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  1. thrawn3054

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    I suppose if I'd expected different I'd be upset. To me the appeal makes no sense. Horror Inc lost very little in the first ruling. They'll likely lose even more this time around. Either way looks like that's all she wrote folks.
  2. thrawn3054

    Favorite counselor and perks

    I believe people tested it before and found it speeds up your recovery from the animation not the climbing animation itself. I could be mixing that up with something else though.
  3. I was actually thinking swap NoS out for it and see if it works better.
  4. True, but I thought being near other counselors helps keep your fear down as well. Either way it might be worth a try.
  5. Do you have a decent Lone Wolf? That could get you to the full no fear if you do?
  6. You're right I don't. But that did make me laugh.
  7. thrawn3054

    Level 150-200

    It would be fitting. I'm kinda scared to think I'd be 1313 max level though.
  8. As I explained I have always hated his character. I found him incredibly annoying and was hoping he'd buy the farm.
  9. Ginny. Trish Jarvis. Megan Garris. All three were much more significant characters. Ginny would be similar to Jenny but with a high intelligence stat. Trish I see as a good speed, stamina, composure character. Megan is a fun loving thrill seeker. I see her having overall average stats. Almost a female Kenny but with a bit more composure and speed.
  10. thrawn3054

    Level 150-200

    Unless there are going to be more things to unlock I can't see a reason to do it. But if they bother to do it make the cap 1313 and never worry about it again.
  11. No, it's not. You campaigned for what you wanted to see for this game, and I respect your dedication. That doesn't mean there aren't far more worthy characters to be included.
  12. Always hated his character. Of course I don't like children, so that probably is part of it. In the highly unlikely event we ever get a new counselor (even more unlikely to be based on a character from the movies) there is a huge list of characters that should be in before Reggie.
  13. The left and right arrows on the Dpad are unused on console. I think one could be used for that. I'd love to see the other used for a quick block rather then still using combat stance first. Probably a pipe dream but one can hope.
  14. Lol. I can't believe you're still pushing for Reggie.
  15. Overall I take this as a positive post. It's moved from nothing ever to being in th grey again. Hopefully Horror Inc will deside against an appeal and can reach a settlement.
  16. I can't say I agree with giving him stun immunity while in rage.Through doors maybe, but even then I'm not sure I like the idea. Rage already heightens his sense to the point hiding is nearly impossible. Adding in his shorter cool down times on his abilities and I think rage is pretty fairly balanced as it is.
  17. How so? I'm not arguing. I just don't understand how that's really possible. I actually play nothing but Claudette when I do play but how is she different then other survivors? I really like her perks, but they can be shared once you get so far along.
  18. thrawn3054

    victoria sterling outfit

    While ugly, that's the worst reason to I've ever heard to not play a counselor. I do see her played but not that often.
  19. Yes, you are correct. It was the black girl (spacing on her name at the moment) that happened to in FvJ. Didn't mean to double post.
  20. Having given it a bit more thought what about something like a stun animation? You could still move and evade if hit as a counselor. You'd simply be unable to swing you weapon for say 3 seconds after being hit by Jason. That way you can't trade blows but you won't be scrambling to find a new weapon.
  21. thrawn3054

    October Event Celebration!

    Alrighty. Thanks for the clarification.
  22. I place him more mid tier as his only real weakness is the minus traps. Of course that could just be me being biased as I really love his look. My favorite weapon on him when not using the machete is the pig splitter. There's something about J7 with it that I think is incredibly intimidating.
  23. thrawn3054

    October Event Celebration!

    @ShiftySamurai After reading the prizes I'm curious about the control mentioned. Is it for Xbox or PS4. Or winners choice?
  24. thrawn3054

    victoria sterling outfit

    I mix the pink top with blue pants for Victoria. I've found mixing the tops and bottoms up a bit looks better. But yeah, her outfits are pretty damn ugly.