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  1. Chad has 8 speed. But yeah, he's still solid. I'd have to say Shelly probably. He's stats aren't very good really. He's an okay utility counselor. But he's just overall pretty meh.
  2. I still wish they'd have switched Tinkerer to increase the size of the skill checks.
  3. Lol. We were already friends. I would share knives alot during that month.
  4. Yeah, it was bad. I had three knives. Gave one to a friend. Found another. Give it to my friend. Then found a fifth. I couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous it was.
  5. Usually it's the Deborah's that I see running people over. Still the image is pretty funny to me.
  6. Honestly, the picture of this is kind of hysterical to me. I imagine this Jason hiding behind the car. Telling the Deborah behind the wheel (not sure why I automatically pictured a Deborah) how these bullies were picking on him. Then the super angry Deborah is like not on my watch.
  7. I think that 9 was the cap. I remember I found 5 one match. It was a mess.
  8. I have to, at least partially concur with @OCT 31 1978 and @Dragonfire82877. Part 6 was honestly one of the best ones. For me, it's a toss up between 4 and 6. The remake deserves an honorable mention as well.
  9. I don't disagree that it's too easy. Overall they might not either. If they do something I'd rather it be thought out. They used to make knee jerk reactions that often caused more issues. Ultimately they might do nothing. But doing something without thinking it through would be worse. @Fair Play that's my thinking as well.
  10. Technically they said they want to move slowly. They are trying to balance for everyone.
  11. 1) Correct. 2) Unless you're back from the future, your statement is guessing at best. 3) No they won't. Even if we accept your premise that they ripped people off. The majority of them, aren't going to take the time, to try to tank every project they have until the end of time. 4) It was updated in August. 5) If you mean it's been hacked on PC. Welcome to PC gaming.
  12. The axe simply failed to stun him. Your best bet is to have a third person with a bat. Though a good (20% or higher) sucker punch can get you through.
  13. They prefer you send them a message for that sort of question. As for your OP. I believe it's 20% for non weapon strength Jason's and 30% for Jason's with weapon strength. So far as I'm aware, combat stance, as well as light versus heavy attacks, don't effect the amount of damage done.
  14. There are not 20. There wasn't even 10 during the December 2017 patch. There's 4 or 5 at most. Including the knife Tommy brings in.
  15. It's a know glitch. Not sure when it'll be fixed though.
  16. The most recent patch had caused issues getting into lobbies. When you start playing try launching a private lobby. Then close it, and try to join a quick play game. That usually helps for me.
  17. Try launching a private lobby. Then closing it, and launching quick play. I've found that helps.
  18. I mean, if he's named Buggzy sure. Otherwise it's hardly a jab. Or if it is. It's a lazy one.
  19. You did quote me. You can see why I took it that way. But as you didn't mean it that way, my bad.
  20. I know what it is there for. It was the wrong way to do it. Maybe be less of an ass just because people don't agree with you.
  21. While I'm no fan of the rage update. Like @DontZzz34 I'd have rather seen them address the actual weaknesses. At this point I don't see that happening. I personally find it annoying as a counselor. But they had to stop the pinata parties somehow.
  22. That is, I think, the main reason they support Gun as much as they do. This game has plenty of flaws. But nobody can deny it was a game made by fans. Guys that really loved the source material. They definitely made missteps. But they're passion is undeniable.
  23. 1) How? 2) Unless the game fails to register it due to latency, every attack causes damage. 3) No. We want it to be a challenge. As a counselor player I find it too easy. I've never been killed. So it's not a concern for me. 4) Because it's usually not the go to game plan for every lobby. 5) Hiding is hard, but not impossible. 6) They have plenty of defense. They can't stun in rage. While I disagreed with the change, it wasn't the world ending event people like to pretend it was. 7) No, they shouldn't. You're playing the power role. You're job is to bring the horror. 8- Yes. You can manage to defeat the kill. The odds shouldn't be stacked against the power role though. 9) This applies to both roles. 10) No. They want a more balanced fight.
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