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  1. Just an update from a Kickstarter backer of the steel case machete tier. Received tracking info with delivery set for this coming Saturday. Suddenly got an update yesterday saying delivered! SWEET! Except there was nothing. No box. No package. NOTHING!! I immediately contacted Randy through email and also on Kickstarter. Have yet to hear anything back! Can I get someone to look into this?!?!
  2. We're done with the game

    Note enough likes for this... especially the part about the dancing emotes!
  3. We're done with the game

    The group i play with got together and played at least 5-6 nights a week. Even when we would say, “gotta take a break.. be back in a few days” we would instead get sucked back in the next night anyway. I’ve played a lot. Believe I’m at level 92 right now. Bought all content except last clothing pack. Have supported through it all. Backed the KS for $150. Bought four extra copies for friends and family. Bought a second PS4 and a fifth copy so my wife could play as well, as she enjoyed watching. But honestly, they have stripped what made it fun. Jason isn’t Jaws anymore... a monstrous great white on land, put here to terrorize and kill. Now he walks around with a ruler, trying to slap misbehaving children on the wrist as they play ring around the Rosie around him. I’m a good Jason. Not gonna say they best, but used to put fear in the others as they would mumble, “oh no, Crue’s Jason... we’re all dead!” Used to get 7-8 each match. Now... that’s gone. Jason and the game have no balls anymore. And it’s a crying shame. I’ve played once in the last three weeks. I really hope they fix it, but honestly don’t think they will. And it’s a damn shame
  4. Friday the 13th switch ?

    If they ever brought it to another platform I’d love it to be psvr! I think i night crap my pants running from Jason in VR. lol... oh and how it would feel to “put the mask on” oh boy that could be awesome! Now THAT is something i would enjoy!
  5. DbD vs F13

    Both are fun. I enjoy F13 more not only for Jason, but because it FEELS like a Friday the 13th film. The atmosphere is better. And i like being able to communicate with others in the game and lobby to work together, scream, laugh, etc. F13 has several ways to survive, win, escape, etc. The other game doesn’t. DbD is fun for what it is. Another chance to escape all sorts of random killers, including some of our horror movie favs. Which is cool seeing many different types. I think the perk system in DbD is better. The action is more arcade like then tensions filled ones in F13. Both games are actually quite a bit different. Both are fun. But overall, if i could only play one, it’s F13
  6. If I start near an objective, I go inside and start looting. If I hear Jason’s music fire up, I hide under a bed. 9/10 times, he morphs away after doing his thing. He doesn’t have sense just yet. If he starts to try and break down the door, I slip out and kite for awhile. Again, most Jason’s move on that early in the match. Then I continue looting. As Jason, I’ll usually give chase with a few “fake” slashes at them just to kind of scare them off and go about my business. Usually leave them alone unless I catch them immediately trying to fulfill an objective or if they run at me to attack. Even then, sometimes I’ll just grab them and hold them for a bit to let them know who’s boss! lol... then I let them go... for now!
  7. A lot of great stuff ahead! Although it doesn’t look like we’ll have a new Jason by Christmas time... damn... was hoping to unwrap some counselors with Uber Jason! lol
  8. I own both. Haven’t played very much DbD. But what I did I enjoyed. Vastly different from F13. And I’m happy about that. Means I’ll be able to enjoy both. No real reason to compare the two. It’s more arcade like action. Totally different feel. Not as good as F13 in my opinion, but still fun
  9. I think the fastest I’ve ever died was 10 seconds. Spawned, went running to nearby cabin. Just made it to door when music kicked on. Opened door. Grabbed and killed! lmao
  10. Double Xp Weekend

    Instead of prestige, maybe two different “meters” to fill up for other high level players. For instance, a counselor meter made in the shape of a chalk outline. Each time you escape as a counselor, you can earn points toward filling that image. And one of a hockey mask. For each game you kill all counselors, you earn points toward filling the hockey mask. Certain levels to also unlock features for each meter. When you attain a certain number of points, CAUTION tape could appear around the chalk outline for instance. For Jason, you could unlock and upgrade different masks maybe with blood splatter as it goes along.
  11. I don’t like the change... but if they refuse to change it, I’d at least like to see it as an option you can toggle off in private lobbies if you so choose
  12. After every patch . . .

    I don’t do a lot of complaining after patches. I applaud trying to fix issues, bugs, glitches, cheats, while creating a balance and such. But this change I did not agree with and voiced as such. The game was built with teamwork and communication in mind. It should feel like an achievement to escape Jason’s clutches. It should feel claustrophobic running around while whispering to teammates as you hatch a plan to try and survive the night. It should be difficult. As it was before this patch, I could still escape relatively often thanks to communicating with teammates and trying to put together a plan. Sometimes teammates would yell out there position with an item they had just as Jason was killing them. This only heightened the tension in now trying to find exactly where that was to retireve the item or quickly hatch a plan B. Or C. lol... but just having them appear on a map removes a lot of that. No talking or planning? No biggie. Just pull up the map after a few people die and find right where the items are. Just removes the drastic need to work together as much. Removes some of the tension. And makes it feel more like a “game” then survival horror against the greatest horror icon of all time. It wasn’t a “needed” change. I know people run into issues in public which helped prompt this change. But playing in private alleviates a lot of this. Or finding a different public one with at least several people using mics. Even if you can’t do either, you can still have fun trying to foil Jason’s plan to kill you. Again, it should be hard. It should be something that you really have to struggle for and fight for and plan for. It should have you exhaling a large breath as you escape in the nick of time. This change feels like just a way to make things easier for counselors. Not what the intention was when this game came out. In the end, just not a fan of the change.
  13. part dropping patch note

    So let me get this straight... adding new emotes... adding dance moves.... adding ridiculous costumes... adding neon signs pointing to object on dead body to further simplify things for counselors.... hey developers... maybe with the next update you could remove that pesky freak Jason! He’s just ruining all the fun! Remove him and just re-title the game The Sims: Crystal Lake Edition
  14. part dropping patch note

    It took a well communicating team before the change. Coordinating and communicating were key. Now no longer needed. Maybe I need to go back and watch the movies again. From what I remember, hardly anyone ever survived! That’s the way it should be. It took teamwork to have a decent chance. Now that aspect doesn’t matter much anymore. If they refuse to change this back, I’d at LEAST like the option of turning this tension killing feature off in private lobbies
  15. part dropping patch note

    I also agree with others that hate this repair change. Actually decreases my desire to even play. Now it gives even less reason to worry about working together and communicating. Awful awful awful decision. No more worrying about traipsing through the woods trying to find a part your buddy died with. Reduces need for as much planning. Just horrible decision. If I wanted pure arcade horror, I already have that with DbD. Thanks for removing features that help heighten tension in the game! Way to go!! Who lost a bet to agree to allow this in the game?! Ugh... maybe I’ll hold off on playing until I see if they come to their senses. On second thought, the next update may include a constant neon sign for counselors pointing in Jason’s direction. HE’S OVER HERE. DON’T GO THAT WAY.