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  1. I wish there was a meter!!
  2. If I'm using "thick skin" does it go back to 100% after I've healed myself?
  3. It definitely had some lag spikes this morning. CA servers.
  4. This post would be better suited for the F13 Facebook groups. The regulars at this forum know what the state of the game is. There are no bubbles to burst here.
  5. I find lots of new players having a hard time finding the secret passage way to Jason's shack that I tell them about.
  6. I like to run right to Jason and crack him a few times and then when he grabs me I blame the developers and quit mid-kill and go back to fortnight!
  7. When were the huge weapons initially patched out? Must have been the first 3 months cause I don't recall a huge flare gun. But oh my do I ever want to see one now!
  8. Bad quality but you can see the size of the bat. I wasn't Tommy.
  9. Why would you let it go for ten minutes? Just close the game and start it again. I timed it. It takes 39.5 seconds to get to the quick play screen.
  10. Absolutely there is high level players coming back this last 24 hours. It hasn't been a "find the PK's so you can antagonize Jason one extra time before you die and quit" kind of games. That's what it's been like for the last two months. Just absolutely horrible players.
  11. You can't bring up map while climbing through windows or opening doors anymore.
  12. Still though...I feel like I've been released from captivity. As long as the games end, I'm happy.