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  1. 2 hours ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

     I won’t make this a post about whether others should or shouldn’t defend them or promote them

    .....all I will say is there is a lot wrong with F13 the game but on the other side of that coin there is a lot that is great about F13 the game.... even with its flaws the love and passion from the Developers is all over this game the core game mechanics are fun as hell.....the character models, music, maps, details etc......

    I wonder if the Game was still able to develop content and the lawsuit hadn’t effected things if people would think differently about supporting them with a future project.....

    I know I would definitely support them if they made another licensed Horror game. 


    That is, I think, the main reason they support Gun as much as they do. This game has plenty of flaws. But nobody can deny it was a game made by fans. Guys that really loved the source material. They definitely made missteps. But they're passion is undeniable. 

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  2. 23 hours ago, Strigoi said:

    Jason is over powered as it is.

    Some hits with weapons dont hurt or effect jason even before he goes into Rage.

    Jason players want the Threat of being killed Removed from the game.

    I Play friday the 13th the game on xbox one x and playstation pro every night and i rarely see Jason killed.

    In Rage mode Jason can break down doors and use sense abillity so there is no where to hide.

    Counselors have to have a defense against Jason as the game will be no fun if The Jason kill is almost impossible to use.

    People who play as Jason should be scared too as this is a Horror game.

    Ive seen good Jasons get demasked and go into the shack while the girl is getting the sweater and slash everyone to death.

    Become a better skilled Jason.

    The Forum has become a bunch of Cry babies who want The Threat of being Killed as Jason removed from the game.

    1) How?

    2) Unless the game fails to register it due to latency, every attack causes damage. 

    3) No. We want it to be a challenge. As a counselor player I find it too easy. I've never been killed. So it's not a concern for me.

    4) Because it's usually not the go to game plan for every lobby.

    5) Hiding is hard, but not impossible. 

    6) They have plenty of defense. They can't stun in rage. While I disagreed with the change, it wasn't the world ending event people like to pretend it was.

    7) No, they shouldn't. You're playing the power role. You're job is to bring the horror. 

    8- Yes. You can manage to defeat the kill. The odds shouldn't be stacked against the power role though.

    9) This applies to both roles.

    10) No. They want a more balanced fight.

  3. People saying there couldn't be a story mode, simply lack the imagination needed. That said, for this kind of game, it'd be a hell of an undertaking. The single player challenges I'm sure were a big investment in time, and resources. In order to do it correctly you'd have to basically write a movie plot. Probably several of them. That's alot of cinematic animation. Not to mention alot of dialogue. While a game like Friday could certainly have a story mode. The costs would be prohibitive for all but a Triple A studio. 

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  4. 22 hours ago, SirMang said:

    If Jason quits at the beginning, you should get between 502 and 600 XP.

    Sometimes the game will give you a free 50XP for defense for no reason LOL 

    You get 500XP just for completing the match.  Have seen offense as high as 210.  Defense 50.  Demasked 50.  Escaped 250.  Team Escape another 250.  500 if Jason is killed.  And then XP, up to 200, based on the time you were alive in the match. 

    The 50 defense xp is for being unscathed. 

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  5. 20 hours ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

    This happened yesterday.......I was chasing down a Lachappa.....Knifed him twice as he was running away and hopping through a window...... he then proceeded to scream and limp away in that extremely hilarious way that only Eric can.....

     He limped towards another cabin.......

    I think to myself what kill do I want to do on him as I fast walk right next to him....he then quickly turns and hits me with a stunning hit........uses a spray and runs off....

    I was like.....wait this isn’t a quick play match?! ....That fucker Suckered me in!!



    17 hours ago, glowing ooze said:

    i'll be honest with ya.. offline bot chappa lays me out all the time 😅

    That's because LaChappa is a beast.

