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  1. I would have to say no. While I agree it makes sense from a true to the film's standpoint, I don't think it's a healthy change for the game. You will end up with drawn out games, where kill squads set their trap and wait for the timer to tick down. Or where they get the mask off, rage hits 5 minutes in, and everybody is running around trying to stay alive for the 5 minute mark. All the while in the second scenario Jason is nearly unstoppable/invulnerable for 10 minutes. I'm fine with making things more of a challenge, but not like this.

  2. 23 hours ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    To anyone who wasn't around during that time that wonders what was so bad about it, well... try being Jason for one round where you get PK'ed literally 10+ times, everyone has firecrackers, and you slash the same counselor to near-death 4x in a row only to have them whip out med spray, heal up, and take off on you again.

    Even better: Imagine all that, but throw in that this was before the Rage buff, meaning you could literally get chain-stunned the entire round. Think about that for a second:  You're getting your ass humiliated by a group of dancing fucktards for the entire 20 minutes. You throw knives and slash, they just heal up. You grab them, they PK you and take off. You grab them twice more thinking "Ok, that's 3 knives down, he's GOT to be out by now" but nope, he picked up two more lying around on picnic tables. You slash him until he's limping, but he either drops firecrackers or just turns and stuns you with 30 seconds left, heals up, dances on you, and takes off again. Rounds over and you've gotten 1 kill, which was probably a Buggzy dying on purpose so he could come back as Tommy and try and kill you.

    And some people here actually want to go back to that... and those people can go fuck themselves.


    23 hours ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    Yes. It was not uncommon to find at least 2 in any given round, largely because they increased the number of items found at campsites. You could find a knife and spray in a drawer, jog over to the next campfire and find another knife and spray, then maybe another spray at the campsite right next to that one.

    10 is a bit overstating it. I believe 8 was the max. With the possible exception of Packanack Small. Though it was absolutely absurd either way.

    23 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

    I wasn’t around at that time. There was seriously 10 pocket knives or more that spawned on the map?

    You had a shotgun, knife, and spray at every campsite. Packanack Small there were four spots like this that I can remember. Plus the boat house always seemed to have a knife and spray. One game on Crystal Lake Small I found 5 knives.

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  3. 1) Vanessa. It'll almost certainly be the winning answer, and with good reason. 

    2) This gets murkier for me but I'll say Tiffany. 

    3) Fox. Decent composure, stamina and strength make her a strong third. Tiffany edges her out for me, but only just.

    4) A.J. if you can't have speed and stamina a silent ninja who can creep into position is the next best this in my opinion. 

    5) Deborah. Same reason as A.J.

    6) Jenny. While being placed second to last I still think he composure luck combo makes her a formidable sweater girl.

    7) Victoria. Somebody had to be last. Unfortunately it's Victoria. She's out done in every area.

  4. @DontZzz34 I've had plenty of games where cops are called I'm the last one left headed that way. With an enraged Jason on my ass. Before it wasn't a big deal. I could fight back. Jason had to be crafty to get me. Now one mistake and I'm dead. Ironically I've actually survived more since the change. Not due to my teammates, who seem more inept than ever. I guess it took the reward for being clever away from both sides to me.

    @Fair Play I went back and played some Skyrim. Mostly I've been playing DbD. I've enjoyed the irony of how many of the same issues that game faces. That and the challenge to actually become decent at the game.

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  5. 1) Yes. Team killing was (and to an extent, hello car bumper still is) a hell of an issue. You never made it more then an hour before you were in a game where some asshole started attacking you for some ridiculous reason. It made sense for realism to have it, but people are awful so we can't have nice things.

    2) No. I've been fairly vocal about my position on this. In short though, it solved non of the core issues that bothered me, while making it unnecessarily difficult to survive. I haven't played in sometime because of this change. It ended up killing alot of the fun for me.


  6. I feel that Vanessa is the queen of surviving the night, because of her higher speed and luck. Speed makes juking easier, and you'll make some windows Tiffany won't. Luck is useful, because of the effect it has on stumbling. 

    All that said, Tiffany's stealth is not useless in rage. If she gets into Packanack, or Pinehurst, her low amount of sound bubbles can waste alot of time.

    In the end here, there's no right answer as this entire topic is all opinion anyway. I suggest everyone accept that others with have a view that differes from theirs, and move on.

  7. 6 hours ago, BlkHawk said:

    I’ll kill any Jason if given the chance. I don’t understand why people would avoid killing an unskilled Jason player. That gives them a reason to work on a better approach to the game & actually get better.

    taking the sweater just to avoid someone killing Jason is trolling, I don’t care how you put it. It’s no different then teaming with Jason. 



    Probably because it feels wrong to bully somebody simply because you can. Imagine you are a new player. Excited to play as your favorite horror icon. You get that chance, only to be pummeled and killed by people who are supposed to be afraid of you. Now how likely are you to stick around after that awful experience? In short many won't. Bugs and glitches harmed this games potential, but the asshole trolls did as much damage. 

    I should add I agree intentionally sabotaging the kill is a scum move and cheating to me as well.

    I should clarify that I'm not calling you one. Simply trying to explain the damage your position can do.

  8. 21 hours ago, JennyMyers1984 said:

    If you know how to juke a shift grab then speed is irrelevant. Even Deborah can juke shift grab. It comes down to how experienced the player is. I’ve played with many Deborah’s who survived over Vanessa.

    A 6 speed vs a 10 speed isn’t even that significant. Both Tiffany and Vanessa have the highest stamina stats in the game and that is pretty much ALL you need. You can run, but once you lose your stamina then you are dead. That is why Tiffany is a superior runner to Chad. Sure Chad is a bit faster but his stamina is garbage and his composure is even worse than Tiffany’s so he will cripple even faster.

    Pre-rage Tiffany has MUCH better stealth to work with and Vanessa has slightly better luck if she gets into a chase with Jason.

    Post-rage both are pretty much equal besides Vanessa being slightly faster, but I’ve stated...as long as you know what you are doing then speed is irrelevant. They are both are great runners due to having nearly maxed out stamina.

    I can juke with LaChappa. It's just harder. I'm not saying Vanessa's speed advantage will blow Tiffany away. I'm saying it makes the juke easier. Post rage not kicking up sound pings may give Tiffany the edge as she can hide in houses better. 

  9. 18 minutes ago, JennyMyers1984 said:

    Yeah but Tiff’s stealth will ward off Jason for a long time if her teammates are killed off early in. She can stock up supplies and not give off any sound blips. Vanessa will have to fend off Jason from the get go. She can’t hide and she won’t have a chance to loot through cabins because Jason will always find her.

    Not to mention she is just as good of a runner as Vanessa. Both have the same exact stamina with Vanessa being slightly faster. Tiffany has one of the fastest speed stats in the game paired with the highest stamina and highest stealth. Her stats are perfect for surviving the night.

    However I do wish composure and stealth played a bigger part in sense detection. Each fear level should help with not being seen on sense. A counselor who has no fear should not light up like a Christmas tree.

    I have to disagree about Tiffany being as good a runner as Vanessa. Vanessa's extra speed makes her a superior juker. Before the rage change Vanessa won the survive the night crown hands down. Since combat was nerfed, Tiffany might have the edge.

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