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  1. Without a doubt, LaChappa and Shelly are permanently in the “friend zone”. Fox is with Deborah. AJ is with Adam, but he plans on leaving her after camp. Vanessa and Buggzy. Jenny is with Chad but he blatantly and openly cheats on her. Kenny is with Tiffany but she blatantly and openly cheats on him. That leaves us with Mitch, who’s a single man. Sadly, years prior, Mitch took a bad hit of acid which rendered him impotent and unable to achieve an erection.
  2. For me it’s the bear traps. I’m at 52/113 andit took me 10 months to get that many. Even if you play with the mindset “see a trap, set a trap” you still; hope he steps in it, be alive, and hope no other counselors step in it or defuse it.
  3. I’ve been killed as Jason. I’ll be honest, I felt defeated. The only thing more defeating would have been if they would have re-enacted Roy’s death in part 5 by killing me outside the barn. Kudos to the duo that pulled it, and I can at least say I didn’t become Micheal Phelps Jason and morph to the water.
  4. Good experiences in QP?

    My first day playing QP I was lucky enough to encounter two guys playing together. They hung with me and over the next 2 hours taught me a great deal. It would have taken me weeks of playing rouge to learn what I did in a few short hours. QP wasn’t always rage quitting and counselor betrayal.