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  1. 15 hours ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    It was a Vanessa if I remember correctly (because, of course it was....)  She's trying every possible angle to get the car inside the fence while Impostor Jason is standing there looking like a busted condom. Imagine if a new F13 movie comes out and Jason is so pussy-fied he has to resort to literally standing behind a car driven by a teamer in order to protect himself...

    Usually it's the Deborah's that I see running people over. Still the image is pretty funny to me.

  2. 20 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

    There’s polls across many different platforms and also just too many players that think something needs changed with making the kill harder. 

    Tbh GUN either truly deep down agrees with us and just don’t have the time or money to fix it so they say everything is fine OR they really are that delusional to think the kill process is fine. 

    I don't disagree that it's too easy. Overall they might not either. If they do something I'd rather it be thought out. They used to make knee jerk reactions that often caused more issues. Ultimately they might do nothing. But doing something without thinking it through would be worse.

    @Fair Play that's my thinking as well.

  3. 30 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

    Nah it won’t happen. According to the devs, Jason has plenty of mask hp and everything is fine..... and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the OP broken ass kill set up for kill squads 😂 no matter how many people tell them something needs changed they’ll just argue against us and make up bullshit contradictions, even when they have proof and facts thrown at them. It gets brushed to the side. 

    Technically they said they want to move slowly. They are trying to balance for everyone. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Caliph said:

    Poll doesn't have the real options needed. Gunmedia will never work on another successful project. Each and every single game they ever market will be filled with nonstop negative publicity from the way they screwed over and ripped off their supporters. As we speak the game hasn't been updated in over 6 months and is hacked to pieces. 

    1) Correct.

    2) Unless you're back from the future,  your statement is guessing at best.

    3) No they won't. Even if we accept your premise that they ripped people off. The majority of them, aren't going to take the time, to try to tank every project they have until the end of time.

    4) It was updated in August. 

    5) If you mean it's been hacked on PC. Welcome to PC gaming. 


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  5. On 9/21/2019 at 12:49 PM, FridayThe31st said:

    I saw a couple topics about this issue, and I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed. A couple days ago I killed Jason for the first time without a problem. It was most likely because the Jason didn’t kill anybody (I came back because I got hit by the car due to lag), and it was overall pretty easy to pull off. Just a couple minutes ago I escaped in the 2 seat car with another person and came back as Tommy, and I began searching for Jason’s shack. I met up with a Tiffany and together we found the shack, got the sweater, and I grabbed the axe. Then we began searching for Jason. He was near the group of people who were left (he didn’t kill anybody at the time yet) and  with one hit I was able to get his mask off. I remembered that just as I came back as Tommy I believe Jason entered rage mode due to most likely being hit by the group of people he was by. Anyway, as the sweater girl used the sweater on him (we were standing just outside the boathouse in the Crystal Lake Small map toward metal fence area), I began hitting him with the axe. I did it twice and still got no response, no dropping to his knees. The last time I had killed him it was in his shack, in the entrance to it, and he hadn’t been dropping to his knees due to me accidently hitting the wall since he was standing so close to the wall. He did end up dropping to his knees then though, and we were able to successfully kill him. This time however he didn’t drop to his knees at all, and eventually got out of the stun. We ended up surviving, and he ended up only murdering one person (he was slashing the whole time), but I was confused as to why it wasn’t working. I do realize that killing Jason doesn’t always work and it’s not something that happens often (even though I do see it quite some times). I was wondering if after Jason goes into rage mode if it’s harder to get him to drop to his knees, or if it’s just flat out impossible to kill him after he’s in rage mode. 

    This was part 6 Jason by the way, even though it probably doesn’t make any difference.

    The axe simply failed to stun him. Your best bet is to have a third person with a bat. Though a good (20% or higher) sucker punch can get you through. 

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  6. 17 minutes ago, Seraphic King said:

    Also @Kodiak is there a reason why my Pamela Voorhees topic was closed? You’ve been on my case lately and that was going to be a real good discussion.

    They prefer you send them a message for that sort of question. 

    As for your OP. I believe it's 20% for non weapon strength Jason's and 30% for Jason's with weapon strength. So far as I'm aware, combat stance, as well as light versus heavy attacks, don't effect the amount of damage done.

  7. 3 hours ago, CptCooK4 said:

    Hi Guys, Im Such making a rant here about friday the 13th, and when ever i try to join a match now on ps4 i cant becasue i assume not much people are playing still i dont know.

    The most recent patch had caused issues getting into lobbies. When you start playing try launching a private lobby. Then close it, and try to join a quick play game. That usually helps for me.

