few weeks ago.
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