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  1. You harrass Jason with extreme prejudice and your answer is no. Learn how to take them out one by one when this happens.
  2. Agreed! Greed though.... Hard to compete with. In the end, we all know what it's about and comes down too.
  3. Just buff Fox, for the love of all things holy, help the gal out. She could be one of the best players in the game. I'm tired of the Chad, Vanessa and Myers type B utx they are hands down, the best and easiest to use. Also, I know this isn't the right forum for this. I just hope you all start taking a look at this in the near future. Even if Fox had a boost to her luck and stamina, that would make her a much more rounded character.
  4. So, I have been playing for a month now and have heard and seen all types of people and characters. It is almost surreal how some people can take a game so serious, as if they're lives depended on it. I was recently in a match where the person playing Jason, went on a massive tirade against everyobody, making it even worse for himself and an easy target for trolling. He was cursing everyone and accusing people of cheating and having extra pocket knives. Crying and screaming because he could not perfom a kill and because, the person would break free and then knock him down. He went on to curse everyone's family and tell everyon how there mothers where all whores and had aids (LMAO). It was so funny because, he was serious and almost had a mental breakdown, over a GAME, a freaking $39.00 game. This is just one of so many times I have witnessed someone having a mental breakdown while playing. Whether they are getting trashed as Jason or being trashed as a counselor. I need to buy more popcorn hahahaha...
  5. I'm telling you, a non-weapon kill pack would be good. Allowing jason to grab two counselors at once and choke them out or bash there heads in, even environmental kill. This would change the dynamic a little and when playing as a counselor, we would have to shift tactics when buddy-teaming against or around Jason. This could also save on a pocket knife for one counselor when jason grabs both or an extra could be wasted. We would just have to adjust fire as counselors but it would not just benefit Jason. It would be a lot easier to break free from jasons grab, holding two and he would have to execute the kill rather fast.
  6. I meant to and chose the wrong thread but man, yeah, today was crazy for getting kicked. Tuesday's in particular but, I am about to get on now and enjoy some mayhem. It's especially frustrating when it's your day off and you just wanna relax and play but, all is well now lol.
  7. This is just a vent. Is it just me or does it seem like Tuesday afternoon's are a terrible time to play. I mind as well hang it up for Qp and come back at night. Trying to get on is almost Ni-impossible
  8. I play it right back at them. I enjoy playing and generally do not talk much over the mic. However, it's not to hard turning it them, "crap talking" wise, which throws there game off in some cases. Other than that, I get back at them back surviving and throwing it in they're fact for the satisfaction lol.
  9. Although having Pamelas sweater hardly guarantees a victory. This sounds awesome hahaha! Maybe something like this would work better, having the sweater could continue to increaces a counselors fear while wearing it. Making people have to think it through a little more and have they're ducks in a row before grabbing it.
  10. It could also save one counselor from using a knife to stun Jason.
  11. I think it would be a nice add and it would definitely change the dynamics a little but, I think when playing as a counselor we could adjust fire and change tactics. I like the idea of smashing they're heads together and it could open it up for a platform of new kills. A few at least.
  12. I think it would be great if dev's added a new kill for Jason. Allowing him to pick up two counselors at once and kill them by snapping they're necks. This would make it a little easier on Jason when being teamed up by a group if excuted properly and when playing as a counselor, you would have to use different strategies when running or fighting Jason as a tag-team.
  13. Hell yeah! It was awesome and it was held in Blairstown, NJ. Home of Friday the 13th which is awesome. I was able to make my annual pilgrimage to the camp and other sites and then catch up with them. Pretty bad-ass!
  14. I wanna do horrible things that would instantly get me banned on this and the game. For all those rage quitting, whishy-washy, kiddy-baby whiners. Those baby back bishes! Non helping, key stealing, sabotaging, buddy fookering, Jason helping, life sucking parasites, and for all the glitches preventing a kill while playing Jason. The game crashing when I am getting in my murderous groove and to all the other unseen that I am sure will happen. Throw some gas on it and light the bish on fire! OK then! I think I am a little better now. Enough to get me through to another glitch and then; "LIGHT EMM UP, CUZZ WE'RE GOING DOWN"!
  15. You have to do it some time. It was awesome and a lot of fun. Great way to spend a f13 for sure!
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