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  1. Tommy not called and looted cabins with gas and batteries still in them drives me nuts too. Since I’ve gotten to 150, my style is basically to make my way through every cabin and uncover what was left behind. I only try to escape when I’m playing with a group from my friends list.
  2. This absolutely works. Don’t freak out and pound on your 70 dollar controller! Just gently spam crouch and move around.
  3. I’m having the opposite experience on PS4. I’m getting into QP quicker than ever, and if I had to guess I’d say maybe 4 out of 10 ending early. I’ve been going hard for about 7 months, work, play, sleep, play, work,play, sleep..and so forth. I have noticed less 150’s and an influx of new players though, and the host quits are worse then ever! For me anyway. pye
  4. Have you ever heard of this? It happens every Friday the 13th. Even in the winter. I was there 20 years ago, and it was pretty cool. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th_motorcycle_rally
  5. Friend request sent!
  6. No not really. I’m just in desperation mode trying to hang on to my interest in the game.
  7. Right, but it might deter someone that knows they will quit, from being host in the first place. I’m having a bad host quit morning.
  8. I wonder if it would count as “new content”?
  9. How about when you click “quick play”, a screen comes up and says something like..”Before you continue, please be advised that if you host a game and quit, it will end the game for everyone. Please be a respectful gamer, and do not host a game if you can’t wait for game to finish.” This would at least deter “some” people from quitting. I know it says “are you sure you want to quit?, this will end the game for everyone” when a host leaves, but their mind is already made up at that point. They’re leaving no matter what. But a warning at the beginning for newer players would, I’m sure, curb some of the quitting.
  10. Pyegow


    Since I’ve been 150 I pretty much play to help others, while trying to complete badges if the situation presents itself. I play random councillor. I’m getting really good at the skill checks, so I’m not afraid to put the gas in with Bugsy or whatever, depending on the scenario. I’m probably the most unselfish, gentlemanly player you will ever see. As for Jason, I play random, and by the end of every match I’m flush, my heart rate is through the roof, my hands are clammy,and I lose my mind when people escape on me. I don’t get pissed off and talk shit on the mic or send nasty messages or anything, I just hate losing. Sometimes if I know from lobby talk that someone is going to go for the sweater, I’ll just stay in the shack and turn around to face the entrance, and when they see me AFK, I lunge out and grab them. I scared the shit out of this squeaker so bad one time he genuinely screamed and I was like, oh ya, that was worth having 4 or 5 people escape!! Anyway, I ALWAYS trap the phone, and if I make the right choice of power boxes, I trap the one that powers the CB Radio. Most players would rather get an extra 30 seconds of fighting Jason, then pop those traps with the PK. And wouldn’t you know, I’m Jason3 right now!! Gotta go!
  11. Cheer up and go rip a few heads off. It’s still an amazing game despite the bugs and glitches.
  12. I had some long waits last night too. I thought I was in the salt mines because earlier the hosts were constantly quitting, but I don’t know if that affects other players. But I went about 30 min without getting a QP lobby, even after a few restarts.
  13. I’m having the opposite experience,and I’m seeing a huge influx of new players this past month, and I’m getting into lobbies quicker than ever. This game is selling like hot cakes on PS4 is my guess.
  14. Pyegow

    Was Tiffany's pose updated?

    “I will, but I really hate school. It isn't hard but the people there are complete trash and I wish Jason was actually real so he could.. y'know, to them. THEY ALL DESERVE IT BECAUSE THEY LAUGH TOO MUCH. 😕“ This is gut wrenching.