  6. 1 hour ago, Urmomsnewman said:

    Is this what you meant @mattshotcha somebody posts a topic about something other the the “Jason is to weak” and the same 12 people blast him and call him a troll

    The should not insult Strigoi. But let's be realistic. Their opinion is absurd. Now if they can make a well reasoned argument I'll be first to change my tune. Or at the least give it fair consideration. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Strigoi said:

    I Dont think the perks transfer to Tommy Jarvis.

    only Matt Shotcha would know for sure.

    Right now its too easy to kill Tommy Jarvis.

    They do transfer. Medic confirmed that along time back. Tommy comes in with a knife, spray, and gun. He's fine. He's not meant to single handedly wreck Jason's day. He's meant to use the items he's been given, along with perfect 10 stats to get people out alive.

  8. 1 hour ago, Fair Play said:

    It's not my favorite map, but I don't completely dislike it. It's a welcome change from consecutive runs through the small maps.


    37 minutes ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

    I like Pine Hurst.

    whenever I host I always switch to that map on at least once or twice.....

    I love the reactions from Packanack small mains...😂


    I personally can't stand that map. If I'm host I run through a rotation between the orginal three maps and the small maps. 

  9. 57 minutes ago, HuDawg said:

    I really don't care if someone can't do something in 3 mins.  Its not supposed to be fair for Tommy. 

    Besides, The point of Tommy is to KILL Jason.  


    If people want to be a hero.. They can be a hero with the counselor they chose at the start of the game and act like a hero all match long.

    If they want kill Jason with Tommy.  3 mins is more than enough time to pull off a kill.   Also. if Jason runs away or Jumps in the lake, then theres only a few mins left in the game anyways.

    It makes ZERO sense for Tommy to come into the game so early.. Or for Jason to even be in a position to die too early.  Both of that should be late game.  

    Killing Jason is only one purpose for Tommy. Not the only one. The point of his existence is to save the remaining counselors. By helping them survive the night, escape, or kill Jason. Your argument really makes no sense. If you were arguing for making Tommy harder to call, sure. But you're basically saying he shouldn't come back until a certain time because you don't like him coming in early. 

  10. 10 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:


    @thrawn3054 20 minute piñata parties they took care of which was good. But that’s really all they’ve done. And the rage buff was kinda lazy. They didn’t buff Jason properly at ALL. When are we going to get any proper buffs? The block/swing delay is a huge issue for Jason they still are yet to implement. This has been an issue since engine upgrade and they’re still yet to fix it..... even after everyone complaining about it. Also it’s insanely obvious Jason needs more mask HP and they argue with us about it like we’re wrong even though the proof is in the pudding. We show them Jason can get de masked without any defensive counter and get killed and they brush it off. 

    I wouldn’t consider this them listening to their own player base at all 

    I was among those who didn't like the rage update. I disliked it for the very reason that it didn't solve the core issues. What I've also come to understand, is fixing all the things that many of us wanted, was going to take alot of effort and resources to do. Possibly more than they thought would be feasible. If they had decided to make the changes we'd asked for how long would it have taken? We'd probably still be waiting. Obviously I don't work for Gun and can only guess at their thought processes. But not implementing something doesn't mean they don't listen. It just means, for whatever reason they decided it wasn't the best route to take.

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  11. 5 hours ago, HuDawg said:


    IMO The act of killing Jason should be easy.  The window of time that Jason can be killed in should be much smaller.


    Tommy should not show up till the last few mins of the game.    Tommy is the result of getting KILLED when playing as a counselor.   Tommy should not show up with 15+ mins left in the game.   Getting Tommy should NOT be a reward for allowing Jason to kill you early in game.    Instead it should be a reward for players who stuck around till the end of the game to have ONE last chance at saving someone or going for a Jason kill.


    I don't think its that much more complicated then that.  


    To balance Tommy showing up in the last few mins of the game.  Make Tommy still be able to stun Jason with Melee Weapons.

    The returning player can also have escaped. The point of Tommy is to be a hero and help save others. 3 minutes barely gives them time to do this.