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  8. On 9/16/2019 at 11:29 AM, Bob Barker said:

    I've been trying for weeks to play a game on the ps4. I have the current update but every time I search for a session one of three things happen.

    1.) It never finds a session

    2.) I get into session but the connection will time out (this is the most common occurrence) 

    3.) I get into session but will eventually get "kicked" 

    I don't want to give up I this game as I still like to play a match from time to time but it seems completely unplayable at this point. All I want to know is if it's just me



    Try launching a private lobby. Then closing it, and launching quick play. I've found that helps.

  9. 15 hours ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    Excuse you? I wasn't lumping you into the same category as "the ones whining about the Rage buff". You said the Pinata Parties had to end, I said "This is what so many of the ones whining about the Rage buff fail to understand", which was intended as "The ones whining about it don't get that it was there to end Pinata Parties". At no point did I mean you were one of the ones whining about it.

    Put a little more effort into reading next time before you call someone an ass... ass.


    You did quote me. You can see why I took it that way. But as you didn't mean it that way, my bad.

  10. 8 hours ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    This is what so many of the ones whining about the Rage buff fail to understand. They say "The Rage buff isn't going to help Jason fight groups of counselors" and I say "No shit, Sherlock! It isn't supposed to!"

    The Rage buff isn't here to help fight groups, it's here to end the Pinata Parties. Before the buff it was both very easy and very common for Jason to get his ass kicked the ENTIRE ROUND, and you didn't need to be a pro at this game to do it. Some people may think "A Pinata Party is the same thing as fighting a group", but it's not. Attacking Jason to remove the mask and attacking him with no purpose or goal other than stunning him are two very different things. All the Rage buff does is ensure you can't chain stun him for 20 minutes anymore and to be honest, the only people who are affected by the buff are the ones who didn't plan to actually contribute something useful in the first place.

    I know what it is there for. It was the wrong way to do it. Maybe be less of an ass just because people don't agree with you.

  11. 13 hours ago, 999enits said:

    im a jason main and i think its too OP.. game is not balanced at all.... 

    i think if there are good survivours they shouldnt be punished for it. i loved the chase at the end that lasted the whole game... im here from the beginning.. 

    pls fix it..

    While I'm no fan of the rage update. Like @DontZzz34 I'd have rather seen them address the actual weaknesses. At this point I don't see that happening. I personally find it annoying as a counselor. But they had to stop the pinata parties somehow. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

     I won’t make this a post about whether others should or shouldn’t defend them or promote them

    .....all I will say is there is a lot wrong with F13 the game but on the other side of that coin there is a lot that is great about F13 the game.... even with its flaws the love and passion from the Developers is all over this game the core game mechanics are fun as hell.....the character models, music, maps, details etc......

    I wonder if the Game was still able to develop content and the lawsuit hadn’t effected things if people would think differently about supporting them with a future project.....

    I know I would definitely support them if they made another licensed Horror game. 


    That is, I think, the main reason they support Gun as much as they do. This game has plenty of flaws. But nobody can deny it was a game made by fans. Guys that really loved the source material. They definitely made missteps. But they're passion is undeniable. 

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  13. 23 hours ago, Strigoi said:

    Jason is over powered as it is.

    Some hits with weapons dont hurt or effect jason even before he goes into Rage.

    Jason players want the Threat of being killed Removed from the game.

    I Play friday the 13th the game on xbox one x and playstation pro every night and i rarely see Jason killed.

    In Rage mode Jason can break down doors and use sense abillity so there is no where to hide.

    Counselors have to have a defense against Jason as the game will be no fun if The Jason kill is almost impossible to use.

    People who play as Jason should be scared too as this is a Horror game.

    Ive seen good Jasons get demasked and go into the shack while the girl is getting the sweater and slash everyone to death.

    Become a better skilled Jason.

    The Forum has become a bunch of Cry babies who want The Threat of being Killed as Jason removed from the game.

    1) How?

    2) Unless the game fails to register it due to latency, every attack causes damage. 

    3) No. We want it to be a challenge. As a counselor player I find it too easy. I've never been killed. So it's not a concern for me.

    4) Because it's usually not the go to game plan for every lobby.

    5) Hiding is hard, but not impossible. 

    6) They have plenty of defense. They can't stun in rage. While I disagreed with the change, it wasn't the world ending event people like to pretend it was.

    7) No, they shouldn't. You're playing the power role. You're job is to bring the horror. 

    8- Yes. You can manage to defeat the kill. The odds shouldn't be stacked against the power role though.

    9) This applies to both roles.

    10) No. They want a more balanced fight.

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