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  1. When were the huge weapons initially patched out? Must have been the first 3 months cause I don't recall a huge flare gun. But oh my do I ever want to see one now!
  2. Bad quality but you can see the size of the bat. I wasn't Tommy.
  3. Why would you let it go for ten minutes? Just close the game and start it again. I timed it. It takes 39.5 seconds to get to the quick play screen.
  4. Absolutely there is high level players coming back this last 24 hours. It hasn't been a "find the PK's so you can antagonize Jason one extra time before you die and quit" kind of games. That's what it's been like for the last two months. Just absolutely horrible players.
  5. You can't bring up map while climbing through windows or opening doors anymore.
  6. Let's try it. pyegow1964 is ps name
  7. Still though...I feel like I've been released from captivity. As long as the games end, I'm happy.
  8. It doesn't return you to the same quick play lobby, but it found next game in like 3 seconds.
  9. First game I got out with the boat.
  10. I play random and have different setups for a few different campers. I have victoria set as a fast, quiet swimmer, and most of the time it's a useless setup, but I have had some games where it worked amazingly. Especially when the sweater is on that little island. When I'm Vanessa I have the lock doors faster perk, and the climb in and out of windows faster perk. I always try and "survive the night" with her, so I run around setting up the cabins for the long chase. I like to mix it up a bit so I don't get bored.
  11. I've had more connection time outs in the last week than I have had in a year.
  12. Gargamel chasing smurfs around the forest would be pretty cool.