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  1. Sounds great, I look forward to it and been having fun. Thank you for the info and I will check into them for sure.
  2. Hello everyone! Been a fan ever since poor Jas watched his momma get her head chopped off and my first name is also Jason, it was a match. I actually haven't played my ps4 in a couple years and have a crazy schedule but, this has taken me out of hibernation. I'm loving it, getting my ass kicked but loving it. QP brings in all types and to be honest, that is ok and is keeping me honest and helping me hoan my skills. Being that I do not know who I should trust and who I should not. Aside from that, I would love to see a partial map of Manhatten and the sewers or possible a map of the SS Lazarus. I think either or both would make a great addition to the game. Other than that, I look forward to playing the game and meeting new people while at it. When I become more experienced I will be sure to post more and will continue to follow all the latest and greatest. Til then, PeaCe, Love & Afro-GreaSe!
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