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  1. Uhh no she's not. She's loud as a herd of elephants trampling through a forest. She can't hide. Tommy can. Tommy can one hit demask. She can't. Tommy takes forever to reach full fear. Vanessa hits high fear very quickly. She has lower luck. So longer car start times and less hits with a weapon. She is in no way comparable to Tommy simply because they're both fast with high stamina.
  2. I went with shift slashes/grabs. Without it Jason would have a nearly impossible time catching people.
  3. I remember the grind to level 101 back when that was the cap. It was a good feeling when I got there.
  4. I believe by 75% they mean if you had a 100% stun chance it would go down to 25%.
  5. I'm very curious to know about Low Profile myself. If he does have time for clarification about these things, I'd like to know about the mask hp difference. 2,5,6, and 9 all say explicitly that they have less hp. Do the other two human Jason variants have lower hp that's not listed? Or was it simply miscommunication.
  6. I agree you don't want to proceed haphazardly. I also understand resources are limited. Mask hp is just one of the things, that I'd say at least a fair number of players feel would help. The other things would take more time and development though. I just hope the team does strongly consider a buff to the mask hp at least.
  7. Tiffany has 10 stealth but I think she still kicks up sound pings while jogging. Or I could be mixing it up with lightfoot allowing A.J. to sprint without noise pings and it not working for Tiffany. I'll have to double check that. I think silent jogging from 8 or higher stats would be a help to those sneaky repair characters. It would also be a nice little buff for Shelly. I was thinking that sense avoidance perks would only reduce range yes. If his sense range is 100 feet and you have a 25% reduction it would move his range to 75 feet for that counselor. I think alot of players would prefer a perk that works all the time rather than chance based.
  8. 3 and 8. Heavy blood and the Pig Splitter. With an honorable mention for part 7 with the same setup.
  9. @mattshotcha there is alot to unpack there. I'll start with my original point. I used Slash'n Cast as an example because they had a long track record of success with the kill. You're right that they don't represent everyone. Nor do the forum members. But that doesn't mean we are incorrect in our assessment. As for the human Jason's being easier to kill the difference is negligible. A Buggzy with a machete will require one extra hit to remove the mask. That's why so many of us feel it's too easy. When one or two good shots with a machete is all it takes it's too easy. You are right that we are sometimes too harsh towards people with a different opinion on this. If someone can come up with a sound argument as to why we are wrong I'll be willing to change my position. I disagree that a mask hp buff would be harmful to new players. It will help new Jason's, and realistically new counselors shouldn't expect to be pulling off the kill. Don't get me wrong. I understand why you guys are being cautious. I understand you are trying to think of the entire playerbase. But consider how many new players were ran off because they finally got to be Jason only to be killed. It would be disheartening and incredibly frustrating. I do think it is a mistake to draw parallels between the rage update and a mask buff. The rage update completely changed the late game. A mask buff would be a minor change.
  10. Unfortunately the devs have said that's not going to happen. I've been hoping they might be willing to have the match start with the power out throughout the camp as a compromise.
  11. I meant competent people in your lobby. Not that you were a group already. I've pulled off the kill with randoms many times as well.
  12. @Ahab I have to disagree that the stealth system doesn't need a buff. Unless you use A.J. stealth is not very useful as you still kick up sound pings. I'd like to see silent jogging be made possible for 8 stealth or higher characters. I think it would make stealth a more viable option for more players. I think that people feel sense avoidance perks are under powered, because they're chance based, and Jason can just spam sense. Maybe a better approach to sense avoidance perks would be if the reduced the range at which Jason could sense you.
  13. I've seen Vanessa's demask with 4 hits from a machete. That is not hard to pull off. The kill is like everything in this game. If you have a competent group of counselors it's pretty easy to do. Pulling off things solo is harder, but not that hard. @Ahab I know for sure that at least Shifty knows how easy the kill is. He used to hop into Slash'n Cast's streams all the time. Killing Jason was all they did.
  14. It's one of my favorite shows. In part because all the "old wisdom" type quotes.
  15. The last patch kinda borked the servers for PS4. Last I heard they were working on it. No fix yet that I know of though.
  16. Stats based on me. Well this could be embarrassing. But why not. Composure: 7. I am pretty calm under stress. Luck: 4. Never have much good or bad happen. Repair: 6. I work on cars. Do I can fix the basics needed. Speed: 2. My knees are pretty bad at this point. I'm not going very far. Stamina: 1. Not in very good cardio shape. Stealth: 7. I'm surprisingly quiet. Strength: 8. I'm fairly strong.
  17. Teamwork will make every counselor more viable. A lobby full of Vanessa's is more annoying than a threat. A couple of Vanessa's make a solid addition to a team but they're not that big of a deal. Try a lobby full of Deborah's, A.J.'s, and LaChappa's. Everything will be fixed so fast you'll be begging to see a Vanessa.
  18. It's a bad idea because it doesn't really add anything to the game. As @HowAreYa pointed out, we don't need d-strike added to the game. If you want to add skill checks, making it part of the break free attempt would be a better approach. Instead of button mashing give them skill checks based on there strength and composure.
  19. @Ahab that's why I thought it a bit excessive. In order to take that much damage with the other buffs you have to be pretty terrible.
  20. 600 to 800% seems a bit much. Otherwise option 1. It's actually mostly the same list the forums had before the rage change.
  21. I believe most pro gamers prefer mouse and keyboard because it allows them to be more accurate. Though you make a good point. It would be hard to say for certain if it gives an actual advantage.
  22. I believe he has stun immunity. But can still take damage. @Seraphic King it's because of Tommy having 10 luck. A Buggzy would get 2 to 3 hits at most.
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