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  1. Almost brings a tear to my eye. Six host quits in a row. But I did hear Tommy say something that I’ve never heard him say before. “Jason belongs in hell, and I’m gonna see that he gets there”, or something like that. I rarely get to play Tommy, but I’ve never heard him say that.
  2. I just got my PHD on PS4. Last one was a “kill Jason with Tommy”. No wonder it took so long though, I rarely get to be Tommy.
  3. Is anyone experiencing lag spikes occasionally? Like it goes up to 999, and back to normal, then keeps going back and forth? PS4
  4. I spent 60 bucks on two pizza’s last night. This game is a treasure.
  5. Ya, it sucks when you run into a lobby where people are just playing to basically “hang out” with each other and have a laugh at other people’s expense. Also, if you have four or five people in party chat, it’s extremely easy to escape. No challenge at all. Definitely not my style of gaming.
  6. Counselor - Most used or favorite counselor (s) Random Favorite weapon : Frying Pan Favorite perks : My dads a cop, Marathon,Restful Play style : Semi-Roleplay/Team Player. My gratification comes from helping others, but I might takeoff with the 4 seater if I’m Chad, and leave y’all behind. But that’s pretty rare. Likes : I love to be tunneled, and I love when a Jason can scare me...and some definitely can Dislikes : useless teammates Goal : My escape or death to be dramatic. Like a walk off home run. Mic : Sometimes to coach a Tommy for Jason kill - Jason - Most used or favorite Jason (s) : Bloody Roy Favorite weapon (s) : Fence post Favorite kills : Headbutt, Fist Through the chest Favorite environmental kills : Pot on the stove, head in toilet Play style : Defense,Defense,Defense Likes : When I take a bunch of hits and get rage nice and early. Dislikes :Getting killed. I won’t just walk into a kill like the players are entitled to it. I’ll hide until the 2 minute warning, then I’ll attempt to stop them, if not, I’m dead. Mic : Never
  7. An RV that 6 people can escape in, with Teenage Frankenstein blasting out the speakers.
  8. I’m staying positive and hoping they’re just working on something at the moment.
  9. Seems like we’re under attack again. Those same timeouts as before happening to me on PS4...CA server
  10. Spoke too soon. I played 4 games in a row though.
  11. I’m rolling along nicely here on PS4 CA server.
  12. How many games did you get in? Was it choppy (lag) when it was working?
  13. I know it’s off topic but I’d love to hear how this came to be.
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