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  1. I was wondering if anybody has a particular build they use for demasking Jason? If so why do you use those perks?
  2. Swift Attacker and Evasion.
  3. I wouldn't. You wouldn't get jack for it.
  4. Well this doesn't really change anything. My only thing I want is level unlocks to not require logging in.
  5. thrawn3054

    Demasking Builds

    Well, that escalated. Thanks for the different ideas.
  6. It's just a guess but it'd make sense.
  7. thrawn3054

    Demasking Builds

    I'll have to try Slugger if I ever get better then uncommon.
  8. Agreed. There's usually only room for one of them and I prefer Sucker Punch.
  9. I've noticed the salt mines haven't detoured people quitting, but I wonder if that's why I see people are having trouble filling lobbies. The mines are actually weeding out so many people it makes launching games hard.
  10. I second @AdmiralJT on this one.
  11. Yes. Once he's completely out of stun animation.
  12. thrawn3054

    The game is done with me.

    @ShiftySamurai Hopefully the critical list includes suicide on vehicle escape.
  13. thrawn3054

    Random Randomness

    I entered a lobby once and my friend was like you're playing on random. I said no I had a person selected but on his screen I was random. I switched counselors and that reset it for me.
  14. I think the values he has are right except for the window. I think if you climb through it's only 10%. If you dive through you take 20%. Otherwise he's spot on I believe.
  15. thrawn3054


    He's not your pal friend. As to the op I hope somebody makes a Halloween game. @Slasher_Clone Damn you bet me to It.
  16. @RadikalGamer While I don't agree with Admirals hostility he makes one fair point. If you are going to claim something as a fact it's not on the other person to prove you right. I don't say this to attack you. I'm just saying your argument holds more weight when you can cite examples to back up your claims.
  17. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow Anything 5 or less would be fine to me.
  18. 10 second cool down would be ridiculous. 3 would be fair as it gives you enough time to move or block.
  19. @JPops Lol well played. As to the OP a price drop wouldn't hurt. After a year most people that were willing to buy it at $40 have probably done so. I don't know if I'd go $20 yet. Maybe try $30 and see how it goes.
  20. I can't remember the last time I got blue screened.
  21. thrawn3054

    Time for Sean S. Cunningham to cut a deal!

    @Slasher_Clone He wasn't attacking Miller. He's saying they shoukd come together and reach a deal. Which would be best for everyone. I'm not sure who's in the right legally but why not give Miller a piece and move on? They had to shelve a movie over this already. Wouldn't it be better to just give him a piece and they both can make millions off a new movie alone?
  22. Because it would still be related to the F13 IP.
  23. I believe they are not sure what they can legally discuss.
  24. It was suggested in another thread but yes they should either remove or lower it. With the future in doubt don't make people grind to enjoy it.
  25. thrawn3054

    Dear Devs, Never Say Never

    So @Kodiak you're not an Edge fan?