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  1. 1) Vanessa. It'll almost certainly be the winning answer, and with good reason. 2) This gets murkier for me but I'll say Tiffany. 3) Fox. Decent composure, stamina and strength make her a strong third. Tiffany edges her out for me, but only just. 4) A.J. if you can't have speed and stamina a silent ninja who can creep into position is the next best this in my opinion. 5) Deborah. Same reason as A.J. 6) Jenny. While being placed second to last I still think he composure luck combo makes her a formidable sweater girl. 7) Victoria. Somebody had to be last. Unfortunately it's Victoria. She's out done in every area.
  2. @DontZzz34 I've had plenty of games where cops are called I'm the last one left headed that way. With an enraged Jason on my ass. Before it wasn't a big deal. I could fight back. Jason had to be crafty to get me. Now one mistake and I'm dead. Ironically I've actually survived more since the change. Not due to my teammates, who seem more inept than ever. I guess it took the reward for being clever away from both sides to me. @Fair Play I went back and played some Skyrim. Mostly I've been playing DbD. I've enjoyed the irony of how many of the same issues that game faces. That and the challenge to actually become decent at the game.
  3. 1) Yes. Team killing was (and to an extent, hello car bumper still is) a hell of an issue. You never made it more then an hour before you were in a game where some asshole started attacking you for some ridiculous reason. It made sense for realism to have it, but people are awful so we can't have nice things. 2) No. I've been fairly vocal about my position on this. In short though, it solved non of the core issues that bothered me, while making it unnecessarily difficult to survive. I haven't played in sometime because of this change. It ended up killing alot of the fun for me.
  4. It's fun to use. You can have people meet you at the exit while taking Jason on a merry chase. You can combine it with Lead Foot for stupid speed.
  5. Knife, Spray, Firecrackers. Gives you everything you could need.
  6. I have (along with many other things) suggested number 2 before. 3 could be okay. 2 and 3 combined would probably be a bit much. If the goal is to slow kill squads, then 2 and 3 is the best approach. You do however still want Tommy being called an accessible option for newer players. Overall I still feel 2 is the best approach.
  7. I feel that Vanessa is the queen of surviving the night, because of her higher speed and luck. Speed makes juking easier, and you'll make some windows Tiffany won't. Luck is useful, because of the effect it has on stumbling. All that said, Tiffany's stealth is not useless in rage. If she gets into Packanack, or Pinehurst, her low amount of sound bubbles can waste alot of time. In the end here, there's no right answer as this entire topic is all opinion anyway. I suggest everyone accept that others with have a view that differes from theirs, and move on.
  8. If done, I'd suggest changing up the settings. Having a summer camp map would be cool. But though there would need to be more variety in the map settings. A cemetery map for example. Different killers, with different strengths. I think the market if there if Gun is interested.
  9. I'm going to go with 2,000 plus. I have no idea (ps4), but I used to die a hell of alot. Haven't played much lately. Out of the last 20 matches I think I died in 3 or 4 of them.
  10. Probably because it feels wrong to bully somebody simply because you can. Imagine you are a new player. Excited to play as your favorite horror icon. You get that chance, only to be pummeled and killed by people who are supposed to be afraid of you. Now how likely are you to stick around after that awful experience? In short many won't. Bugs and glitches harmed this games potential, but the asshole trolls did as much damage. I should add I agree intentionally sabotaging the kill is a scum move and cheating to me as well. I should clarify that I'm not calling you one. Simply trying to explain the damage your position can do.
  11. I guess I should add if I know they're a newbie, then I won't be part of it.
  12. I just escape. If people want to go for the kill I'll help if I'm Tommy. I haven't initiated the kill myself in a while.
  13. Depends on the AJ. All things being equal Tiffany or Vanessa will have an easier time though.
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