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  1. Trish Jarvis. She's up there as one of my favorite final girls. As for stats: Composure-6. Final battle she kept her cool pretty well. Luck-6. She survived Jason. 6 luck is a minimum to me. Repair-4. This is mainly because it would be a completely unique repair number. Speed-6. She was a runner afterall. Stamina-7. Same reason as above. Stealth-3. She didn't exhibit alot of stealth in the movie really. Also I ran out of points as I was happy with the others. Strength-3. In part because it would make her unique (I don't believe any girl has 3 strength) and she did help demask Jason. So it would tie in with the movies. We all know these counselors will never happen but these topics can still be fun. In my version of Trish, I tried to make her close to the character in the movie, while giving her a unique stat or two to set her apart.
  2. We all have our favorites that others will disagree with. For me the best two are a toss up between 4 and 6. I'm also in the minority (most likely) as I really enjoyed the remake.
  3. I suspect it'd be eight figures. Very true. It sucks for sure. Better to accept it and be happy with a miracle then live in hope and be crushed by disappointment. But, if you're okay with the, basically, certain disappointment that holds, you do you.
  4. Why do people keep making this into a topic? No new content ever. They've been clear about it. As a side note, I'm in that camp that wants a sequel when the legal issues have been resolved.
  5. Tina was not badass. The mind powers thing was ridiculous. Nearly sabotaged the entire move. If not for Kane's performance that whole movie would have been trash. Before the no content mess I wanted a Shepard house map. But definitely not Tina.
  6. @Ahab I only remember it because of watching old game play myself. And yes it was aweful. Of course this was back when Jason could block flares, walk through bear traps, and firecrackers by blocking. So there were some upsides. Whether it was a bug is where it gets a little hazy for me.
  7. Sounds fair to me. If he doesn't like it tell him don't be so obvious next time.
  8. @Ahab You can go back and look at videos close to launch to see the stuns used to be much longer. I just don't remember for certain if it was because of a bug or not.
  9. The time I'm thinking of happened quite a while ago. It wasn't part of the Jason is weak thread. Again I might not be remembering correctly but I'm fairly certain it had been suggested.
  10. @Ahab Actually the stun times on Jason were reduced. It was relatively early in the games live. Possibly before you started playing (I seem to remember you saying before you started playing in October or November of 2017). The stuns used to be alot longer. I think I remember it was because a bug was actually doubling the stun times Jason endured. You used to be able to easily start the car off a single stun. I agree with you that people will learn mostly how we all did. I do see thunders point that it caneasily get frustrating for new players if they're dealing with seasoned players constantly though. To your point about people not liking a challenge being lazy, I have to disagree. At least in the context of video games. They're meant to be fun. People enjoy games in different ways for different reasons. Some play for a challenge. Others to simply relax and have fun. The later doesn't make someone lazy. After all why would you want to play a stressful game if you're trying to relax?
  11. True. If they're mostly leveling through offline bots, their knowledge will be lacking.
  12. Level doesn't indicate skill, but will (generally) be a good gauge of a persons knowledge of the game. I probably play more then you on the average but I also consider myself an average at best player.
  13. @Thunder While I agree with some of the points I've seen you make, Jason wasn't fine before the patch. There are pages and pages full of suggestions to bring Jason to where he should be. Almost every suggestion was fixing some flaw in the games mechanics. Understand I'm not a fan of this patch either. I felt it solved nothing. But to say Jason was fine is just not true. I believe the no stun in rage was actually suggested at some point. I might be misremembring it though I feel fairly certain it was suggested. Though you are correct it was mostly mechanical flaws people wanted fixed.
  14. While I see your point I do believe the rage within a minute is a hell of an exaggeration.
  15. Pinehurst and Jarvis are nightmares in qp. At least for me they are.
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