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  1. Sometimes I’ll set a trap at a door, loot the cabin, then run right into the set trap. It seems I’ve burnt out my short term memory.
  2. Once I locked the battery in the cabin by packanack house without the ground level window. Another time escaping the cops I stopped to drop my items at the exit..knife included, and I got stalked/shift-grabbed, and died. Oh, and one time I trusted a ten year old that sucked me into following him right to Jason. His buddy of course!
  3. I’d like to see an open grave that you can kill a camper, and throw him or her in. Pretty rare to kill someone in the cemetery, but that would be cool.
  4. This happened in a game the other day. A Jason and their friend were counting the hacks, and it took 21 hits to finally kill the camper. If anyone wants to see this, tell me how to post the video.I’ve taken 7 or 8 hacks at someone with thick skin perk, but 21 hits blew my mind.
  5. Hold the X button while the person is starting the car and then release it as the car is starting. The door will open before they can take off .
  6. Seventh game was a timeout during loading screen.
  7. I’m trying for my seventh game of the morning. So far out of 6 games, I was able to finish 1. All host quits. The glitches and what not are just trivial bullshit. This host problem is by far what needs to be fixed first.
  8. Do you recommend PS VR?

    I’d like to get some feedback before I buy this PS VR. I played a VR thing 15 or 20 years ago and even then I thought it was trash. Cant wait to here some feedback! thanks!
  9. I just found my 5th Tommy tape. First one since a few months ago.I was pretty excited. I wish some game info would come up at the end. Number of tommy or Pamela tapes found, Number of PK’s found, stuff like that.
  10. Tiffany or Jenny hovering above the bed. Every time I hit X her flashlight would go on and off. Eventually she came up “seek and destroyed” but I left her in that state in the cabin.
  11. Well, as far as my experiences go with playing Jason, this might save 1-2 minutes that would be wasted by glicthyness such as knives and windows that won’t break right away. For me, EVERY SECOND COUNTS. As a councillor, some time will be saved, but the best part is it will ease some frustration. Like when you open a desk drawer, then go to the next one, but it sucks you back and opens the same one you already opened. When that happens I’m like” well, there goes 4 seconds of a head start I would have had being chased by Jason. My last few councillor games were really smooth as far as prompts go!
  12. It also works for opening drawers and all councillor prompts! No more closing bathroom door behind me while going for med spray!!
  13. It does!!!!!! Holding the button down while approaching a prompt will work smoothly every time, for all prompts. I’m loving this discovery!!
  14. I’ve never been host..ever. When I search for quick game, if I don’t get into a lobby, it creates a lobby where I’m host, but I’ve sat there for up to 20 min and no one has ever joined the lobby. Anyone else? I searched forum for this and no results, so sorry if this has been talked about. I would really like to host every game I play...if that’s possible.
  15. I like to start at the 10 min mark. It’s at least a little challenging to try and kill ‘em all in ten minutes. Also when I get a timeout or a host quit, I’ll play an offline game and kill everyone right away and get the points I missed out on.