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  1. Still too many pocket knives

    @Pazuzu exactly. I suppose you could argue that the softness of the muddy ground cushioned her fall, but really it's a video game based on a supernatural killer, are we really going to get hung up on how real to life something is?
  2. While I don't dislike the idea, I think it would unbalance the game too much. To me the chase music made sense because I always equated it in my mind to when you feel that something is off but aren't sure what (before you actually visually see Jason that is). @Grape jump scares are the best.
  3. The icon for the radio would be good and make alot of sense, after all Jason lives there and knows where everything else is, why wouldn't he know the radios location? I also wouldn't oppose upping Jason's hit points so the mask is harder to remove.
  4. Only problem with slashing I see is it's boring ( but so is someone using the same kill every time). I think your idea is interesting but a bit unbalanced. Maybe cut the time for someone to find them down to 60-90 seconds and you can only revive them if Jason isn't nearby. Perhaps also add a qte.
  5. It is playable, but the number of bugs and glitches would arguably make it incomplete. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for status updates here and there. If they think April is out, it's not much to ask for them to say the update won't be ready in April. I'm just using that as an example (I'm aware they said April at the earliest, and April was never promised).
  6. It does seem to be a really weird move though. You go from a big hype kind of announcement like a new counselor, to btw were adding rain back in? I have to believe they're trolling at this point, and I can't blame them, so many people will bitch no matter they do.
  7. This whole thing smells like a massive troll to me. Try to get everyone worked up than bam here's a release date or other big announcement.
  8. Get Rage mode faster

    Each time you get hit or get stabbed with a pocket knife it goes up. No idea about the hiding spots.
  9. I tried it and didn't like the game so I have no advice there maybe @Ste_Wolf will I believe I saw in another thread they like dbd.
  10. As in why would they or literally how is the game played?
  11. Still too many pocket knives

    The grab distance is fine the cone radius is what's a bit dodgy. I think it should be a 180 degree grab radius with about a 3 to 4 foot reach.
  12. Upcoming Patch

    True. I do wish we'd get some kind of progress update. Obviously keep it broad so people don't have a fit if it didn't come out by a certain date. Something like they think April will happen or is May seems more realistic. I don't think people mind the wait as much as the lack of information on the progress. Hell who knows maybe tomorrow's announcement will be the release date for all I know.
  13. Camp cameras and computer

    I just wish you could rotate the cameras when you're spectating.
  14. What if...

    Chill out man. Jason isn't scary to veteran players because they know how to play and survive. Veterans understand what works and what doesn't and know where to find the tools needed for success. The balance is pretty good at the moment (some bugs and mechanics needing tweaking not withstanding). If you're a decent Jason you can clear a lobby without much of a problem even against good counselors. If the game upsets you that much why not walk away?
  15. I actually run medic for the very reason my teammates might need a heal. I'm much happier to spray them knowing I have spray left to heal myself if I need it.