    23 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

    When have they payed attention to our suggestions? 🙁

    That's not fair really. They listened to the complaints about the pinata parties and took action. While I didn't like the action they took, they did listen. I'm sure they do listen to our suggestions. It's just actually implementing them hasn't happened much. To be fair, considering how terrible some of the suggestions that have been floated on the forums have been, who could blame them? The entire point of Matt's response was, we do listen. We just can't implement every idea. Due to limited resources, and balance concerns. 

  12. 1 hour ago, RustInPeace said:


    Given that attributes such as Stealth, Strength, Fear, and Composure could use a bit of reworking/ touch-up, I felt that this idea may be easier to implement. 

    Now, I know I am one of very few who would want certain things made harder for counselor play, but also know how much people rely on these damned afterthought perks.  As stated back when Illfonic had their presentation on working on the game, when perks came up, they said it was an afterthought addition  and their impact to gameplay would be minimal (and as time has told, they are the ONLY thing the players have focused on). The amount of work to change up how they work and what they do would take quite a while to put together properly, so instead I came up with two ideas (I fully expect to hear contrary criticism, especially with these just off the top of my head) :

    1.  Bring down the total +% on perks.  Nothing exceeding a +10% or +15% on anything.  This would help mitigate situations where, say, someone running TS could just tank a trap and run off with no negative impact (other than alerting Jason, but this is usually done by Chads/Vanessas who run off instantly anyway) and no need to heal.  Make these situations an actual choice: Do I tank a trap and help the team, or leave it for someone else to tank/pk disable it?

    2a.  Make every tier of the perks REQUIRE a -% and make -1% the lowest possible (no more 0% impact on perks.)  Go as high as the highest +% could go (with this still being determined by RNG).  With only a handful of perks being used by a vast majority of players, these mandatory -%'s could help shake up playstyles and matches overall.

    2b.  (This one may be the least wanted by players and is harsher than 2a)  Have each perks +% be met with an equal -% (say a +10% to TS also has a -10% to its negative side).  Have these perks and their side effects actually mean/do something.

    I think the percentages are fine as they are. Even a 1% thick skin will let you run without healing.

    Given the sheer amount of time, and cp people have spent trying to get those perfect, no negatives perks. I think this would be a bit unfair. 

    This wouldn't work at all. For one thing Hypochondriac would cancel itself out.

    At this stage of the games life cycle a perk rework is unlikely. It's unfortunate as I had an idea to change sense avoidance perks which I really liked alot.

  13. 23 minutes ago, FridayThe31st said:

    I know that Jason can block melee weapon attacks, which can end up causing the counselor’s weapon to break, but I was watching a video on what else Jason can and can’t block, and in the video it showed that Jason can walk through firecrackers if he blocks them, block flare gun shots, and even  walk through bear traps if in block mode without getting caught (it showed the bear trap stuck on his leg).

    So I was just wondering if this is all true, and if Jason can in fact go in block mode to avoid getting stunned by flare guns, firecrackers and getting stuck in bear traps because if so, that could help me become an even better Jason than I already am. Thanks.

    It was at launch. You could block everything but the shotgun. It was unintentional and patched out after a few months. 

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  14. I'd say Kane, then C.J., then Ted White as a top three. I will give Derek Mears an honorable mention.

    Kane obviously added so much to the role it'd be impossible to cover it all. 

    I feel C.J. really brought the unstoppable monster feel to life.

    Ted White felt incredibly menacing. 

    Derek Mears had alot of nice little touches. Also he's the only Jason to run. Like full on run. That shit was terrifying. 

  15. 6 minutes ago, Urmomsnewman said:

    I’m sure stun immunity for say 10 sec after a stun and meat shielding would have been almost ironed out by now if the implemented at the time lol

    10 seconds would have been too much. 3 would have been sufficient. I assume that meat shielding and stun immunity/damage immunity would have been more involved and difficult to solve.

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