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  1. Mine popped when I did the door slam kill. I'd done it dozens of times before. Not sure why it triggered then.
  2. Unfortunately it was an exclusive reward for those who backed the game. @Kodiak or another mod will lock this up as soon as they see it.
  3. People saying there couldn't be a story mode, simply lack the imagination needed. That said, for this kind of game, it'd be a hell of an undertaking. The single player challenges I'm sure were a big investment in time, and resources. In order to do it correctly you'd have to basically write a movie plot. Probably several of them. That's alot of cinematic animation. Not to mention alot of dialogue. While a game like Friday could certainly have a story mode. The costs would be prohibitive for all but a Triple A studio.
  4. Kind of a double edged sword really. I understand, and have used the sweater for that very purpose. But I feel like as long as the Jason isn't a noob, and the others wanting to go for the kill aren't dicks. You should probably at least give it a shot. I feel the same way about being Tommy.
  5. The should not insult Strigoi. But let's be realistic. Their opinion is absurd. Now if they can make a well reasoned argument I'll be first to change my tune. Or at the least give it fair consideration.
  6. I'm kind of surprised by the love Higgins is getting so far. It's probably my second favorite.
  7. They do transfer. Medic confirmed that along time back. Tommy comes in with a knife, spray, and gun. He's fine. He's not meant to single handedly wreck Jason's day. He's meant to use the items he's been given, along with perfect 10 stats to get people out alive.
  8. I tried searching and couldn't find a poll on this topic so I decided why not. I think my favorite is Packanack. I enjoy the layout and I love having a main house.
  9. I personally can't stand that map. If I'm host I run through a rotation between the orginal three maps and the small maps.
  10. Killing Jason is only one purpose for Tommy. Not the only one. The point of his existence is to save the remaining counselors. By helping them survive the night, escape, or kill Jason. Your argument really makes no sense. If you were arguing for making Tommy harder to call, sure. But you're basically saying he shouldn't come back until a certain time because you don't like him coming in early.
  11. I was among those who didn't like the rage update. I disliked it for the very reason that it didn't solve the core issues. What I've also come to understand, is fixing all the things that many of us wanted, was going to take alot of effort and resources to do. Possibly more than they thought would be feasible. If they had decided to make the changes we'd asked for how long would it have taken? We'd probably still be waiting. Obviously I don't work for Gun and can only guess at their thought processes. But not implementing something doesn't mean they don't listen. It just means, for whatever reason they decided it wasn't the best route to take.
  12. The returning player can also have escaped. The point of Tommy is to be a hero and help save others. 3 minutes barely gives them time to do this. That's not fair really. They listened to the complaints about the pinata parties and took action. While I didn't like the action they took, they did listen. I'm sure they do listen to our suggestions. It's just actually implementing them hasn't happened much. To be fair, considering how terrible some of the suggestions that have been floated on the forums have been, who could blame them? The entire point of Matt's response was, we do listen. We just can't implement every idea. Due to limited resources, and balance concerns.
  13. I couldn't remember the exact number. I only remembered it was nuts.
  14. I think the percentages are fine as they are. Even a 1% thick skin will let you run without healing. Given the sheer amount of time, and cp people have spent trying to get those perfect, no negatives perks. I think this would be a bit unfair. This wouldn't work at all. For one thing Hypochondriac would cancel itself out. At this stage of the games life cycle a perk rework is unlikely. It's unfortunate as I had an idea to change sense avoidance perks which I really liked alot.
  15. @FridayThe31st Np. I've found it helpful before. Newer Jason's can be baited into wasting their knives by standing in front of an open window and holding block. I like to do that and walk back and forth. You'd be surprised how often they outright miss.
  16. @FridayThe31st Np. You can block melee hits on both sides. Both reduce the damage significantly. A counselor weapon does take damage and can break from blocking an attack from Jason. You can also block Jason's knives. For example, it takes 4 hits from a weapon strength Jason to kill a counselor at full health. I believe it take 13 or 14 hits if blocked.
  17. It was at launch. You could block everything but the shotgun. It was unintentional and patched out after a few months.
  18. I'd say Kane, then C.J., then Ted White as a top three. I will give Derek Mears an honorable mention. Kane obviously added so much to the role it'd be impossible to cover it all. I feel C.J. really brought the unstoppable monster feel to life. Ted White felt incredibly menacing. Derek Mears had alot of nice little touches. Also he's the only Jason to run. Like full on run. That shit was terrifying.
  19. 10 seconds would have been too much. 3 would have been sufficient. I assume that meat shielding and stun immunity/damage immunity would have been more involved and difficult to solve.
  20. This game is honestly not hard provided your team does anything useful. If they don't, then it can definitely become difficult. I'm no fan of the rage update. But it was unfortunately needed. There were better solutions. But none that would have been as easy to achieve. It would have been a large undertaking to implement the better fixes.
  21. I was one of those people who haven't died. I'm fully aware it has to do with the quality of those have attempted it. Not because I'm some amazing Jason player. You don't even need a good squad. One competent sweater girl and Tommy is all you need. I've had those kill squad nights. We pretty much only ever failed if the kill glitched. Not dying. Or not dying often doesn't mean there isn't an issue. Everything people say here will be anecdotal evidence. When you look at it as a whole is when you see it's a problem. The machete is the best weapon to demask Jason. As for dropping Jason to his knees. A wrench or bat will work as well or better. Though that takes a third person.
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