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  1. So, I have only been playing for over a week now and have already received some decorated "hate mail" (messages) from roid ragers on the game. All of the hate mail that I have received has been from people that I killed while playing Jason. I think it's pretty hilarious that people get so worked up over a video game and I am not even talking about kid's. Then they blow up when someone trolls them and do not even gey why. I would love to hear some funny stories from others who have also dealt with these type's. 

  2. On 9/19/2017 at 3:57 AM, Kodiak said:

    Hi guys. A lot of threads have been cropping up recently where people have found Pamela tapes. Please post anything to do with Pamela tapes in this thread :)

    Edit: Updated to include Jarvis tapes.

    I just started playing a week ago and found #9 pamela in a dresser drawer. Was northeast in a cabin on the packnack map. 

  3. 1 hour ago, 7theye said:

    Now that we have gotten some things people really wanted (such as single player, challenges, Roy, and Jarvis map and Jason), What are some things that remain unaccounted for that hope NEVER make it into the game? For all the love we have for this franchise, something that started as a silent killer stalking camp councillors that ends up in outer space a 1000 years from now clearly has its faults  


    Here a few that I hope remain on the cutting room floor:

    -Pamela as a killer (other than paranoia mode)

    -Tommy Jarvis as a playable child

    -Jason being resurrected by lightening 

    -Jason’s heart invading other people (perhaps okay if paranoia mode)

    -Jason being reborn through a Voorhees

    -magic dagger that can kill him (don’t need to make it easier)

    -Jason being afraid of water (FvsJ)

    -all of Jason X (yes I know it’s coming)





    Km-14 To be honest, i am sure people would like to see her as another, "Tommy Jarvis" type character but, to the lions cage with her. I wasn't a fan of Jason x at all however, I would like to see a grendal map. I really think the ss Lazarus should come before this and would be so much more fun but, that is me. I have to say, I agree on all of that. Except, I am not going to mind Bionic jasonater. Ehhh... he can get a pass.

  4. On 2/19/2018 at 3:41 AM, Shadowslayer1008 said:

    This is more a question to illfonic. Can you make the bots on hard mode for offline bots just a little bit smarter I mean hard bots is easy but can you add features like the air does not keep on running into a thing and not going anywhere make it a bit more challenging it is super easy as jason

    This drives me nuts with the offline bots. Constantly jumping threw a window and then back out it. They practically run to you to kill them. The AI for offline bots needs a major upgrade. I understand why they haven't put an A.i. Jason in for rage quitters. He would end up becoming your friendly neighborhood Jason... jason . They will fix it eventually though. Everything takes time and it's a process. 

  5. On 3/13/2018 at 7:28 PM, Slasher_Clone said:

    So I was just playing a game with a friend, we had everything to fix the car in the first two minutes, Jason rage quit. My friend suggested letting someone else be Jason for the rest of the match.

    The suggestion was reasonably simple, the mask falls to the ground, appearing on the map and who ever gets it first gets to be Jason. I think this idea has quite a bit of merit. What do you all think?

    That would make it a lot of fun or if someone could be chosen randomly and decide if they wanted to become Jason. If not, move on to the next. If no one wanted to be Jason,  then unfortunately, everyone survives.  I wish they could penalize rage quitters at least 500cp. This would never happen though and they could chalk it up to anything for quitting.  "MY dog started chewing on my sexbox."

  6. I think it would be cool if counselors had the ability to lunge at Jason on the second story window above the bottom level porch steps in Packanack. If done correctly knocking yourself and Jason out the window and this would be more difficult than it sounds. Jason would have to be pitted between you and the window and you would have to be in range. Jason could not activiley be attacking you while you perfom the function and lunge at him. My question is; why give Jason all the credit for being able to throw people threw windows? It could definitely work.


  7. It would be pretty cool, they could have strong gusts of wind blind both Jason and the counselors but give the counselors the chance to run. Especially if they have no weapons. The snow could slow both of them down, giving Jason a better chance.  What would be awesome is if parts of the lake would freeze, with some parts being thin ice and other potholes of no ice to fall in. This could add to suicide, falling under the ice and running out of breath and you could also use it to your advantage to get away from Jason.

