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  1. Once that I can remember. I was chasing a Vanessa for a while. Gave up and went after an A.J. instead. I couldn't get her either, so I tried the Vanessa again. After the match the Vanessa accused me of teaming with the A.J. because I didn't go after her. I told them I did go after her for 4 or 5 minutes. I'd only been Jason a few times, so I was pretty terrible.
  2. It's been a while. Last I remember I was running Deborah with, NoS, Thickskin, and Marathon. At times switching out NoS or Thickskin for Firecrackers. @GeneiJin Lol. Now I want to try a LaChappa demasking build.
  3. I mean if it's not, that's fine. Just after 8 months I'd hope they could say for sure. @mattshotcha can we get an update on this?
  4. Is that still happening? It's been 8 months since the idea was brought up for discussion by Wes. Since then (as far as I know) it's been radio silence on the matter.
  5. No. More pocket knives and spray was a disaster. I do despise the rage update, and wish it was reverted though.
  6. If I see a bunch of newbies, and they have mics, I spend the round giving them pointers. I don't need anything for achievements, and could careless about points. I'd rather they have fun and learn some basics then run through them in 5 minutes. I would point out Jason can kill you early without you playing badly. Mainly at the big houses where you can't tell where he's coming from.
  7. Yes, and no. While I would argue Vanessa is overall the easiest to survive the night with for most people, that won't be true for everyone. You have to remember, if you main Deborah you'll know her strengths and weaknesses inside and out. Not simply her stats, but the nuances that can make all the difference. Every counselor has subtitles to them. I've run across many a slow counselor that gave Jason fits trying to run them to ground. I ran Jason for 10 minutes as LaChappa before.
  8. I disagree actually. He's a little better in combat due to the higher luck. Also, nobody takes him seriously. That gives him a big edge. I've had Jason players ready to tear their hair out with LaChappa.
  9. Your probably just having a bad run of luck. It's not a guaranteed stun, but I'm always surprised when it doesn't.
  10. She's hardly OP. As has been said above, if you take her by surprise it's easy.
  11. It just depends on the player. When I'm Deborah I always get at least one escape route fixed. The last time I played as Deborah I went 17 out of 20 for escapes. I will say it seems everytime I'm Vanessa the repair counselors don't seem to do anything. Like I said above, it depends on the player. I think you see so many toxic Vanessa's because there are so many Vanessa's running around. Also, if you plan to dick around, she's the easiest to do it with.
  12. Don't get me wrong. Tiffany isn't bad at all. I just find the one repair to be terrible. If I have to repair with her it always sucks. I haven't seen anybody be rude so far. We disagree, but that's what makes these conversations interesting. Others will see a positive for a counselor I didn't think of.
  13. I'm afraid Tiffany is not the queen. I say this because I feel to be queen you need to be the best at something. She isn't. A.J. is a better stealth character. Vanessa is a better runner. Those are her only two strengths. Add in her horrendous repair and it's fairly easy to see she isn't the queen.
  14. The extra luck helps avoid stumbling at inconvenient times. I grant the stealth can help hiding in cabins though.
  15. While it is ultimately a subjective thing, I have to disagree. 1) While obviously she's the best girl to fix stuff, the others can manage just fine. 2) Again you think Vanessa and Tiffany can't fix stuff. If I'm Vanessa I'll usually fix at least one vehicle. 3) As can anyone. 4) Never gave it much thought. 5) It's pretty entertaining when her or LaChappa lay the big guy out. 6) Never cared for her clothing pack outfits. Don't get me wrong, I like Deborah just fine. She's hardly the unstoppable force you make her out to be though. A.J. with her superior stamina, composure and stealth make her better for the role Deborah plays.
  16. Don't get me wrong. I like Tiffany. But I find the speed and luck more beneficial than Tiffany's stealth.
  17. I'll stay away from the question of who the best girl is. As for being bad if you get run by a Deborah, that's simply not true. If they player is skilled enough any counselor can be a nightmare to catch. I've ran good Jason's with LaChappa. @DontZzz34 I'm afraid Vanessa is survive the night queen.
  18. I agree that a change was needed. Unfortunately this wasn't it. They need to fix his combat mechanics rather then saying okay you were pummeled enough.
  19. Buffing him to that point would be too far. Counselors need to still have a fair chance. I do agree he needs things fixed to be more of a threat though. I want the rage buff removed because it was a garbage band aid fix. But that's a separate issue.
  20. Don't try to fight 7 of them. If you let them dictate how and where you engage you will lose.
  21. @GeneiJin I pretty much 100% agree. I dislike when options are limited. That's what the rage buff did. I did like the addition of the damage arc, and the flashing mask with Pamela laughing was a great touch. But making him unstunable was a bad addition in my opinion. As you pointed out then the system is saving them, not their skill. I also felt it was a band aid fix. They addressed the symptoms not the illness.
  22. I didn't make the picture. Just saying what the original idea was.
  23. I just didn't realize he was that much during kickstarter. Yeah I'd be pissed too.
  24. There's at least a couple of those old icons that got left in that went unused. There's a knife one that was supposed to be for man at arms.
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