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  1. Is the group on Xbox still active? Says it has over 20000 members, but my request to join has been just sitting there for days. Really want to join so we can find a few more players to join our crew on a more permanent basis! We got 5-6 that play together currently. And want a couple more to round out our private room. So anyone know if that group is still active? Just not sure why my request is still sitting there. Thanks!
  2. I gotta say the art book is actually a huge disappointment. At least the digital version. Which of course is the same as the physical one I’ll get. Enormous wait time for not whole lot. Was expecting to see all sorts of in process stuff, maybe different versions of counselors as they went through the art process. Different poses. Things that were possibly going to be used as far as clothing, poses, scenes, etc. Instead it’s just a book filled with mostly rehashed images. A few new things here and there. But for 160 pages it really comes across as bare bones. And barely anything written in it either. lol... Just disappointed
  3. I emailed them a week and half ago and still never heard back. This is one of the worst companies I’ve come across when it comes to dealing with their customers
  4. Which game is Gun working on now? I need to know which game to blacklist
  5. I hated DbD at first. Fix generators that’s take 59 minutes to fix? Pull a switch that takes another 25 minutes to unlock doors? Yay!! But i gotta say.... the more i gave it a chance, the more fun i had. Playing solo, i enjoy DbD more. No horrible quickplay lobbies like Friday. Usually get right in. No fighting back means you run and hide or die. The way a killer game should be damnit! lol... the perk systems is miles ahead of Friday. Daily rituals. Events. And the developers work overtime on the game. Yes, Friday is more fun, if you have the right group of people playing. That will never change. Unfortunately it’s gotten harder and harder for that to happen. So I’ll still try to play with my friends when i can. But if i only have a couple people or just myself, it’s DbD for me. And sorry... hunting survivors and hearing the hunting music kick in as i use Michael Myers is a thrill! lol
  6. The developers are a joke. We’ve seen that time and again. Hell they can’t even keep their website updated. lol.... i will give the developers of DbD props. Consistently coming out with huge patches, listening and trying to accommodate their fan base. One look at their patch notes show how much they care as they are incredibly extensive. The game is fun. Not as fun as Friday, but still a good time. But one place they reign supreme over Friday is the developers. (And the perk system but that’s a different topic). Those developers try. These are the laughingstock of the industry
  7. No... honestly i would like to have it. I have the steel machete version but am not about to open it. So this would get me a physical copy with those bloody skins, plus the poster and mask would be nice. But honestly after the Uber fiasco and such, I’m not giving these guys another dime.
  8. Sorry. Wouldn’t give these companies another dime. The one thing i hope is that a different company, one with a solid track record, will see how much success this game had and realize there is a large market for it and recreate it. That I’ll back. But anything ever released/made by Gun and IllFonic will not see anything from me ever again
  9. So how many tapes have you collected during this “increased” drop? I was surprised last night. We ran a full private lobby for over 4 1/2 hours and not one single tape was found. lol... not one! Is this really increased? Before last night during normal drops, our group would find usually 2-3 tapes during a gaming session of about 4-5 hours. Last night, drops are supposedly increased and we didn’t find a single one. Anyone else have luck?
  10. I spent over 30k tonight and never got anything higher then uncommon. I even got the swimming one 4 out of 5 times when i first started. Absolutely horrendous system
  11. Anyone else having luck? We keep trying to create a lobby and invite and no one is getting the invites. This is BS
  12. Come on guys. What else did we expect from this company? The lack of Uber is just them acting like a child pouting in a corner that won’t share. As far as today’s “event” not including anything else like say increased legendary and epic perk chances again just kinda shows the lazy, uncaring attitude we’ve seen all along
  13. Ahhhhhh... if they do nothing, which it appears may be the case for the last Friday the 13th of this year and most of next year i believe, that will be a final giant “FU” to the community altogether. There is ZERO reason not to do something.
  14. Most don’t use pledge money to make their game. I think the ones that do definitely owe communication
  15. The worst aspect was using several key “countdown to doomsday” months on the engine upgrade over finishing the new content. Knowing this could happen, I’d have had all hands on deck for as much new content as possible. Then if this legal crap happened, which it did, they could focus on upgrades graphics engine as that isn’t new content. Just too back asswards. This time would have been the perfect time for it along with the bug patches. Hindsight is 20/20, but even a blind man can plan for the future ahead. Awful use of time and resources.
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