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  1. It is. But quick block isn't effective anymore unless you're host. Exactly. Rage let's you instantly in the cabin, there should be a counter. Like I said if you get hit raging through a door that's your penalty for being obvious. My favorite is when a Jason opens a door, gets hit, then opens the door again after you close it on them.
  2. I just run the teamers over with the car. Recently I had a match where these two kids were teaming. So next game I made certain to plow them over with the car. Their bitching was amazing. Just to make my point clear I did it the next game too. Fun enough they left after that.
  3. He doesn't need extended grab range. The range is fine. The radius and length of the animation when you miss are what need work. I do agree a stun immunity of around 5 seconds after a stun would help alot. They also need to fix quick block. Fixing that alone would be a huge boost. I don't think he should have immunity when busting through doors and walls in rage. Getting hit in that instance is the penalty for you being obvious about the door you're coming through.
  4. thrawn3054

    Pinehurst Roof Glitch

    Did you try crouching to get out there as well? I only ask so the devs can get a full idea of the problem.
  5. It's not impossible. But I see the boat being ignored even more then it had been.
  6. thrawn3054

    Can't hear the boat?

    I don't simply do it because I like the boat escape. I always put the parts into the nearby objective. I'm just assuming that the parts for the other objective will be near it.
  7. thrawn3054

    Can't hear the boat?

    Boat is actually my preferred method of escape. I won't take the gas that's clearly meant for the car to the boat. But if I find the gas close to the boat it's going in that boat.
  8. thrawn3054

    Can't hear the boat?

    You're more optimistic about this then I am. I think it will just lead to nobody even bothering with the boat.
  9. Adding a sound is not a positive. The whole point of taking the boat is a stealth escape. In exchange for that stealth you risk nearly certain death if caught. By adding a sound you make it so only a complete fool would bother with the boat.
  10. thrawn3054

    Can't hear the boat?

    I dont remember there ever being a boat start-up sound. There of course could have been and I just don't remember it. As to why people care, well adding (or possibly readding) a sound renders the boat pretty much useless.
  11. thrawn3054

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Why would you add a sound for the boat starting? You already were taking a huge risk with the boat. Now the boat is useless.
  12. Really? Another of these threads? As has been pointed out already numbers from Steam do not equal a dead game. PC is only one platform and probably not the biggest of the three at this point. Yes, there's no numbers for console. We can only go on our experience for an indication of the health of the console player base. From my experience I have little trouble filling a lobby. Can we please stop with the sky is falling posts?
  13. Yeah that's always aggravating. I've had it happen where Tommy got ran over by a person dicking around in the car mid kill cinematic.