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  1. I'm going to go with 2,000 plus. I have no idea (ps4), but I used to die a hell of alot. Haven't played much lately. Out of the last 20 matches I think I died in 3 or 4 of them.
  2. Probably because it feels wrong to bully somebody simply because you can. Imagine you are a new player. Excited to play as your favorite horror icon. You get that chance, only to be pummeled and killed by people who are supposed to be afraid of you. Now how likely are you to stick around after that awful experience? In short many won't. Bugs and glitches harmed this games potential, but the asshole trolls did as much damage. I should add I agree intentionally sabotaging the kill is a scum move and cheating to me as well. I should clarify that I'm not calling you one. Simply trying to explain the damage your position can do.
  3. I guess I should add if I know they're a newbie, then I won't be part of it.
  4. I just escape. If people want to go for the kill I'll help if I'm Tommy. I haven't initiated the kill myself in a while.
  5. Depends on the AJ. All things being equal Tiffany or Vanessa will have an easier time though.
  6. Haven't played much since the rage update. Sounds like things are pretty much the same as when I was playing more actively though.
  7. Because her high stealth and composure keeps her off Jason's radar for a while. Add in she can play the same hide and seek games as Tiffany and she can be very hard to find.
  8. The only thing that might happen (and is still highly unlikely). Is them finishing some small stuff that was nearly ready. Anything from scratch is guaranteed not to happen.
  9. I can juke with LaChappa. It's just harder. I'm not saying Vanessa's speed advantage will blow Tiffany away. I'm saying it makes the juke easier. Post rage not kicking up sound pings may give Tiffany the edge as she can hide in houses better.
  10. I have to disagree about Tiffany being as good a runner as Vanessa. Vanessa's extra speed makes her a superior juker. Before the rage change Vanessa won the survive the night crown hands down. Since combat was nerfed, Tiffany might have the edge.
  11. Michael was never killed. Jason has. There's your answer.
  12. AJ (and I assume Tommy) are the only ones it works on.
  13. @DontZzz34 @Slasher_Clone You have to be careful what you moved to keep the characters spirit. With Jenny a couple of points from luck moved to stamina would be really strong on her I think. AJ would be hard to change in a meaningful way though.
  14. I believe he was asking for a rework of stats. As in pull some points to other stats.
  15. Vanessa no. Your first change to Jenny would be interesting as 4 repair would make her unique.
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