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  1. I recently rolled a Legendary version of the Firecrackers perk, with 5% bonus attack speed. My question is, has anybody tried combining it with Swift Attacker to see if it stacks?
  2. It wasn't nearly as prevalent until 6 months into the game. I think it was nearly that long before I was in a lobby where it happened. I am roughly guessing over the past 2 years it's been that amount of attempts. I imagine if I ended up against a good kill squad I'd probably die. It just hasn't happened yet.
  3. @Ahab I wish they'd made it into a movie trilogy as well. I already had half a cast for it in my head. So many of those books were far better than movies. I can't say I've read them all though I'd guess I've read at least 50. I definitely liked Rogue One the best.
  4. Solo wasn't bad. Not great, but really how is anybody going to fill those shoes. Last Jedi was kinda painful.
  5. @Ahab you make an interesting point. I can only recall about having had a dozen or so attempts to kill me. Three of which nearly succeeded.
  6. Eric and Tiffany. I think she's less shallow than one would initially assume. Debbie and Adam. Opposites attract after all. A.J. and Mitch. I see them being too chill for anybody else. Buggzy and Victoria. Again I think opposites will attract. Kenny and Fox. They're both older and more mature. I feel like they'd match up well. Vanessa and Shelly. He can be a funny guy. I feel it'll win him points. Jenny and Chad. The ultimate in opposites. I think he level head will balance out his impulsive nature.
  7. @Ahab I just happen to be a big enough Halloween nerd to know the date. That's how I was reasonably certain. As for the my name, you are right. I got it from the Thrawn trilogy. I also agree that he was an amazing villain. I've read and own a fair number of Star Wars books.
  8. The Savini one wasn't a glitch. The sweater will pull you out of shift. The part 9 one did glitch. But in your favor.
  9. I assume his name is actually a direct reference to the first Halloween movie. The date matches exactly.
  10. I'd say it was actually very useful pre engine update. You could usually block and pull off a quick grab. Now, short of dumb luck, or your Spidey Sense tingling, it's pretty useless.
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