  8. The people bitching are most likely people who wish they had Savini themselves. People who talk shit do it to; a. get a rise/for laughs, b. that is the only way they can feel a wee bit better at the game and c. feel better about themselves because they suck at life. If they were confident in there gameplay, they wouldn't have anything to complain about. I mean, I have only been playing for a week and have seen a lot of complaining on CB already. I let all that shit to the wind and keep it forward. If I had Savini, I would rotate him in, on my roster.

  9. I think one big thing that has been missing from the f13 franchise is, 1st person kills viewed through Jason's eyes. Also, I think they could really amp things back up and increase the frames per second in some cases for better slow motion kills. Better angels and the kills more personal, not so much brutal. They have already accomplished that. A more evil, twisted Jason and I would still have to go with Hodder as Jason. 

  10. On 3/19/2018 at 4:56 PM, UlfKarl said:

    Its very annoying to play a match and a wild talking Jason appears, they believe they are very funny, talking jokes, etc. They just ruin immersion, the talk ability is in the game only for counselors to help them to work together as a team, but why the hell Jason can talk if in the movies he never talked. Also by removing the talk feature to Jason players that would impact the Jason helpers and the stupid little group of friends that are always laughing with Jason and let them alive only for gain experience and because they are friends. I have read the devs saying that they want to make Jason more scarier, that would help a lot, why would I be scared of a f****** clown chasing me? 

    I understand this is a gripe and everybody has the right to vent but, hit the mute button. I have this feeling, if you took a poll of people for Jason talking to those opposed, pro-Jason/talking would win the vote. 

  11. 57 minutes ago, NthnButAGoodTime said:

    @Azmodan_Rising, I took the opportunity to merge your thread with a number of existing Jason Takes Manhattan map suggestion threads. This will help give your ideas more visibility and puts you in a better position to spark renewed discussion. In the future, please use the search function when a discussion likely already exists, and you will help increase exposure on an idea you care about.

    Thank you so much! I wasn't quite sure how to go about it and still trying to figure everything out. I am not quite savy at all of this yet. I appreciate the info and help and will do so from here on out. Much appreciated!

  12. 9 hours ago, Qcici said:

    If they were to add the SS Lazarus along with Manhattan, they would need to find a way to transport people from one segment of a map to another in a logical manner. I believe that Grendal is actually doing something where you go to a room where you can teleport from Grendal to a virtual simulation of the cabins in the woods. If you could give us some ideas of this transportation method, that would be great!

    I think it would be best to keep the SS Lasarus seperate from  the Manhattan/subway/sewer map,  with the Lasarus being its own map. With Manhattan, I think if they could keep each ground and sub-ground in equal strides, that would make it interesting. Being that, they all will have boundries and Jason will still have the ability to transport to any location within the map at will. If they could infuse it all, I would love to see that. One map to rule them all!

  13. 8 hours ago, Truth said:

    There's a search function at the top of the page that can be used to find existing threads on the topic you're suggesting. If you already know it's been brought up, post in the existing threads.

    Thank you! I found some older posts and was not sure if a response would have much visability. I'm still trying to figure all of it out. I appreciate it and will do from here on out.

  14. Hello everyone! Been a fan ever since poor Jas watched his momma get her head chopped off and my first name is also Jason, it was a match. I actually haven't played my ps4 in a couple years and have a crazy schedule but, this has taken me out of hibernation. I'm loving it, getting my ass kicked but loving it. QP brings in all types and to be honest, that is ok and is keeping me honest and helping me hoan my skills. Being that I do not know who I should trust and who I should not. Aside from that, I would love to see a partial map of Manhatten and the sewers or possible a map of the SS Lazarus. I think either or both would make a great addition to the game. Other than that,  I look forward to playing the game and meeting new people while at it. When I become more experienced I will be sure to post more and will continue to follow all the latest and greatest. Til then, PeaCe, Love & Afro-GreaSe!

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