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  1. No... it’s the other thread where you admit to being in the Salt mines that I should have read first. That’s explains this whole thread as you are a troll with the other trolls where you belong. “Of course” ifs not your own fault you’re there. Who looks foolish? This entire thread including your responses to @Tommy86 and others shows who’s the fool. It IS a game not a life. ...and this thread continues foolishly. @Bropollocreed79.ROTFL!
  2. Ahhh! Now your other post about troll counselors makes sense. You are/have been in the salt mines with all the trolls! SMH...
  3. This is indeed the greatest example of fake news and biased reporting I’ve seen on the forum lately. I have seen every counselor as trolls in the game. Hate the player not the counselor - dude - you’re so salty. I’m a 138 who play as Vanessa because I like the challenge of overcoming all of the negatives the developers put with her character. I fix & repair things because it is absolutely a challenge with her awful repair; I don’t drive because I am not good with the rubber banding; and I try to beat the heck out of Jason because I know he is coming for the big footed albatross they have made Vanessa to be. Be fair - but maybe that’s the point - you’re getting responses in this forum.
  4. Since I no longer spawn into the game with a weapon, I sometimes run around saying "Where's a Sacred Branch???" Great and funny suggestions all around!
  5. I’ve been playing only since December 26th on PS4 and find it extremely fun. I play almost every evening with friends in QP and although there are players out to ruin everyone’s fun - it still makes me laugh. I’ve made it to a level 130 and gone from not even being able to sit in the room as my boyfriend played f13 to playing every night with him. Typically 2 or 3 others hop on for what is usually a couple to three hours of fun during the week and more on Friday+Saturday nights. ♥️f13. People here should give it a little more credit and love despite the bugs ?. I even *wanted* the extra large weapontry bug as a counselor but never saw it. Lol! Quitting the game? Never!
  6. Sorry but no one mentioned the moronic cursing 7- 11-year-olds on mics in QP. I'm tired of leaving lobbies with these kids yelling, singing, or begging for leniency in the lobbies and during the game. It is so dependent on the people playing and why I'd rather be in private chat parties than on the game chat. If I have to play in lobbies with them - I'd rather not listen to their useless chatter.
  7. If you are pushing the installation especially with Jason arriving - you don't have time to crouch a few times. Before the glitch - I found a way to outsmart most Jasons and still get away while installing the gas/propeller on the boat. Playing as Vanessa, you know it's going to take a long mini game to install or fix anything and I still play the objectives knowing I'm more likely to have Jason appear. This glitch makes it useless to try and perpetuates the "useless Vanessa" stereotype.
  8. Yes - It's just too dark outside but especially inside buildings. it doesn't have to be dark and gloomy to be scary. If no one can see; how does that even enhance playing to make people want to play under the conditions with all the other stuff discouraging players to play now??? I've changed my television settings twice now and still can't find stuff because it's too dark to see. Camera closeness - I don't mind it as much as I detest the darkness in the update.
  9. I've been thinking about this issue - the Devs could add a spawn (play as Tommy) preference (Yes or No) and if you die and selected no - the game would not load you in as Tommy. Answer Yes - and you could be one of the players selected to load in as Tommy. Tommy should go in at the first death - not second in this scenario.
  10. Playing on 6/14/18 and 6/15/18: Characters escaping by car are listed as suicide instead of escaping on Higgins and Crystal lake - this is probably across all maps. The driver is always listed as suicide and sometimes or or all of the passengers which is inconsistent each game. It sucks to play objectives and escape only to be listed as suicide. After installing anything on the boat - counselors get stuck on the outside of the boat and cannot get in or run away. *UPDATED* The game ends before the last player is killed by Jason or escapes!
  11. I like how Shifty posts the massive list and subtlety mentions developers rushing content then people still ask... “when is Über Jason coming out?” SMH(laughing)...
  12. On PS4, this happens to Vanessa on both Higgins and Packanack too. I’ve noticed that if she’s under the bed and checks the map to see what’s been accomplished - she glitches right out from under the bed where the view stays from under the bed perspective. If you run against the bed a few times, you can hop back under then exit to unglitch but it takes minutes to unglitch. I have video to post later.
  13. @Slit518 Unfortunately I did not see the updated thread. I fully appreciate your evolved thinking. Hooray!
  14. @Slit518 - although I don’t want to know (really) the question begs ... what are you - 10-years-old? This just seems like another microcosm of most of our current younger generation and life itself. You don’t want to work hard or earn the status you seek. Let’s allow everyone to just to pay for it... then when the tires hit the road and someone needs people to actually do something, they won’t know how because you or the parents paid for it. If you’re not going to earn it in the Ft13th world you’ll never do it in the real world. If you don’t feel it’s worth it to earn it - don’t play it. The game is truly better without [ ]. This is one of the most superfluous and entitled threads I’ve seen on the forum in my immediate history here. Just SMH...
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